Roman Holiday (9/10) Movie CLIP – Vespa Ride (1953) HD

Roman Holiday (9/10) Movie CLIP – Vespa Ride (1953) HD

Aah! Hey!
Come back here! Aah ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Aah! Ha ha ha! No, no.
I can do it. [horn honks] [blows whistle] Aah! [whistles blowing] [siren]

81 thoughts on “Roman Holiday (9/10) Movie CLIP – Vespa Ride (1953) HD

  1. these small cars let me think about some current Chinese farmers also made and they love mini ideas to save energy. 🙂 looks like these cars. 🙂

  2. I learnt to ride on my uncle's 1970 Vespa 150, and currently ride a Bajaj Chetak 150. Rode that Vespa for 12 years and have been riding my 1996 Bajaj since then. Sweetest, simplest, most reliable single ever! I should know – have toured as far as 1675 km on her. Puncture? spare wheel on in 10 minutes!
    But I would give 5 years of my life to relive my first experience of piloting a Vespa – from my wheelie take-off to that entire kilometre in first gear!

  3. At 0:02 we could see a crowd gathered a short distance away to watch the filming, with many passersby clearly recognizing Gregory Peck.  I wonder why the director didn't set up the cameras to avoid showing that crowd at the end of the street.  

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