RIO DE JANEIRO Downtown, Walking Tour Rio City Center — BRAZIL Walk (Narrated)【4K】??

RIO DE JANEIRO Downtown, Walking Tour Rio City Center — BRAZIL Walk (Narrated)【4K】??

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 This video is part of a serie of
walking tours around the city What is the first thing that comes to your
mind when you hear about Rio de Janeiro? Most people will say it’s the beach,
the corcovado and the sugar loaf Today we’ll explore a fantastic
zone that most tourist never visit: The Rio Downtown or
Rio Centro, in Portuguese This is one of the most
diverse areas of the city Full of incredible architecture, gastronomy
interesting faces and narrow streets to discover We have started our walk
in Carioca Metro Station This street ahead it’s
called Avenue Rio Branco Right now it’s 10:05 AM and the
temperature it’s 82.4°F or 28°C We are now crossing Rua São José Downtown Rio is the place
where this city was born This is a business area so there will
be a lot of people around during the day If you’re staying in Copacabana or Ipanema
you can come here using the metro Get out of the train at Cinelândia Station
You’ll see the stunning Municipal Theater Since there are almost no tourists here
it’s a great opportunity to observe locals People in this area walks a lot faster than
those in Copacabana and Ipanema Unlike other big city centers most
people here don’t wear suit This is a newspaper kiosk but also offer
snacks, soft drinks, toys and even flip flops Taxi drivers having a coffee
and talking about life 🚕 We are now crossing Rua Da Assembléia This is how you cross a
street as a real Carioca 😆 One of many fruit street vendors This pedestrian street it’s
called Rua Gonçalves Dias There are many good quality restaurants at a
good price for all the office workers in this area Let’s say that you wanna
try a little bit of everything: Sushi, meat, a little bit of lasagna
and three different desserts 🍖😳 Madness? Not really! It’s called:
Comida a Kilo (Food per Kilogram) It’s a self-service restaurant where you only
serve the foods you like and pay by the weight Tapioca Rechedas means Stuffed Tapioca Brazilian crepe or pancakes are a popular
street food made with tapioca’s flour Tapioca crepe can be filled with many things
like cheese, coconut, chocolate and more We are now crossing Rua Sete de Setembro Sete de Setembro means September 7th and that was
the day of the Brazilian independence, in 1822 We’ll see modern skyscrapers sharing space
with historical buildings and landmarks There are many cobblestones streets in Rio This beautiful place it’s called Confeitaria Colombo It’s a fancy century-old café with huge built-in mirrors This is the new Rio de Janeiro Light Rail
it was created for the 2016 Summer Olympics Confeitaria Colombo is a coffeehouse and it was named
one of the 10 most beautiful cafés in the world ☕️ It was founded in 1894 by Portuguese immigrants It was inspired by the European cafes
It’s a mix of Belle époque and Art Nouveau Colombo became a meeting point for Brazilian
politicians, artists and intellectuals of the time Imagine the amount of stories that this place
has gathered and brings together to this day Food and coffee are excellent and it’s not
expensive so be sure to visit it someday All major companies house their offices but
the region isn’t restricted to businesses Have you ever been to Brazil?
Share your experience in the comments! Brazilian people are friendly, open, fun and
have a very positive attitude towards life This neighbourhood is the birthplace of samba and
is famous for its ‘roda de sambas’ (dance circles) If you enjoy this video, please be sure to like,
comment and share it on social media Brazilians often say they live in a
continent rather than a country if you exclude Alaska, Brazil it’s
bigger than the United States The journey from the east to the western border of Brazil
it’s longer than the distance from London to Moscow the distance between northern and southern borders
is almost the same as that between New York and LA We are now walking in Rua Do Ouvidor 65% of Brazil’s population live on or near
the coast and well over half live in big cities Brazil has two of the world’s great metropolises
and ten other cities have over a million inhabitants São Paulo City, has the world’s largest
Japanese community outside Japan This area it’s great to discover the Rio’s architecture This pedestrian street it’s called Rua Uruguaiana Lojas means stores in Portuguese I read all the comments so don’t be shy and
comment what do you think about Brazil 😉 This is one of the most classic pastry
shops in Rio de Janeiro, it was built in 1942 it has an excellent sweet and savory variety
mainly of Portuguese and Spanish origin 🍰 That’s the José Bonifácio statue He was a Brazilian statesman, naturalist,
professor and poet, born in São Paulo You don’t want to live upstairs 😓 Imagine to hear that voice 12 hours a day This street it’s called Rua Ramalho Ortigão Something strange in Rio is how they
serve beers using very small glasses Some people says that this is
because the high temperature The idea behind this is that
larger glasses warm up faster See how beautiful is that colonial building! This is again Rua Sete de Setembro This is an interesting architecture That sign that says Compro Ouro
means: We Buy Gold We are in Rua Uruguaiana, a popular
shopping street in Rio de Janeiro So the question that everybody ask: Is Rio de Janeiro safe? Rio is usually safe for tourists but
you have to be always very careful Much of the crime that occurs is opportunistic so
be sure to keep low profile and use common sense Try to travel in a group preferably with local friends
and void walking on the streets alone at night Do not walk around wearing flashy jewelry
or expensive looking items like smartphones I has been recording video walks in Rio
during months and never had a problem If you enjoy architecture, I totally
recommend you to visit this area That’s a pretty creative way
to sweep the city 👀 A street vendor having problems with the police 👮‍♀️ Brazil is the largest country in South America, and its
economy dwarfs that of other South American nations Brazil its being ranked as the 9th
largest economy in the world This colonial church it’s called Church of Nossa
Sra do Rosario e Sao Benedito dos Homens Pretos Name means Our Lady of the Rosary
and Saint Benedict of Black Men It’s one of the oldest and most important
churches in Rio, closed after a fire in 1967 Yellow sign says:
Attention, Uruguaiana Street closed We are now heading the
Mercado Popular da Uruguaiana It’s a busting open-air market with stalls for clothing,
crafts & souvenirs, plus traditional food and more Here you can find everything during working days
but you should avoid this area in the evening 🥴 This a huge market and
a lot of things are going around This is one of the largest flea markets in Rio
with good prices and a wide variety of products Ready to bargain in order to get clothing, electronics
and even furniture at the lowest price possible? Suco da Fruta means Fruit Juice 🍊 This place it’s easily accessible
from Uruguaiana metro station Opening hours are Monday to Friday
from 09h-19h and Saturday from 09h to 16h You can find anything from shoes, swimwear, electronics, bags, sports clothes, souvenirs, etc that person on the left of the
screen sells fresh orange juice The place has plenty of eating places around so if you
want cheap food downtown you know where to find it No need to say that If you see a Louis Vuitton bag
for $10 consider that it could be a falsification 👀 Based on TripAdvisor, these are the
Top 10 things to see and do in Rio Centro‎: #1 – Museu do Amanha or Museum of Tomorrow:
A new a new audiovisual Science museum #2 – Real Gabinete Português Da Leitura, a wonderful library created in 1837 and open to the public since 1900 #3 – Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro
A 1909 theater, filled with mirrors, statues and murals #4 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil CCBB
Cultural center, exhibition rooms, theaters and cinema #5 – National History Museum: old ammunition depot, now an exhibition of the economic history of Brazil #6 – Bondinho de Santa Teresa: An old tram that
leaves near this area and has great city views #7 – Claudio Coutinho Trail: a place where you can walk
around and can take the trail to the Morro da Urca #8 – Sao Bento Monastery: a Benedictine church
completed in 1641 in Baroque and Rococo style #9 – Museu Nacional De Belas Artes: French
Renaissance-style building with modern art paintings #10 – Ilha Fiscal (Fiscal Island): originally a customs
house for Rio, it’s now a fairytale like palace 🏰 Also, be sure to visit the Metropolitan
Cathedral of Saint Sebastian This is the Subway Estação Uruguaiana
It was created in 1980 and it’s very busy Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
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100 thoughts on “RIO DE JANEIRO Downtown, Walking Tour Rio City Center — BRAZIL Walk (Narrated)【4K】??

  1. Na verdade não foi o Rio que nasceu aí, mas sim o Brasil. Aliás o primeiro arranha-céu da América latina está em pé até hoje no Centro do Rio.

  2. Fui varias veces a la concurrirá Colombo. Sentarse y comer algo, todo rico y el ambiente especial. Recomiendo comprar una lata de Leques y la selección de café

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  5. Excelente vídeo..
    Faltou mostrar a parte empresarial avenida Chile , Cinelândia, praça Mauá, avenida Presidente Vargas, primeiro de março.
    O centro é muito grande
    Mais o vídeo ficou ótimo
    Amo o Rio de janeiro

  6. Finally, a walk tour video in the most important historic center in Brazil. Many of the most significant events of both Brazil and Portugal happened in these streets in the past.
    Greetings from Salvador – Bahia (another precious historic city)

  7. 0:49 When you are in Germany do you put "Western European Country" or when you are in Hungary do you put "Eastern European Country"? I was curious about that.

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    Hay lugares que has filmado que nunca recorrí.
    Te atreves con las ratoneras. …yo no.
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    NO es crítica.
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  9. A very nice tour! I admired the facades of the historic buildings. I would have loved to sit down in the cafe right away! I visited the old Viennese coffee houses and always enjoyed the excellent coffee and delicious cakes.

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  12. Will you do more of Rio's downtown? You could walk through Rio Branco avenue from one end to another, start at praça Floriano and end at praça Mauá. You barely showed anything from Rio's city centre, there are so many streets you could walk and record beautiful sights. Plus the historic area stretches much beyond the downtown area, you can go to Catete neighborhood, to Santa Teresa, all the way to cidade nova and the port area that truly looks like a neighborhood taken straight from the depths of havana itself and all are filled with Nice looking buildings that have a lot of history just in its facades. All of these surrounds the City Centre so you won't have to walk much further tho.

  13. As a local I gotta say I am very glad to have some tourist sharing Rio as it should be done! I love this city and who lives here know that although life can be though in suburban areas like any other metropolis, it is indeed a real touristic destination which is worth a visit.
    Everything is so cool and there's a lot to be seen within 3 hours by car from the city.
    Thanks for sharing those honest reports with the world and trying to aware people that Rio is a lovely city but, as any other giant cities, has its own problems.

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  15. Esos árboles lo saben todo. Y parece que les han quitado la vida. El consumo nos está abrumando a todos. Es la naturaleza de la bestia. La usura es un crimen contra la humanidad. Dios nos ayuda a todos…

  16. Rio de Janeiro very beautiful has a huge city big open markets  most things are of very good quality fabrics, clothing, shoes, furniture. Silver is very popular and gems The people are the best friendly, polite, happy, dynamic very high spirited, just need to be careful at night like in every big city in the world

  17. Was this recorded saturday? I only ask because I saw a few flamengo shirts and flamengo played Liverpool on the 21st.

    Anyways, thank you. This may be the closest I'll ever get to going.
    Each day gets worse and worse for me and it's looking like I may never get my dream of visiting for my birthday.
    I hit a milestone age this coming year.

    These videos do make me smile a lot. Thank you and feliz natal!

    Reminds me a bit of walking through downtown new Orleans.
    There are a lot of differences but I'm reminded of it.
    Walking through the streets and everyone is friendly but the stores,restaurants, street vendors , cafés, all right next to each other. Quick foot traffic but a great way to spend an "idk what to do" day. Just…walking and people watching.
    Different but yet a little similar.

  18. Excellent tour as always, I loved seeing the busy city centre, there's so much life and interesting architecture too – great job!

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