Rocky Filming Locations Tour

Rocky Filming Locations Tour

A lot closed we go in soon. We don’t care You know where that girl smoking That’s Rocky’s house right there Little then you have thought is it? Yeah? I guess Rocky’s house, buddy Isn’t this corner with Frank Stallone. Yeah, take you back and off I Think so right up there is where he was waiting for guys over Tommy But I know that fridge up there is where the bar is and This is the alleyway were here that he came out of and rocky – The building was torn down and rocky – and he came out of that alley right there So came right here and drove and dropped him off right here, would you tell me? The cars were parked here As the original bar read on this corner right here. This is where he walked free here and the bar open he? Is like right here? This is a bar that’s not open either though, but that’s the one they used Right here, I didn’t look like the house from the movie That little space right there must be where the turkey Jim’s right here, buddy Oh, yeah, there. It is see it It’s Jim That’s the pet shop right there This box buckskin and there’s that Mara was there he did the bull very here in the beginning, but he walked by the pet shop Adrienne’s pet shop the fire hydrant indicates. It’s the right spot Knicks gym And that the rocky 5 fight over there 21:46 that’s what the address you can look that off Right headshot right they’re not there anymore though. That would be the sign. I think the signs still behind their fatigues. They covered it up He threw there somewhere there was an alley there one time I don’t know and they think smash to the gate Real light there get crushed by a car All new get a better picture rate when you get past this building Fair buddy they chose to film All the way down here for little Marines. They get out of the hospital Yeah, I said bring yours and walking around back here for a hospital All right, this is little Murray’s house in the first rocky a couple punches, right? I could be it Right here you think this is the pull or that one where he like 19 that it was right there right yeah? He walked straight from her house Over here this was different back then but this looks pretty old and this church is old, so I would say he walked this way There must have been like a that probably might be I’m gonna be to pull right there Now we’re gonna walk the pack and a little marine rocky walked and probably cut through here you can do This down here has to be the atomic of hoagie shop. I think it was right here. This is it right here I think so yeah, this probably is it you don’t like anything like it but This is a tomahawk shot where a little Marie was and they walked down there Mm-hmm if you watch the movie this building looks exactly the same Let’s do the walk There and then they walk and in little Marie walks with you They pick this spot weird spot in it. I guess oh Yeah All right, this is the building right here that can fell. These are probably original I bet they’re in the building if you really look close, and then they’ll turn here turn here now I would say this is original to Their point of view I guess you could say how they walked home Now especially in the movie they make it seem like it’s so close, but really we need to drive like half our Little Marie’s house Pull that says no parking. I’ll bet that’s the Pope All right, that’s it right there car dealership and rocky to find their Starbucks And this is the Trini runs down here No now we’re going to the rocky 5 school, or you fights the bully Looks exactly kind of like it, but the gate. You know I wondered they stopped the whole all right And look they patched it right here was the hole, and they patched it look they didn’t replace the whole gate. They patched the gate Yeah, okay. This is like almost the exact likes angle of the school right here and this So yeah fights like in this era. Yeah, I wonder if anyone goes in that school and mentions rock to five I’m sure they know it Do they know they’re going into small rock see five. I’m sure to do I would But they don’t care There’s where they eat okay? And right there used to be a graveyard that’s pretty cool. I guess I Now right here, we’re coming up on the Italian market this might have been the section One thing to say You threw him in orange, and that’s fun I would say that happened somewhere around Here or up here Did bring here before they throw me or three here. Oh yeah through the oil right there. That’s the spot But yeah there they are the orange The top part is the clean part The middle part, they’re working on and the bottom part is the way it was when rocky ran through a suit on it It’s an old schoolhouse right here. He just shot that in Rocky 5 See that building right there. It’s most famous building in all of America, but nobody knows it Hey, it’s a UFO That closed we go into We don’t See them statues up there yeah when those statues were put there whatever this was built in the late 18-hundreds They ran out of money, and there’s a cap here a cap there cap there cap on the back a captive Eight caps that’s the only one that got done and it ran out of money And they were always gonna come back and do these other ones when they got the money to do it there was nobody that knew how to Do that kind of work anymore all the guys I did that were dead? So he never got it done. Well. This is it

39 thoughts on “Rocky Filming Locations Tour

  1. You got some stuff wrong homeslice….the bridge where you say rocky was waitng for gazzo is a bridge for the el.(elavated train) public transportation. no cars or people.the bridge you point to after that is the location of the scene.but not the bridge.the old bridge was replaced by that one in the late 70's.
    Next. "the old school house" on broad st is the union league.a privet club for big shots.opened in 1862 as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln.i grew up in Kensington.its like the back of my hand buddy.great video. Love Philadelphia forever.

  2. Nice work guys. It's really awesome you two took the time to make a video of possibly the greatest film of all time. You both remind me of my son and myself! ??

  3. Hey Enzo, this was awesome, enjoyed it, thanks man! One question I'd be grateful for you to answer – I've heard the Kensington area of Phili maybe isn't the nicest and that you really have to have your wits about you. I'm going to make the trip from England and I want to take a look around all the locations, especially his street and the gym – will be first thing in the morning, say 7 – 8am. You think it's OK for a bloke on his own to be wandering around these streets, is it safe? Thanks man.

  4. It's sad to see how Philly has turned out trash all over the street people homeless it's just sad that place should be a place to visit I grew up on rocky and Rambo and love the memories dearly but seen the Philly looking so rundown like that makes me really sad in the heart that place should be fixed up steaz dup and it should be a place for everyone to come too for Hey rocky Balboa experience come on Philly get your s*** together and straighten that place up

  5. Great job! Me and my cousins visited a bunch of the sites in ‘07, before google maps (used mapquest). The pet shop building was there but boarded up. We went at night and was prettyyy dodgy…

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