Risk Management System for Tour Operators

Risk Management System for Tour Operators

CheckPoint is a cloud-based Safety Management
System, specially designed for tour operators. We support some of the world’s largest travel
businesses, giving them the power and protection of knowing their suppliers have been checked
for risk and safety. CheckPoint has more than 70,000 property audits
covering more than 100 countries. Our network of auditors means unrivalled local
knowledge and a fast response. We offer physical audits and supplier self-assessments
with human follow up to increase completion and accuracy. We’re always on hand to offer advice
and expert technical back-up. Our managed escalation of critical findings
encourages defect resolution and improves standards. With CheckPoint Solutions you can demonstrate
due diligence, reduce and defend accident and illness claims and preserve brand integrity, resulting in your peace of mind and the best experience for your customers.

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  1. It is great to see Checkpoint delivering sector leading services to the travel and tourism sector. Over 70,000 hotel audits already exist in the system and another 18,000 will be added in 2019.

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