Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m pleased to be partnering with Ford UK to share with you my best road trip hacks.
You guys seem to love my travel hacks, and with summer coming up, you might be planning
days out with the kids or going away to see family, and you will find yourself in the
car for hours or with kids to entertain. So I’m going to show you how to make it more
fun, less stressful, and less messy as well so that your holiday starts as soon as you
get in the car. I hope you really like this. If you do, give it a thumbs up, and if you’re
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So let’s start out with trying to minimize mess. This is a car seat cover that I’m going
to put over my toddler’s seat. You can also get these in bigger sizes if you wanted to
cover all of the backseats, and even the bigger ones will have holes so that all of the seat
belts still connect. But it will just save your seat a little bit if a child throws any
food or anything over the side of their car seat.
I also wanted to show you a really easy and simple bin that you can have while you’re
on the road. If you take an old cereal container like this, you can also line it with a plastic
bag if you wanted to, but these containers are great because they have a lid so that
you can put rubbish into them. But then if it was to slide around while you’re on the
road, it won’t go everywhere. I also really liked this idea. These are little
like a doggy pickup bags. So you can get these things that actually go on your lid, but they’re
really, really compact and you can have this in the car and then just take a bag out when
you need them. They’re also biodegradable and you can refill them as well. And it could
also be used as a sick bag. One of my children does get travel sick, so
after years of having a bowl in the car, I finally ordered some actual travel sickness
bags on Amazon. You can get this on eBay as well or other places. But if your child was
sick, it’s all contained and you can dispose of it. So it’s great to have a few of these
on hand. And if your child does get travel sickness as well, a great option is to download
some audiobooks for them. Mine definitely feels worse when they’re looking at an iPad,
but if you download a book for them, they can have their headphones on, have a little
bit of entertainment, but then also be looking out the window at the horizon so they don’t
feel so sick. For my next hack, I wanted to tell you about
a really cool app that you can download if you have a Ford car or you’re considering
getting a Ford car. I’ve partnered with them on this video and I’m thrilled because they’re
a brand I love. I’ve had two Fords in my lifetime and my very first car was a Ka. I saved up
all my waitressing pennies for it. But anyway, they have an amazing app now.
It’s really smart. It’s called the FordPass. You can download it. Link it to your vehicle.
It takes minutes. But why I love it for a road trip is before you even set out, from
the comfort of your own home, you can check your vehicle and things like how much fuel
you have and if you need to think about getting more. You can also check tire pressure, which
I just think is amazing. I mean, how does that even link up to an app is just really,
really clever. You can also check how-to videos. So if your oil needs changing and you’re not
sure how to do that, there are really clever how-to videos on this app.
But the biggest hack of all is that this car has Wi-Fi and acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot. I can
control it from the app and check if your car has Wi-Fi as well. But this one, you can
actually connect up to 10 different devices to, which is incredible for a family like
ours where we all want to be connected. Even if I’m on the road, I can check on Instagram
on Wi-Fi, I can even upload a video and just carry on with life from my car while we’re
on the road. The kids as well, if they want to watch YouTube videos or they have apps
that require Wi-Fi, then you can have all of that. Of course, if you don’t, make sure
you download some movies and some apps that don’t require it.
But another feature that I really like on the app and probably the one that I use the
most is the find feature. You can find all kinds of different places from the app if
you need health or recreation, or the two that I probably use the most are fuel, so
where to find petrol, and parking as well. So if we need petrol, I can just click on
the fuel. It will show me all of the nearest petro stations and directions as well. I can
send them to the car, navigation the screen that is actually in the car, and it will just
tell us exactly how to get there. It’s so very simple.
And same with parking. You can just click on parking, see where all the nearest parking
places are, and compare prices. So you can see there one was £6, some are £1, but all
of these ones were free. So then you can choose which parking you want to go to. And again,
you can just download directions, opening hours, and everything, and send the directions
to your car. And if once you’ve parked, you’ve actually forgotten where you’ve parked it,
I’m not going to lie, I’ve done that a few times. This will actually lead you back to
your car. It has your vehicle location and it will direct you so that you can find your
car again. And the last feature I wanted to tell you
about is if I ever get locked out of my car, I can actually call Matts because he is also
on the app. So if your partner is on it, they can actually unlock the car for you from the
app. They just have to press unlock, and similarly, they can also lock the car. So if you ever
think, “Have I locked it, have I not,” this can all be done from the app.
There’s loads of other things, but now I wanted to talk to you about how to entertain the
kids while you’re on the road. This next product is a great way of storing all the things that
your children are going to need at arms’ length so that they can actually access it themselves.
This just goes on the back of the chair in front of them and you can load it up with
anything they’re going to play with. This one even has a space for an iPad so they could
watch a movie or play YouTube. You can also put drinks, coloring books, coloring pens.
That’s a water magic book that my kids love. Snacks as well are key for trips like this.
Books, or maybe if they’re a bit older, a few games, or a crossword, something like
this. So when they say, “I’m bored,” you can say,
“Why don’t you play with your books, or your crossword, something in front of you.” And
then it just really easily clips on to the chair in front of them at the top and then
at the bottom as well. And it’s nice and secure and it’s right there in front of them with
everything they need in it. So when they want a drink or they want a snack or a game, you
don’t have to reach back and give it to them. It’s right there in front of them for them
to grab. Another hack for little ones. If they can’t
quite reach the seat in front of them, then you can get these little like shower caddies.
I picked this up in my pound stretcher. It was really, really cheap. They have suctions
on the back and then you can fill them up with a few little activities, or snacks, or
a drink, something like that, and then you can actually stick it to the window, which
is right next to them. We tried this out with Jackson and I was surprised that he just started
reaching for the activity books and coloring away. So it definitely works, and it’s something
you wouldn’t just have to have for a road trip. You could have them there all the time
and put little drinks or snacks in there for them to access.
But I also saw this product which I thought was quite cool. It’s a play tray table. So
again, for little ones. It sits on their lap, and it gives them a space where they can play
with little toys. You can load it up with markers. It actually came with these whiteboard
markers, and the tray itself is a whiteboard so they can color on it, and then you can
just erase it and start again. You can also put snacks and drinks or anything you want
them to have. It holds little toys really well, as I said, and it also came with little
activity sheets, dot to dots and coloring and stuff that you can actually slide under
and they can draw on. Or you could add a pen if a child that was older and wanted to do
homework. And then it just goes across their lap. You
do up the belt around their back, and it sits there quite well. I was surprised at how long
Jackson did sit with this on his lap and he just played away. He was drawing. He even
reached for the snacks. So it definitely does work. And you don’t have to just use it in
the car. It works in the baggie or when we got into the house he still wanted it. So
we attached it to just a chair and it worked really well. So this one was a good one. If
you spend a lot of time in the car, this one might be a good one for your kids.
Travel Bingo is a hit with our kids as well, and it’s so simple to do this. I just printed
it off online. I found it on Pinterest, saw a link below the one that we’ve used, but
it basically has different things on it that the kids have to spot. The first one to spot
an entire row or things can shout, “Bingo,” and they win. I just put it into a plastic
wallet like this, which I will also link, give the kids a whiteboard marker, and then
they can just go ahead and tick them off. They really like this. Some things are really
simple like finding an airplane or a tree, something like that. But then the other things
can be a bit more tricky. Of course, you could tailor make this, but I just make my life
easy and just print one off online and the kids really enjoy it.
Similarly, if you go on a specific route quite often, it might be a nice idea to print off
a map and stick it into a plastic wallet as well, maybe with the route that you do and
then your older children can tick off the places as you go past them. Fraser really
likes this. So he could tick off like we’ve gone past Buckinghamshire, we’ve come past
Birmingham, and it kind of shows them the map and teaches them a bit of geography at
the same time, and he really likes it. After all that entertainment, your kids might
be tired. So for little ones, make sure you pack any comforters, blankets, or dummies,
things like that. But also for the older ones, pack them a blanket and a travel pillow as
well. What I do is pack these under the chair in front of them or at their feet so that
they can reach them. You never know when they’re going to get tired, and it’s nice and easy
if you can access this for them or if they can reach it themselves.
It’s also a good idea to take a first aid kit with you and lots of cars actually have
these in them. So it’s worth checking before you travel. You can pick these up pretty recently
online as well. Or what I like to do is to make my own with things that I know my family
will normally use when we go away. So I’ll just use a clear vanity case that I picked
up in Primark and fill it with a pain relief for kids, allergy tablets because my kids
suffer from allergies, wound wash, plasters, antiseptic cream, paracetamol, that’s for
when I get a headache, a sling, barrier cream, et cetera, load it all up and then you can
put this into the boot of your car. I actually put it into this really cool storage,
which I found online. I love storage like this in the back of our car because it brings
it off of the surface, so it leaves more room for luggage and buggies and all of that. It
just hooks onto the seats in front of it and then you still have all of that space. But
for day to day things like the first aid kit, I will put that into it. You could also put
some water into it if you wanted to. And then I always pack some nappies and wipes. This
has come in so handy on days out before when I’ve forgotten nappies. Same with bringing
a towel with me as well. This is great for if your kids decide to dive bomb a fountain
when you’re out, or also if you need like an impromptu picnic as well.
And then I always pack a change of clothes. But what I do, because I have three quite
close together, I will pack a change of clothes for my middle son because if anyone got dirty
or messy, those clothes will fit to anyone. I’ll also pack things that I don’t mind sitting
in the car like he doesn’t wear that t-shirt much so I’m fine with it. But yeah, it’s all
full up there and then you can see all of that space.
Another good thing to pack is something to play with if you stop. Right, that is it for
this video. I hope you enjoyed my road trip hacks. If you have any of your own, please
put them in the comments down below because you guys always have the best ideas, and I
would love for you to share them. And thank you so much again to Ford UK for sponsoring
this video. If you have a Ford car, I would totally recommend downloading the FordPass
app because we have loved using it. And I will of course put all the links in the description
down below for it. And thank you so much again for watching and I’ll see you in my next one.
Bye guys.

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