Rome Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Rome Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Rome rises from the Lazio region in the central west of Italy cradled between the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian sea the city of Seven Hills he’s on to almost 3 million people [Music] according to legend Rome was founded by twin brothers Romulus and Remus 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and it was here on Palatine Hill that the foundations for the city were laid a city that will soon become caput Mundi the capital of the world [Music] below the birthplace of Rome lays the Roman Forum the Foro Romano filled with temples monuments and markets the forum was the center of public life in ancient Rome and the most celebrated meeting place in the world when the Roman Empire fell in the fifth century the forum was reduced to a cow pasture ah de elecciones but the eight columns of the temple of Saturn and the arch of septimius refused to crumble in the 17th century young Europeans travelers came to Rome searching for the roots of Western civilization this hunger for Rome’s antiquities led to their preservation and still the travelers came from all corners of the globe surviving earthquakes and centuries of Stone thieves the colossal remains the most enduring symbol of ancient Rome across four centuries tens of thousand Clady ators slaves and Christians died in a place of glory or martyrdom on the nearby arch of Constantine an inscription bears the words inspired by the divine the Pantheon was a place to worship all the gods from Juno the god of fertility to Mars the God of War step beneath the dome central oculus and stand in the same divine light that has bathed Emperor’s gladiators merchants and travelers for almost two millennia once a Stadium today Piazza Navona is one of Europe’s great squares the thundering crowds and chariots have long faded replaced by a trio of fountains Baroque architectures artists and the aroma of Rome’s best coffee no Roman holiday is complete without making a wish at the Trevi Fountain toss one coin into the Trevi and one day you will return to Rome toss two coins and you will fall in love with the Roman if you’re not looking for love relax on the steps with a gelato Rome is a city of elegant bridges to Ponte Santangelo was built by the Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century as part of the grand entranceway to his mausoleum woman Rome may no longer be the capital of the world but it has long been the center of Christianity today modern pilgrims continue to cross the river guided by the bridges angel as they make their way to one of the world’s great squares Piazza San Pietro st. Peter’s Square and here stands the world’s largest Church st. Peter’s Basilica filled with masterpieces by Bernini Giotto and Raphael Saint Peter’s crowning glory is air dome designed by the brightest star of the Renaissance Michelangelo from the dome looked down upon the holy square where two colonnades reach out like open arms welcoming the faithful who gather in their thousands receive blessing from the Pope as the sun sets on rome head to the island sanctuary of isola tiberina let the russian workers of the river Tiber soothe your senses and enjoy traditional Roman recipes that have been perfected by generations of Italian grandmothers this is just an appetizer an aperitivo of what awaits in the Eternal City to really taste all of Rome’s treasures can take a lifetime but be worth it only takes a moment for Rome to forever conquer your heart [Music]

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  1. Cities built long before cars had ever been thought of have narrow streets and many buildings closer together because back then, walking and riding quadrupeds (probably usually horses) were the only modes of transportation anyone could seriously be aware of. Nobody really assumed he or she ever had to leave his or her neighborhood for anything or that a narrow street would be dangerous for anything. Cars and their needs couldn’t be foreshadowed just like whatever has had to do with my autism (like my feeling somewhat discriminated about having a longer way to go to elementary school or feeling disappointed about not knowing anybody when it was time for me to start middle school).

  2. The Greeks say they were not from Italy, because there were not Italian. They were from Egypt, Persia to Greece to Italy than across Europe.
    Europe has many colors and faces…Europe made the world we live in today.

  3. I love Italy in particular and Europe in general so much! I will visit Italy and Europe in the future! ❤🇮🇹

  4. Rome is an incredible city.I believe that you can make great videos about Bucharest,Timişoara,Iaşi,Braşov,Sibiu,Constanţa,Oradea,Lodz,Napoli,Bologna,Sevilla,Porto,Lille,Marseille,Nisa,Leeds,Dresda etc.

  5. Hi! I'm a italian girl and i live in Rome. Is the city more beatiful of Italy, but also Milano,Napoli, Firenze and Venezia do not joke.

  6. The energy in Rome is just incredible. You can actually feel the history that went on there. It’s just a special special place!!

  7. Rome has had so much influence it is unbelievable! Apart from Catholicism, art and musical styles, the Latin language that used to be spoken there now has over 800 million native speakers in the form of its descendant languages. From Manila to Montreal, Mexico City to Paris, Rome's cultural influence can be felt. It is the warm culture that people have come to associate with family, food and faith.

  8. Qualcuno sarà mai responsabile dei crimini degli italiani verso i serbi? 1999 da Avian volarono i primi aerei nel mio paese di Serbia dove uccisero centinaia di donne e bambini serbi! Gli italiani sanno se si sentono in colpa se stanno dormendo pacificamente!
    Sapete che nel 1942, quando gli ustascia, i musulmani ei croati, la cosiddetta legione nera cominciò a pulire la Bosnia orientale dal popolo serbo, da Sarajevo alla Drina, così che le donne e i bambini italiani non consentirono a migliaia di soldati italiani di attraversare il ponte verso l'alta quota. chi pagava oro e bestiame, rimaneva accanto al fiume il sonno da ubriaco e tutti erano dati a donne e bambini, 6.000 ragazze battevano le mani per 5-6 e saltarono nel fiume in modo che non si ammalassero agli ustascia e furono violentati anche se erano i non nuotatori si sono arresi.

  9. St Peters Basilica is so beautiful. But it's kinda sad how poor people got scammed by the church to build this. (Purgatory)

  10. Rome is the most beautiful city in the world 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹……….Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  11. wow i love this city . it is the old city in the world. the Coliuseum is amazing thing it is so beautifull . i want to see bridge Vonte sangelo. i also want to se sent piter bazilika. this streets so beautiful to.

  12. Oh my god!!
    this is very amazing this is very big and beautiful city I like it very much because here is lots of old buildings and things also I like here center where is fountain .I love this city very very much and I want to go here

  13. roma is beautiful.very good city .very large and beautiful. l would like to travel in rome for a sammer trip .l wonder what kind of money is needed to go to rome?😂😉❤❤

  14. Rome is very beautiful and interesting city for me ❤ when Rome discovered twins in First city was very large and interesting for everything ❤ next develop in the Rome appeared meny interesting sculptures and interesting places❤ I know too 1 bro died because second bro be city's administer ❤ well in Rome is very much sight )) different older history have everything ❤ I enjoying visit in Rome ❤

  15. As a Roman Catholic, I love Rome so much 😍 and always dreaming of make a pilgrim there! 😇🙏

  16. Excellent video. I've watched about 6 of these in a row and I see the thousands of likes and the hundreds of dislikes. What's the matter with the dislikers? What do you want? These are great videos. Do you dislike just to be mean? I don't get it.

  17. The city that you can visit and visit and you will never get bored about it.Greetings from Spain,your latin brother!!

  18. Hey guys ..we have made a video related to Venice and we would really appreciate if you would give it a look lots of love ❤️

  19. The most beautiful city in the world, pride Italian in the heart, light of Italy and greatest centre for the art and culture in the world.

  20. I visited Rome back in 2013 and I wanted to move there haha it’s such a beautiful city with the most beautiful ancient architecture.. it’s literally a living museum and the food tastes so fresh. I threw a coin into the Trevi fountain and still planning on returning one day <3

  21. We have visited Rome several times, a romantic blend of culture and history, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We still want to return there because we did discover something new every time.

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