Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL — IPANEMA Beach, Walking Tour in RIO (Narrated) City Walks【4K】☀️🇧🇷

Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL — IPANEMA Beach, Walking Tour in RIO (Narrated) City Walks【4K】☀️🇧🇷

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 Today we’ll walk from Barraca de Nildo to
the Barraca da Claudia, in Ipanema Beach Right now it’s about 6pm and weather
it’s pretty good: 89.6°F or 32°C ☀️ Ipanema Beach is the perfect
place to relax and enjoy Rio The beach stretches for 1.2 miles or 2 km
between Jardim de Alah and Arpoador The bossanova song “The Girl from Ipanema”
made this beautiful beach internationally famous This beach is known for its elegant
development and its social life Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
New videos around the world every week 😉 On the horizon we see the Morro Dois Irmãos
(Translation could be ‘Two Brothers Mountain’ This video is part of a serie of walks around
Rio de Janeiro. Be sure to check the channel! Ipanema beach is divided into segments
delineated by postos or lifeguard towers Postos 8 and 9 are good for an young people,
daytime party vibe and rainbow flags 🏳️‍🌈 These are probably the busiest and most eclectic
stretches, attracting a diverse, younger crowd All of Rio’s beaches are gay-friendly but the most
popular section is close to Rua Farme de Amoedo The song ‘Garota de Ipanema’ was
composed in a bar just a few blocks away Postos 10, 11 and 12 are good
for billionaires and celebrities 😎 You might see some famous faces including
footballers and tv stars who live in the zone Leblon is one of the most exclusive areas of Rio
and has a busy late night bar and restaurant scene Have you been to Brazil? Do you like Rio?
Share your experience in the comments! Locals says that Ipanema Beach
is the sexiest beach in the world There are always circles of people playing
volleyball, foot-volleyball and soccer ⚽️ it seems water it’s cold today! We are now walking in
the opposite direction On the horizon we can see the Arpoador beach
There is a great video on the channel showing it Brazilians have a reputation for being
beautiful but do not let that intimidate you! They are very open minded,
friendly and usually unprejudiced You can wear what you want here,
except topless, unfortunately 😅 Cariocas tend to leave their
baggy bottoms at home You’ll see really tiny string bikinis and tight
trunks that you have never dared to wear 👀 Forget your towel and get yourself a kanga (sarong)
to sit on or rent one of the many beach chairs For most locals, the beach is not just
about sunbathing, it’s a social event You will not see many people reading. Cariocas
come to pose, hang out with friends and get active When swimming, watch out for the red warning
flags or ask a lifeguard as the waves can be harsh Here It is the norm to ask your neighbour to watch
your belongings when you go to the sea 🌊 Cariocas often sit close to each other so do not be
overly concerned if someone parks up very next to you When you are feeling peckish, hold out for one beach
vendor selling the very popular snack of Globo You must also try the matte leao, an iced tea drink
poured straight from a keg on the seller’s back! I also recommend you to try the fresh
coconut juice called ‘agua de coco’ 🥥 This warm, beautiful and inviting city was the capital
of Brazil until it was moved to Brasilia in the 1950s Now the question that everybody ask:
it’s Rio de Janeiro safe? Most Rio its safe during the day but at
night the story is different so be careful Keep low profile, be smart, use
common sense and you’ll be fine I has been recording videos in differents zones
of Rio during months and never had a problem Did you ever hear the word ‘saudade’? it’s a beautiful portuguese expression
that it’s almost untranslatable The best way to describe it is: the presence of absence It is a longing for someone or something
that you love and remember fondly One English translation of the word is missingness,
although it might not convey the same feeling Saudade was once described as
“the love that remains” after someone is gone Saudade brings sad and
happy feelings together it’s a pleasure you suffer,
an ailment you enjoy I’ve always been fascinated that there are useful
words with no direct equivalents in other languages What’s is the meaning of ‘saudade’ for you?
Let me know in the comments please 😉 In Brazil, the day of Saudade is
officially celebrated on 30 January If you are new to the channel, be sure to subscribe
New videos every week around the world Origins of the samba music are unknown but it seems
it was brought to Rio de Janeiro from Salvador de Bahia the word Samba comes from the Angolan
“semba” that refers to an invitation to dance Samba is at the core of Brazilian national
identity and related to the Carnaval Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world There are around 2500 airports in Brazil ✈️ Brazil it’s huge and it covers 3 time zones Brazil was a Portugal’s colony until 1822 and today
is the world’s largest Portuguese speaking country This is the last video of the Rio’s series (for now)
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  1. Hola!! Te han robado alguna vez alguna camara en brazil?? O la llevas escondida?? Lo pregunto porque voy en febrero y me han metido algo de miedo con loa robos…

  2. This is just another reminder not to go to the beach when there's a million people around.
    When I go on vacation to my country, I go to the beach on a Monday or Tuesday, where I get the beach all to myself.
    Don't wanna be around some idiot smoking especially.

  3. My cousin said sudade was like "missing someone or something or some place that made you happy" "it can mean nostalgia too".

    Thank you for the videos. My mom told me yesterday to give up my dream of going.

    Ah, it's almost carnaval time. Will you record a walk through?

  4. Energia top praias do " Brezal " !

    Ps: 2:13 " ela é pipoca, ela é pipoca!
    Se vc encontrar ela nas festas, ela vem da um oi…" . Brazuca sendo brazuca. ( ' óbvio, sem generalizar ' )

  5. Are you from Spain, right? Hello from Brazil 🙂

  6. O cara fez uma montagem para mostrar a bunda da morena. Esse gringo parece com os brasileiros kkkkk
    ps: ele estava de calça na praia da pra ver pela sombra

  7. Recreio and Barra da Tijuca = best beachs to visit… Ipanema = robbery everywhere, including on beach and specially on summer… never forgot when i saw 2 american guys being mugged right in front of me, in Ipanema beach… south zone is just famous and beautiful but is the best place to be mugged xD i live in Rio, it doesn't worth it

  8. Fantastic walk in an iconic place. That said, wow is it crowded. The light and colors are wonderful though. Great walk.-Henry

  9. Tira essa imagem de capa, amigo. O Rio lutou tanto pra mudar essa imagem de mulher de bunda de fora, que fica feio você colocar isso em 2020. Na boa parceiro.

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  11. these beach walks are the real essence of rio, you’ve distilled unrivaled purity that you could bottle the tincture to cure the winter weary ☀️🏖🏙⚗️🏷

  12. thank you for the explanation of the word "Saudade" i lost my wife of 35 years together about 5 years ago .. i think about her and smile and cry ..sigh

  13. Hola, muy bonito todo, yo estoy con mi pareja en Villa Gesell, 1 balneario de la costa Argentina, es 1 buen lugar, pero no es Río…así las cosas (economía), Abrazo, saludos amistosos😉😄

  14. Lol i was expecting a high ratio of like 80% of mega hot tanned big boooty women because of brazil reputation for it 😂 i was also expecting the beach to be more joyfull like the beaches of spain italia south of france 😆

  15. Amo tus videos amigo, que lindo Rio de Janeiro, ame cuando lo conoci en marzo 2018, espero volver algun dia, me gustaria conocer ahora Cabo Frio

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  18. Que buenos culos xD. Hablando ya un poco serio, que hermoso mar y que energia tienen, hasta el canto de los pajaros se escucha.


  20. Curiosidade: O bairro Copacabana tem 150 mil moradores 60 mil são idosos de mais de 55 anos, os mais jovem estão voltando para sua terra dos seus descentes Portugal, mas se depender das favelas da rocinha,vidigal e complexo do alemão nunca vai faltar nordestiocas para salvar o RIO DE JANEIRO.

  21. Saudade, a beautiful word, did'nt know this before. Most appropriate translation
    appears to be presence of absence.

  22. "Saudade"…se este é o último vídeo da série Rio, então, já estou com saudades.
    Wanna Walk…seus vídeos são bons demais.
    Esta série de vídeos no Rio de Janeiro, são muito top.

  23. Hola soy walter y como es una costumbre viendo tus lindos videos a los cuales ya me he acostumbrado,,ademas de felicitarte porque en esta ocasion y en los 12 minutos o poco mas que dura el video explicas muy claramente de como es en si el brasil,,un gran pais muy contrastante en donde abunda una rica cultura,,su musica y carnavales que son exelentes,,unos paisajes maravillozos,,y….unas garotas espectaculares,,😂 asi que nada mas que felicitarte y alentarte a que sigas adelante desde (Uruguay) lo mejor 👍🇺🇾👍

  24. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva o melhor presidente da história do Brasil água para 12 milhões de pessoas com a transposição do Rio São Francisco

  25. we Iranian have the same word to "Saudade". in persian we say JAYE SHOMA KHALI which is means remember the person who is absent

  26. Das ist bei weitem der schönste strand den ich je gesehen habe, jedoch ist das nicht der beste strand, weil ich habe keinen mais stand gesehen habe xD

  27. Same question of always…. in what time of the year was filmed? The water of the sea was cold for swimming?

  28. Wanna Walk que demais esses seus vídeos no Rio! Ainda não vi todos, mas vou ver com certeza! E se esse é o último vídeo aqui no Rio eu já estou com SAUDADE de ver outros. Demora não, volte logo e volte sempre!!!! O Rio agradece! Abraço amigo

  29. I love watching you walk through Rio. I can't wait to visit this magnificent and beautiful city one day. Everyone is just doiong the jetinho brasilerio!!!!

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