RIU Palace Bavaro Family Vacation and Hotel Review 2019

RIU Palace Bavaro Family Vacation and Hotel Review 2019

This year our family spent an incredible week at the RIU Palace Bavaro in Punta Cana Dominican Republic Join us as we explore the resort and share the highlights from our Perfect Misadventure As always if you enjoy the video, we hope you like and subscribe Our adventure to the Dominican Republic began on a cold and dark night at the Denver International Airport and although we had a long flight ahead, we were motivated by promises of warm Caribbean waters After many hours in the air, we were exhausted and ready to relax with a cold drink in our hands Despite being physically drained our emotions quickly turned to excitement immediately upon entry to the RIU Palace Bavaro We found the lobby to be impressive with a modern art-deco feel and the resort staff to be exceptionally warm and welcoming The RIU Palace Bavaro is part of a massive complex which included four other RIU branded resorts along with shared resources such as a casino, nightclub and extreme waterpark. However despite its size, with the resort being broken up into five distinct locations Our family had no trouble navigating the services, facilities, and amenities helping to make this a truly unforgettable vacation After a quick shower and change of clothes we were off to explore the resort The grounds were pristine with well manicured landscaping and towering palm trees Then it was a quick walk down the resort’s main path as we were off to see what we’ve been dreaming about white sand beach and turquoise waters Our attempts for a family photo were made in vain as the kids were far more interested in running their toes through the sand We promised them we would return the following day and headed off to enjoy one of the resort’s numerous restaurants The next morning we enjoyed a quick breakfast and then we’re off to the beach Seeking a relaxing vacation, spending the day at the Arena Gorda beach was exactly what we were searching for This Caribbean paradise felt as though it was straight from a postcard By arriving early we were able to find the perfect beach spot right next to the leaning tree This oceanfront location was well shaded and great for people watching We also found the leaning tree to be an ideal landmark and used it as a meeting spot where the kids would meet up with their cousins later that morning Although not a major issue. We had noticed that some seaweed had washed ashore overnight However, the resort staff was extremely diligent in the removal efforts This left the white sand beaches in pristine condition and made the perfect building material for towering sand castles Over the next several days the kids and their cousins showed off the creative side by building and destroying numerous sand creations As parents we’d love the fact that we can sit back in our peace chairs relax with a cocktail while the kids burn off their excess energy with this activity However as much as we enjoy relaxing in the Sun, mom and dad couldn’t resist the opportunity to act like a kid again and join in with the sand creations No vacation to the Dominican Republic would be complete without splashing in the warm Caribbean waters The waves at the resort were big enough to be fun, but not so big they never feel like it was dangerous for the kids And although it took a little convincing We were finally able to get our entire family into the water for a much needed to cool down after spending the majority of the day enjoying the Sun Equally enjoyable – our time at the beach was the time we spent at the resort’s main pool Located central to everything trips to the bar, bathroom, and lunch buffet were just steps away Being the heart of the resort there was always something happening at the pool Whether it was a makeshift dance party or a friendly competition, our family never found ourselves to be bored The pool area never felt crowded in despite our big family we were always able to find chairs in the shade The water was cool but comfortable and offer dance to relieve from the hot Caribbean Sun The kids loved to jump and splash and never felt like they were disrupting other resort guests Although life jackets were likely available through the resort with brand new swimmers in the family We didn’t take any chances and made sure to bring it on puddle jumpers floaties and pool toys Despite her precautions for the younger kids There was no spot the pool that was much deeper than about four feet Helping to ensure our oldest son could touch the bottom of the pool nearly all the time When we weren’t splashing in the water we loved relaxing on the underwater lounge chairs While we were seated here and under the shade the resort staff did a fantastic job keeping our drinks cool Not to be outdone the kids were able to end it perfectly at the pool by enjoying their favorite frozen treat ice cream As much as we loved visiting the resorts beach and pool areas Perhaps our favorite thing about this vacation was the vast selection in high quality food options offered at the resort In our lifetimes we have visited numerous all-inclusive resorts Typically after a few days the food options begin to feel very repetitive However at the Rio Palace that never seemed to be the case Between the buffets and numerous a-la-cart, themed restaurants, we always felt as though there was something new to try However out of all the great options the Montecristo buffet was always a family favorite for breakfast and lunch with its tremendous selection of fresh fruit, newly baked pastries, cheese platters, and high-quality proteins But when it came to dinner we didn’t miss the chance to enjoy the food from the resort’s themed restaurants Each day, we made sure to get our dinner reservations in early guarantee and our large group could be seated together We found each one of the themed restaurants to serve high-quality food And we loved being able to try menu items that we normally wouldn’t order from a typical cash restaurant One of our favorite dining options was the Geisha restaurant which offered amazing Japanese food Their sushi offerings were incredible and we loved sampling the hot sake Another family favorite was the steakhouse restaurant The New York Strip was delicious and we were big fans of the seafood options, especially the lobster and the shrimp But for dessert it was back to the Montecristo where the selection of treats was not to be missed The kids especially loved the cotton candy station which was certainly a crowd favorite As much as we loved our servers at the restaurants a special thank you needs to go up to the bartenders who kept their drinks full for our entire vacation Also deserving thanks were the activity coordinators who did a fantastic job keeping our kids entertained One final highlight of our vacation was visiting the shops just off the resort property We love the Caribbean style architecture and found this to be the best place for souvenir shopping The resort’s incredible amenities fantastic food and welcoming staff help make this a great vacation Our family loved our time in the dominican republic and although it went by way too fast We are counting down the days until our return for another Perfect Misadventure

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  1. We loved visiting the RIU Palace Bavaro but are always looking for new adventures. What is your favorite all-inclusive resort?

  2. That's a good one right there. Great video! Your adventure started with a cold dark night in denver? Lol. I made another adventure video if you like to check it out but I gotta warn you its 24 minutes long. Lol.

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