Rishikesh Food Tour – Chotiwala + Beatles Ashram + Ganga Aarti + Nutella Momo + Detox Juice

Rishikesh Food Tour – Chotiwala + Beatles Ashram + Ganga Aarti + Nutella Momo + Detox Juice

Welcome to the pilgrimage site and the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh Currently we are at the Laxman jhula which is a suspension bridge Varun will be joining us in some times who will take us on a food tour. Come with us This is my cafe, Cafe steps. So let’s drink a great coffee and after that start with the food tour of Rishikesh. Varun Bhai, your background is from IT And how did you get interested in coffee So I will explain it like this… that I felt that I am better with humans than with machines And coffee is such a thing, means… it is so eco friendly and it creates a binding power between the humans you drink alone, you drink it with your friends. And then you drink with different…
-Bonding. Yes you can call it bonding or binding force There are different emotions to it And I like to run a space that facilitates things beyond coffee like different kinds of events that builds communities And how to choose it, so my interest is in coffee as a medium This process is called Pour Over Coffee And this is the most manual way you can brew your coffee It involves no machine, no force The coffee gets brewed with the gravitational force This is a very simple equipment It is called the V 60 as it is V shaped and is in sixty degree So we will put the paper filter in this then freshly grind the coffee It is very important to freshly grind the coffee and use it as all the flavours come from it Then there is a coffee to water ratio And a brew time like till what time it will be in contact with the water Those are the set procedures that we follow And at the end we get a clean cup clean means there are no negative flavours so when the extraction of the coffee happens first the sour notes gets extracted then sweet And at the end if you overdo, there is a bitterness You have to stop at a sweet spot where you get a balance This too has different settings like which one you need No you will get the aroma from the seed that has been broken into pieces due to grinding So what kind of ground we need fine or coarse the brew time depends on it If its a fine grind then the water will seep in very slowly in it Because the water goes under a pressure in an espresso machine That is why a very fine grind is used In this we use medium ground How long is it brewed?
-Three to four. It is called coffee bloom like after toasting a lot of CO 2 is trapped in it So we first wet the ground So that all the CO 2 escapes It is also known as teething. See the coffee is teething The more freshly roasted it is, the better is the bloom The tasting of the coffee is called cupping. There it has to be slurped It is then distributed throughout the mouth to places that is for sour sweet etc.
-There should be the noise It has a sweetness Coffee is never bitter in itself If the extraction or the brew is wrong then only it imparts a bitterness This is quite aromatic and sweet It has floral notes as well Very nice. So tell us Varun, What is the plan Where are we going and what all food are we exploring The street from Laxman Jhula to Ram Jhula is very interesting The starting patch for 1 kms Because this place is famous for people Its like a global… settling down of people. You will meet people from all places and of all characters So like that way the food is also available in such a way which ever cafes you go you will get nearly 250 to 300 items from across the globe Don’t bother about how true and authentic they are in taste But everything is healthy So it is interesting that the roadside juice seller too makes very interesting combination It is to cater all kinds of people It caters to all the palettes
-Yes all. This is crunchy and a little gooey The smell of peanuts is very nice This is moist and gooey This is on a juicy side and this one is one a dry side And the crowd here is quite mixed if you see There are lots of foreign tourists the locals who are here for religious purpose There are domestic tourists as well. So it is an interesting mix So there comes buses filled with visitors that halts at the parking The people will walk till the Ram Jhula There they will eat at the Chotiwala So they will go from here till the Ram Jhula that is 2-2.5 km away They will then return after a tour very nice so this thing in itself This chaos is the thing that makes Rishikesh Rishikesh and lakxman Jhula Laxman Jhula So these were the Peanut cookies and almond triangle from the German bakery Both had very interesting flavours textures were different as well. This one was gooey and juicy this was crunchy and nice in flavour The best part is, sitting here you can see the full view of the Laxman Jhula And as sir was telling that it is people watching You can sit here and see where from are the people coming and what all is happening That’s a very nice experience This fruit will become soft.
-It is sweet like a pear It has a different feel.
-On the contrary it is better now It is sweet…
-Can we eat it with the peel.
– Yes you can At what time in the morning do you come?
-7 am And at what time in night do you leave.
-At 11.30 pm When do you sleep them.
-I have the whole night to sleep. Are the two Chotiwalas same? Both are brothers Are you both brothers as well No we are employees. He is different How much time in the morning is needed for the make up?
-Two hours. From what time till what time do you sit here?
-From Morning till 4 pm Shake hands with us as well What have you applied as foundation? It is a kind of make up To sit like this is a tough job And since the time I have come I am seeing that you are a celebrity here Everyone who is coming is clicking pictures with you Taking selfies More than the food you are the point of attraction Which is your favourite dish here My most favourite dish here is this Punjabi special Thali In this you will get all the items You like this? Boondi Raita Pulao, Mix veg, Paneer Kadhi pakoda, Dal Makhni, Gulab Jamun, Green Salad Papad and roti The taste is very fundamental It is what we eat in a North Indian Set Thali All these dishes are there I think more than the food Meeting the Chotiwala is an experience If you want to have spicy food in Rishikesh You can come to Chotiwala And try their Punjabi Thali The food that you recommended was good Bakery on wheels I have see many kinds of nan khatai He makes many other things as well. Sweet sesame cookies, chocolate cookies, groundnut cookies. very nice sir You can take this with you. It won’t get spoiled for two months What all things do you mix in these? There is sooji, besan, ghee, sugar There is no maida in this I have seen that mostly nan khatai is made by mixing maida, besan and sooji, Its good that he is putting till on top. This gives a little crunchiness to it How long does it takes to get cooked. it gets ready in 7-8 mins your NaanKhatai and Chocolate cookies are very delicious. Totally fresh I am thinking of trying the detox Give us a detox juice and show us how is it made This place has a different feel altogether In the background there is music That is why people sit here and keep and keep watching what is happening nearby Ramphal Finally Ramphal Mil Gaya Ramphal It has a little bit slime. It is slightly sticky We have to eat it all.
-yes all. It is sour With masalas it is sweet and sour That’s why you add Bhura I has a sour and pomegranate like taste. The seeds are hard Why is its name Ramphal Because it is found here in Ramjhula that is why it is called Ramphal It is not found anywhere else It grows in the nearby hills It is available in the hills. Is there any benefit of eating this? Yes it is good for stomach It clears your stomach, improves your blood circulation Is it available all through the year? No it is available only for five six months for May and June It has a sticky texture It seems that there is a jelly inside it Its like you add some jelly along with some seeds and made it sweet and sour And you added sugar or bura to it I don’t know what is it called in English There is no distinct shop out here You will find these carts selling these fruits It is a must try if you are in Rishikesh So we have arrived after a long walk At Beatles Ashram It is also called Chaurasi kutiya Yes there used to be 84 meditation cottages at some time Maharishi Mahesh Yogi set it up in 1961 when it was under the UttarPradesh forest department, he took it from them So these cave are no more in use Its just that these structure have been kept intact I think they do the basic maintenance They have made it with the stones from the river These meditation cave The name of this place is Chaurasi llutiya And it comes under the These are the paintings of the Beatles Band Right they are four members And in middle there is Maharishi This is don by Pan I hope you can imagine what kind of Rishikesh it must be in 1960s Now we are at Geeta Bhavan And here it is famous for Puri sabzi along with kachoris Coconut burfi Goond Ka Ladoo Boondi ka Ladoo and Besan ki burfi And everything has been made with desi ghee. Come let’s taste it All the sweets are optimally sweet I has wheatflour and gond The sugar content is high in this There is quite a lot of sugar in this This is good. It is good if it is a little warm When the ghee is melting lightly I do it often. I take a ladoo during the winters if you have to eat it melt it lightly on the gridle and not in the microwave Ladoo on top of bread Ultimate. try it. Its a great combination. It is quite well made The sweetness is just perfect Heating on the gridle gives it a little crunchiness and the ghee melts a bit Then spread it like a sandwich on the bread slices And then have it. It is delicious Devotional Song There is a difference between the culture of Rishikesh and here Though people consider this as Rishikesh too Like you came it is Rishikesh for you but this is not Rishikesh What is this then?
-This is a separate district Which district are you in?
-You are in Teri This is Tehri Garwal District That Rishikesh is in Dehradun District And this is a different district yes it is but in common language people call it Rishikesh If you go to the other side of the Ganga then it is a different district That is Paudi Garhwal, this is Teri Garhwal. That means within two kilometers there are three districts Lets see what all are there there is channa, mushroom, moong Dal Sprouts, beans.
-Yes You have made it healthy Foreigners need this only Foreigners prefer healthy food He can’t eat at the Rajasthani Bhojanalay It is for the locals like us The food is delicious This is actually very tasty It has dried fenugreek leaves as well It is not at all oily we had tried the detox juice they added spinach, carrots, beetroot mint it was quite good Very nice. The dosa is very crisp Such an interesting flavour in a Dosa After eating this Dosa you don’t need to eat anything else And this sabzi that you have served with this It is very nice. It has peanuts, potatoes onions, tomatoes, curry leaves and tempering is that of mustard seed Very delicious The main market area near Lakshman Jhula There is a very nice momo set up See how the people are enjoying the food Its quite crowded Let try their momos A unique dish in the lanes of Rishikesh, Nutella banana momos Though momos is vegetarian, with paneer and different other stuffings This quite unique Inside their is Nutella with banana And then it has been fried This is like a dessert The sweetness is a mix from chocolate and banana You can say that the cool weather of this place adds to its flavours In evening time cool breeze blows There is a different joy of eating momos very nice I am breaking it because it is it is hot else it is eaten whole that is the rule the characteristics of a good momo are its covering should be thin The stuffing should be juicy Then only you will get the actual taste How is it?
-Ya very nice Have some more chutney Is this the first time you are trying this? Ya here first time. This chutney is amazing These are two kinds of chutney. One is less spicy the other one is less spicy My name is Shasha Shasha from Russia. So this is the fifth time you are coming to India So how is the experience I have always stayed in Goa and now I am on a trip around India And Rishikesh is good place Is this your first time in Rishikesh Amazing! Amazing place Ya that is true. Their are lot of positive vibe and positive energy here This is called the desi noodles This is typical street food Thank you Varun Bhai. Anubhav had a great Anubhav I too enjoyed a lot with you You keep things simple and realistic And connect with them and know their stories how long they have been there I too had a great experience with you With this our Rishikesh tour gets over We will meet again in a new city with new dishes Till then keep walking and keep exploring

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