Roat Trip to Kalash Valley | Pakistan Travel Vlog

Roat Trip to Kalash Valley | Pakistan Travel Vlog

Good morning guys from Pakistan we are
right now in Ayun, in the north-west of Pakistan but we are leaving Ayun and we
are going to Kalash valley because there is a festival and we travel to
Pakistan because of Kalash Festival I am so excited to meet the ancient ethnic
group of Kalash Our journey starts by driving through the Ayun Village, which we explored in the previous video we only have a twenty kilometres drive
but as you can see the roads are not the best So, it will take us at least two
hours to reach our destination I can’t believe that we just crossed that bridge. it is so scary you know as soon as we crossed police stopped us to pay the fees If you are a tourist you should pay 600 Pakistani rupees per person to enter Kalash Valley Thank you, Bye Now we are here in the main entry point of Kalash Valley, from on our left we are going to Bumburet just now we will go and on the right side we have Rumbur, where we are going to stay tonight This is the main road locals use for their daily lives it is the only way they can access health facilities Life can be difficult in this part of the world, but they never stop appreciating their lives Our first stop is the Kalash Graveyard, maybe not the happiest place on Earth, but it is quite special The Kalash used to leave bodies here without burying them but they later started to do so, probably to prevent diseases from spreading They also bury personal belongings and leave the bed and pillow at the grave They don’t take them back because they believe evil spirits would come back home Red flag or the new flag means that
dead body or the grave is new somebody has died recently It is so so weird to see humans bones and it is just a bit creepy, I would say. I don’t like to see that Kalash people like other Pakistanis are famous for their hospitality One of the highlights of our day is here I am overwhelmed by how welcoming everyone is I live in England but I am Italian I like Pakistani food, it is a bit spicy, but I like it now it’s time to have lunch. who wouldn’t
want to have food in this beautiful place? we were sitting outside and the rain started and we have to move inside for lunch Apparently, it is not common to rain all the time in Pakistan But, you know wherever I go rain follows me chicken karahi, this is bhindi, this is Pakistani Dal. my favourite dish was the Dal I loved it we are back on the road to get to Rumbur,
another Kalash village where we are staying for 4 days We are on a bumpy road on a narrow road without seatbelts Health and safety here is zero. If it falls it is done We are worried about having no seatbelts but look at them the road is getting worse and worse and
because of the flood some part of the road is closed now we are walking to
check the road out to see if we can go by car, if not then probably we should
leave the car here and walk to the village Our car didn’t get very far We are leaving the car and walking with all of our stuff Oh is here that’s why we can’t bring the
car and we have to walk Oh my god but I can see a track of bikes
I don’t know how they can do this so dangerous It is getting worse Our host, Engineer Khan, is here to rescue us Oh wait, he is here just for our luggage Tonight, we are going to sleep here
This is the local home Engineer Khan is Engineer by name but not by profession, he calls himself mushe-mushe What Mushe Mushe means? Mushe is the one can do everything Don’t forget to subscribe. In the next video, we will keep exploring Kalash Valley and learn more about the Kalash culture

100 thoughts on “Roat Trip to Kalash Valley | Pakistan Travel Vlog

  1. u most wellcome my dear sister tnks for showing a positive image of my country respect from peshawer pakistan??

  2. At last you are in Pakistan now. you may remember, I suggested you to apply online Pakistan visa. Anyway welcome to our beloved and beautiful country Pakistan

  3. Difficulties in reaching to the 'KAILASH' Valley is a charm of this area. I assume that when the roads will be fine the charm of visiting this area will be less.

  4. The best place to stay in the kalaash region is the PTDC motel in bhambureet. I am not sure of your choice of the area to stay.

  5. The handicapped sitar artist showed in promo will be the highlight of next episode. I met this person long time ago but still remember his hard working.

  6. Thank you soo much sis for showing positive image of Pakistan, that means alot to us Pakistanis, thats our true image and world need to know it l, again thanks and much respect for you, May God bless you and always keep you happy??

  7. You should dress decently when you're in Pakistan . In France your home country
    They're not allowing hijab for Muslim women so you show some respect when you visit Islamic country .

  8. Whenever I went to Pakistan I didn't give a second thought about wearing seatbelts.

    But now I'm thinking oh yeah seems odd now – although if you are on a slow mountain track perhaps seatbelts would be a hindrance if the car tumbled and you need to get out or be pulled out.

  9. I have been there couple of months ago on UCHAL festival, visited both villages ( BAMBURAT & Rambour). It's all coming back to me. Beautiful place, but the road structure needs to be improved due to which fewer tourists come here than what it deserves.

  10. حکومت کو چاہئے تھوڑا پیسہ خرچ کرے کیلاش میں تاکہ کم سے کم سڑک تو بنے وہاں پر

    کیچڑ ہی کیچڑ ہے وہاں اور سڑکیں بظاھر نام کی ہیں

    پتہ نہیں پیسہ کیوں خرچ نہیں کرتے ہیں ہمارے جعلی حکمران

    اپنے لئے پیسہ جمع کرتے ہیں لیکن دوسروں پر خرچ نہیں کرتےہیں

  11. I am from Pakistan Islamabad but I have not been to Kalash Valley yet I will go very soon is a very lovely place I'm so busy with my business that I haven't had time to go anywhere

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