Rock Climber Lives in a SUV in order to Travel Solo and Eats for Free

Rock Climber Lives in a SUV in order to Travel Solo and Eats for Free

Oh yeah so, here’s a bunch of baked goods. There’s nothing I won’t eat, unless my body responds to it like the smell. It’s amazing how much
we’ve like stepped away from our natural instincts. I think at the end of the day
we’re animals. We have instincts. We can tell through sight and smell and touch
whether or not something is bad. That’s not a tried and true rule. I would say be
aware of like more or less when it was thrown away and just be cognizant of
that. You can look at the expiration date. Probably is irrelevant. You could just
ignore it like I do. Yay! This is what I’m talking about. We got a sandwich. We’ve got a cheese and fruit platter. This whole bag is just full of these. Barbecue chicken thing. So I’m just going to toss those back in there. If you haven’t been before you’ll be amazed at what you can find. Everything.
Everything is in the dumpster. Living off as much dough food as I can without being unhealthy. There’s no sign, so. That doesn’t lock. Quick interruption and you might have a few questions like, “Dylan, where are you? On the top of a hill in Oregon. Why?”. That’s
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LastPass relieves the trouble and anxiety of remembering complicated
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now, but that’s okay because LastPass is way more than just a key ring, but I’m
gonna keep using it for visual purposes. With LastPass you don’t have to write
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the mobile app all I have to remember is my thumbprint which I seem to never forget.
I use it myself. I find it very helpful and I recommend it to you. It’s
completely free so give it a try. Use the link in the description down below. And
enjoy today’s video. Hi, my name is Renee and this is Gertie or Gertrude Stein. I was looking for a vehicle for maybe a month. I wanted to hit the road really fast. I
had money already saved up and so I was itching to go. I liked how the element
utilized all of the space so it didn’t have any features just to look cool or
interesting it’s like probably the ugliest car, but it’s ugly for a purpose.
And I really like how its inconspicuous. It’s super short. It has four-wheel drive.
It has decent clearance, reliability too. Honda’s are just like super reliable. I
was introduced to climbing by one of my roommates about three years ago. I
instantly fell in love with it, but I was 26 at the time and I just felt like I had a
lot of catching up to do. And I’ve always been into traveling and into stint work.
Saving up money for like the next adventure. I knew when I found out that
being a dirtbag or living on the road was a part of the climbing lifestyle
that it was perfect for me. This is Gertie. A Honda Element 2005,
160,000 miles. We have the cargo box on top which stores climbing gear mostly. I
have dirty clothes up here. All the climbing stuff, laundry detergent and a camping
chair. We have the water jug, necessary, and dry food in this bin here which includes Nutella, one staple. And then I keep my
clothes in a shoe box holder. I just find that like the easiest way to organize in between. Here’s like a towel, some extra sweaters, and then like notebooks books I’m
reading. Bungees I use for hanging the scarves and I also use it to hang things
to dry. Here’s a Luci light charging. I have two. Okay, let’s go to the back. This duct tape feature is actually only
available on the 2005. It’s actually pretty special. We got my two burner stove. More food storage just like a lot of spices I keep in here. Tahini and peanut butter are staples as well. Then I have some bathroom products and climbing gear. The awesome thing about the element is that all the seats fold flat so you
could even do use an element without building the bed but I wanted to take
one of the seats out so that I have more room for storage. I can fold it into a
single there’s hinges. It’s just plywood pieces. Two pieces with hinges and then
the carpet over those so it can fold in half and then I can pop up the third
seat for a passenger. Sometimes like if I’m in the city I’ll want more privacy and
the scarves will allow or it’s just too bright so in that scenario I use this to
cover the windows. For the dirtbag, spices. So important. If you want to live
cheap you gotta learn to cook with like all sorts of grains these are all like
Indian spices I really like Indian cuisine. Dishes, coffee. This was from the dumpster and this is not even 1% of what I find in Starbucks dumpsters. Coffees rare like
this was the first time I found coffee. But in terms of like baked goods,
sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, everything that you ever could eat from Starbucks,
it’s a plenty. These are just random like sunflower seeds from the dumpster. That’s oatmeal, not from the dumpster. Oh and toilet paper. You always want to bring
toilet paper because you never know if you’re going to like get to an out house that doesn’t have it or like, I’m all for all-natural, but it’s harder to do that
in certain places. The Northwest it’s quite easy. They have like a little extra
storage units on either side. Shower stuff, cleaning stuff. It’s exactly
four feet so you can just get a sheet of plywood and cut it in half. From here
we access the cooler. I do a lot of trail running on the road as well. I like
to hang a headlamp so I can easily access it at night. Also for stealth
camping, I don’t know, I guess the main tip is like pee before you get there, get
in your car as fast as possible, and then immediately like cover everything up. So
stay out of your car until you are sleeping in it and then when you wake up
just like preferably you exit the car with clothes on. I think most people around would prefer that if you’re in the city or in the
neighborhood, but I’ve seen either or. I think that it’s easy for me to make
money while living on the road because, well first and foremost, I started out
with a pretty nice security blanket of savings. I just always been a saver like
I’ve never been someone who goes out and spends a lot of money. I’ve always been
like into buying used clothes. I had a good amount of money saved up
but then I also have always been like into working like stint-based jobs like
gigs. I am a big fan of Craigslist gigs. I’ve done like so many weird things like
food tasting, I was in this music video as a double, I’ve done like bar tending at
weddings. So I have like a lot of experience that I can put on a resume or
that I can use to get jobs in like various fields. I think that’s really
helpful. So if you’re someone that has like a pretty narrow field of experience
it might be trickier to find stint work depending on where you want to go, but if
you are in the restaurant industry, service industry, anything or are
exploring or have explored the gig Craigslist world I think that’s really
beneficial if you want to be working like while you’re on the road and just
like post up somewhere, work for a few months and then carry on. I would say absolutely do it. Don’t hesitate. Of course there’s danger. There’s just as much danger it’s not more danger in the
city. Be smart. Trust your instincts. If
someone’s making you uncomfortable don’t be alone with that person. I have mace in
my car and like but I still always lock the doors when I’m sleeping and I
usually don’t sleep in places where there’s like few other people around
kind of out the middle of nowhere it’s got to be like either nobody else is
around or I’m in a place where there’s a bit of a community. I would say don’t let
that stop you because like it’s not any more dangerous being on the road than it
is being in the city walking to and from work or the subway or even being in your
home. We’ve learned as a world that there’s really no safe space. You should
never let fear keep you from doing things that you want to do, but you
should also do so with awareness like just staying aware, attentive because as
a woman that’s just what we have to do. We just wrapped up dumpster diving here
in Portland, if you enjoyed today’s video be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe. If you want to see more about Renee you can find her at Dirtbag Yoga on Facebook,
linked up down below. Yeah come take one of my classes on the road, or dumpster diving or
go climbing. Peace.

100 thoughts on “Rock Climber Lives in a SUV in order to Travel Solo and Eats for Free

  1. I think this is awesome and very resourceful. but I don't think this is a good idea, 99%of the time the worst that can happen is a sick tummy, but the idea of not knowing the full story behind why its been dumped seems risky, theres a fair chance one day you swallow something that could give you a disease or make you choke and die.

  2. It's a weird world man. It's hard to say if she is crazy as hell or sharp as a tac. It's her choice, so be it. Staying alive is not easy.

  3. People giving her shit for her lifestyle are probably miserable & jealous that she lives more freely & is able to do the things she loves far more than they can, although they'll never admit it.

  4. Used last pass and someone stole my identity took all my money and now I sleep in this old van down by the river.

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  6. Love a strong woman. They told me at the grocery store if one egg in the carton is cracked it's all thrown out, crazy, tip of the iceberg. Stay safe!☕️

  7. Where are you dumpster diving that you are finding brand new pre packaged salads and food that look like they just been put there?

  8. I used to dumpster dive at apartment complexes and neighborhoods. I found a ton of brand new clothing, backpacks, bags, brand new furniture, blankets, toys, etc

  9. This is funny because actually I don't have money to buy for eating. And I can't tell anybody because I am ''popular'' and I take care of my Mom and some stuff. I swear if I could, I would do this. Unfortunately I am not a IDGAF member.

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  12. I used to work at a bakery and it was sould destroying throwing out all the perfectly good food. It was policy that it had 2 b thrown rather than let us take it home or give it out openly to the homeless. As soon as i was allowed to lock up and be last out, without a manager i'd let everyone take stuff home, as long as i could trust them to be discreet. I'd also make sure that all the choicest stuff was well wrapped and placed on top of our bin out the back. The homeless knew not to ask at the front door after all the knockbacks they'd had from management but hopefully they knew well enough to check that bin, the second our doors locked.

  13. For me , the dumpster diving is peripheral – the mere fact you saved by buying second hand etc, then lived out of your small van without too much space, and climb a lot says it all. Lots of weekend climbers dont take the leap. Lots of people semi-enslaved by "career" or mortgage, or bad marriage… Ive done some of this lifestyle, backcountry nordic skiing, sea kayaking, hiking, climbing. one of the keys is to live simply and avoid overspending.

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  16. Be free and don't buy into what society tells us will make us "happy." We are the only one who can determine that and sometimes it resides in the most unlikely places.

  17. I'll save you a dive into a dumpster Find out what time they close and head in 15 mins beofre hand and simply ask them for the food I use to get my food out on the road from coffee trucks on the last part of the route

  18. Gorgeous young woman with a gorgeous little Honda SUV living a gorgeously free exciting, adventure filled life 🙂 quite the catch 🙂

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  28. Society wasting food is certainly an issue that can be addressed.. But that is totally separate from the issue of dumpster diving. Scrounging for food out of dumpsters and other trash receptacles is asking for trouble. Dumpsters are a breeding ground for bacteria and other toxins. Visually examining the food along with the "smell test", is hardly foolproof. If they were, we wouldn't need the FDA. Foraging for food among other trash should only be done as an ultimate means of survival. Doing so simply to make a social statement is idiotic and dangerous!

  29. My grandfather used to stumper dive. I used to go with him. I used to eat the food until I found worms in my candy bar I no longer eat nestle crunch because of it and I won't eat from the dumpster either but I did have did growing in containers and a community garden until I get my land. When I get ready to do my tiny house and camper van I'm going to own land first because I refuse to be riding around without somewhere to have permanent residents to park my stuff and grow food. She can visit Community Gardens and get free food from there in different cities rather then dumpster diving.

  30. I work at chipotle and we toss out pounds of rice and meat every night. We aren’t even allowed to take it to homeless people or take it home because of fear of lawsuits. If you are at chipotle and it’s late order the steak or Asada. We can save the chicken for the next day.

  31. I am a hybrid wannabe dirt bag car glamper. So sick of SF traffic so now I have to stay in my SUV once or twice a week. I am more happy. More rested. And I have so much more time in the mornings. My commute is 15 minutes versus 90 minutes. I am saving gas and the environment. I also get more workouts because I use the gym and do my showers there before calling it a night. As I do this and discover the places best for car glamping I am seeing more and more RVs and SUVS like this. Economic inequality is at an all time high. I can make 60k or more a year and still I am one accident away from being totally broke. I am still barely living month to month. I consider this a life hack and a chest code in the video game of life.

  32. Reality….. better not to criticize somebody about the way their live they life. It’s their life anyway. I’m here for curiosity. Actually it’s fun to watch, they’re happy, enjoying their life in their own everyday activities.

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