Children! Get back in the bus! WAIT !! The evening I’m cold ! You didn’t take a coat with you ? YES IT IS ! ARE YOU DUMB OR WHAT ?! Ok so wear it. RUN !! Stand up !! I CAN’T !! BUT F**K STAND UP !! Please.. let me die here.. without drinking or eating… go… go with the others.. I LOVE YOU YOU KNOW ?! SO DO IT FOR ME PLEASE :'( Goodbye… Or rather…. never.. A CAVE ! COME !! Arrived at the cave. I should never have left her .. Why ?! WHY ?! The morning.. Children ! We will go back to the camp. Hey… Where is Kathleen ?.. Well … They will tell me after .. CHILDREN ! WE WILL GO BACK TO THE CAMP ! I would go in pajamas outside … WAW. Laziness Sir… It’s there that there are almost all our things .. WELL LET’S GO ! I confirm.. These are bear tracks .. It will prevent campers who are around .. Um.. Hello. Hello. We are the military of the city next door My name is Zack, and my colleague Eva. There is a bear walking around. You will not be able to sleep in your camp. You should sleep in a well protected place … like the cave for example. You will be safe there. Oh… Well. Thanks for telling me… I really wonder where Kathleen went .. I admit .. Maybe Enzo knows … since he came to the cave later than we … And as if by chance when Kathleen disappears … mystery.. Oh my god…. they must not know it! Children… we will have to stay here for another night. A bear walks around .. And this is the only safe place. I met soldiers. But just … Kathleen isn’t here … I don’t know where she is.. When we ran … she fell! I told him to get up But she wanted me to leave her .. so I left. But still didn’t leave it! I KNOW !! Well.. do not go out. Except in case of emergency. We will stay again tonight. As I already told you. I’m just… hungry… WE HAVE FORGOTTEN THE BASKET !! We can not go get it. It’s raining too hard. BUT… I’M HUNGRY !! I go ! I would have to take my K-Way Wish me luck ! I should have taken my gloves … But…. I have them ! I’ve to hurry.. Finallyyy ! This donut has a weird taste. NOOO !!! He… NO ! IT IS NOT! WHY UUUUUUS !! Did you see … the same thing … as me? Y…Ye…Yes…. IT’S HIM ! IT IS HIM WHO PURSUED US THE LAST NIGHT! What makes you say that ? Yesterday, when we ran, I looked behind me … and it was the same thing we just saw! Maybe it’s him who made Kathleen want to die !! And why this … “THING” would have wanted to incite him to die? Ah! Good question … we have to know .. WE’RE BLOCKED !!!! We can’t go out.. We have to take our things. Try to find an exit issue. HEEERE ! Ok girls… there is a path to life … OR DEAAAATH !! So which ? I’d say that one.. Me too… Are you sure? I hope it was worth it! Don’t worryyy ! I told you it wasn’t a good idea !! Well, at least we are not dead! Where are we going….? A BEAAAAAAAAR !!! Enzo : FAST GIRLS !! I SEE THE EXIT. Anna : WE ARRIVE !! WHAT’S HAPPENED ?? Where’s Anna ??? I don’t know… BEARS !! BEARS KILLED HER !! We’re two now… WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO US ??? Stand up… we return to the camp.. But… bears… they walk there.. Not anymore ! They were all in the cave! But we never know !! Imagine… You know what ? We’re going to go there. If there is a bear, we run. Ok ? They come out of the cave. Morning.. So, what do we do ? We look at each other. You’ve beautiful eyes, you know ? Thank you… I’m going to the camp… I come again. So stay here please. NO !! YOU’LL NOT GO! But there are our bags there … YOU’LL NOT GO ALONE !… Miranda : What is that ?? Enzo : ” Je suis resté en vie ” ? That’s mean “I’m still alive” .. Miranda : THE MONSTER !! Look at. There is blood on the ground ! Enzo : Well.. We have to stay there anyway .. The evening I’m cold… Thank you… Your welcome.. I lost you… AND ALL THAT IS MY FAULT! Don’t worry… It will be fine I’m here.. Come on my back I don’t know what happened … We will get out of this It’s impossible… Believe me ! I feel a weird thing that goes up .. No… don’t tell me that .. THIS IS THE SOUL OF THE FOREST !! QUICK !! GO TO HEIGHT What to do now ?? NO ! THE SUN !! I can’t help you anymore.. Help us ? Yes…I only wanted to help you … but it’s too late .. Too late ?? To kill the criminal.. WHAT CRIMINAL ? I didn’t want to scare you .. but there is a criminal among you … I killed one by – one your teammates, but none of them was the criminal .. Yes.. someone wants to kill you. One of you is the criminal .. and I found who it was .. Is… Sorry.. The end. Enzo went to prison for his murder. The monster committed suicide.

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