Roman Holiday (4/10) Movie CLIP – I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye (1953) HD

Paramount news brings youA special coverageOf princess ann’s
london visit,The first stop on her
much-publicized goodwill tourOf european capitals.She gets a royal welcome
from the british,As thousands cheer
the gracious young memberOf one of europe’s
oldest ruling families.After three days
of continuous activityAnd a visit
to buckingham palace,Ann flew to amsterdam,Where her royal highness
dedicatedThe new international
aid buildingAnd christened
an ocean liner,Then went to paris,Where she attended many
official functionsDesigned to cement
trade relationsBetween her countryAnd the western
european nations.And so to rome,
the eternal city,Where the princess’s visit
was markedBy a spectacular
military paradeHighlighted by the bandOf the crack
bersagliereregiment.♪ [fast March]The smiling princess
showed no sign of the strainOf the week’s
public appearances.And at her country’s
embassy that evening,A formal reception and ball
in her honorWas given by her country’s
ambassador to Italy.[fanfare]La sua altezza reale–Her royal highness.

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