100 thoughts on “Rocket League® – Radical Summer Trailer

  1. Literally your best trailer yet Psyonix! I literally just started playing Rocket League again as well – what perfect timing!

  2. They had me with Ecto-1 and sealed the deal with Stay Puft. I'm a 90's kid and that ending was just amazing and nostalgic lol.

  3. Arg arg arg spongebob me boi let’s change our logo to show support for the lgbt community to get loads of mone- I mean customers

  4. Okay. That was awesome. Kit and Ecto-1 and Stay Puft! Did I see some Karate Kid posters in there too?!

  5. Am I the only on noticing all the wwe references? Like ultimate warrior at the beginning of the video and the old wwe logo on the tv

  6. Aww man, I was hoping for Octane to make it to smash. But then I saw what Xbox did.


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