Ron & Jen’s Rocky Relationship | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Ron & Jen’s Rocky Relationship | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Pauly] Yo look at that storm coming. – [Ron] There’s a storm a brewing. My life has been pretty
crazy since The Shore. You know, I live in Vegas, I have a girlfriend, Jen. I’m a soon to be dad, it seems. I’m definitely grown up,
I’m definitely an adult. As much as I make mistakes or I might of strayed
or do the wrong thing I always try to do the right thing. – For the rest of the trip–
– I’m scared. – For the rest of this vacation, you shall address me by My Government. – Incarceration? – [All] Oh! – [Pauly] Oh, damn. – I like you! – [Deena] Welcome to the family. – [Jenny] Welcome to the family girl. – I wish I could get in the jacuzzi. – What? – I wish I could get in the jacuzzi. It sounds so good.
– It’s too hot, right? – Has it even been used yet? – Huh? – [Jen] Has anybody got in it yet? – What? – The jacuzzi? – Uh, just the first night when
all those people came back. All those girls or whatever. Vin offering out the jacuzzi services. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Were you in there? – Who the hell that?
– Who the hell that? – Maybe housekeeping hasn’t come yet. – Angeliners?
– Shut up! – [Mike] Oh that’s true. – [Vinny] Hey! – Awkward. Holy, it’s Jen. What the hell is Jen doing here? – Ron is not here. – I’m scared, hide me. Get up. – Do you guys know what
happened last night? – We don’t know what
happened, but we saw– – [All] Hello. – He’s not here right now? – [Mike] No, he’s not. – Ronnie’s our brother
at the end of the day, and we’re looking out for
him because she looks mad. So, we’re just like, “I don’t know. “He was just here a minute
ago, he must’ve stepped out.” – Last night, he was on a rampage, texting me every name in the book. – Well, he was saying
that you blocked him, he couldn’t see the baby,
that’s why he was going crazy. – I blocked him because
he text me over 300 times how I’m a whore, I’m a slut, I’m a bitch. I didn’t even read it all, it’s just text, text, text,
text, text, text, text. – But we also don’t know if
you’re like triggering him, and you’re pushing buttons. – Where’s the baby right now, too? – She’s with my friend. – Okay. This girl, Jen, leaves a brand new baby to come out and probably get into a fight. That only shows me how
crazy this girl actually is. – Ron met his match with Jen. No matter how hard Ron tries to clap, Jen claps back 10 times fold. – Ron, you’re texting me
I’m a whore, I’m a liar, I’m a (mumbles). – Cool down, Jen, calm down. – [Jen] No, I’m not gonna calm down. – Sit down so I can talk to you. – No. – So, after we were supposed
to hang out last night, you blocked me. – [Jen] I don’t want to
hear your whole story. You text me at 1:30 slut, whore, liar,
cheater, bitch, all this. – Right now, Jen’s freaking out. – You’re calling me a whore? – Screaming, yelling, the same
thing that always happens. It’s gonna be chaos. You are driving me crazy. – How?
– You keep holding my kid over me! – Because I blocked you, how?
– All the time. – She’s home, bro. – Every time.
– She’s home. – All you do is use that kid as a– – You’re a psychopath. You’re a loser. You’re a piece of. You’re a piece of. – [Security] Whoa, okay, okay. – You’re calling me a whore, what the? – Ronnie is crying right now. Something must be going on that
you’re not telling us about. – I’m going through hell with her. Every move I make, I’m scared
that my child’s gonna be gone. – He’s finally started opening up to us and we see all the demons coming out. – I have nothing to go home to. – You got a crazy bitch pregnant. She’s gonna always win,
until you become a man. – When she says, “I’ll take your kid.” She takes my kid! You don’t get that. Like, it’s at a point
where I gotta go like this to see my kid. – It blows my mind that
Ron doesn’t understand that he has options. He can file the proper
protocol and legal steps, and then let Jen up. – I think he doesn’t want
to take the final step and actually really go
through the legal process because he doesn’t want his daughter to grow up in a single household. – There’s nothing wrong with
being in a single household. – The only one that’s gonna
lose in the next couple of weeks is the baby, okay? In my mind, the baby’s gonna lose. – She’s gonna lose if
you guys stay together that’s how she’s gonna lose. Are you scared? Like, do you love Jen? – I think he just doesn’t
want to lose the kid. – Fathers get chances. – No they don’t. – She has a record. You have a better chance. – [Jen] Hello? – [Ron] Hi. I’m leaving Ariana with my mom right now to go see the roommates. – Have fun. – See ya’ll later. – And I just want them to see
Jen the way that I see Jen. – See you later alligators. Have a great time. – They’ll see the person
that I fell in love with. The person that’s funny,
likes to have a good time, and I love her, and I want
everyone to see why I love her, and why I fell in love with her. – Yo, so who’s gonna say something to Jen right away, anybody? – No way. – I’m scared.
(laughs) – [Deena] You guys. – Somebody gotta call her out though. – They’re coming. – [Jenny] They’re here, they’re here. – Uh-oh, uh-oh.
– Oh my God. – Take off your seatbelts,
Jen’s coming to dinner. – I don’t know what to do with my hands. – Oh there they all are. (party horn) – Hi.
– Oh my God, hi. – Hey girl. – I think we’re all
getting a little nervous. I need like four more wines, two shots, a Xanax, and I need to go
find a hole to crawl in. Your mugshot, you look hot. – Oh my God. – Yo, that is the most gangster mugshot. – So gangster. – There goes Jenny. – Awkward.
(police siren effect) – Nobody was talkin’. It was awkward, felt the need to just let’s make a joke, guys. – Now they’re calling
me The Incarceration. – Oh. – They’re like “Who’s
the Incarceration now?” and I’m like damn! – Karma, karma. – I apologize. I know everything sounds
so psycho and crazy. – We want the best for
you guys, both you guys. We want Ronnie to be happy. – When Jen apologized to everyone, I feel like it shows character. She loves me and respects me enough to know that these people will be a part of our lives forever
and you have to respect them. – On that note, I say we have a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Taters
and the future and family. – Salud.
– Happy Birthday! – [Pauly] Oh yeah.

100 thoughts on “Ron & Jen’s Rocky Relationship | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. Idk but could Jen be jealous of Ron's success on the show… maybe that's why she fights ron…for him to get her a appearance on the show??? Instead of her being like a real woman and taking care of that baby she was fighting Ron trying to take his spot

  2. Very toxic relationship with a baby in the middle smh… Ron cannot handle Jen at all. This could end tragic if they don't leave each other or if they don't come to their senses!!!

  3. Guys that hook up with a lot of girls always marry an ugly one that is far from cool. Prime example…..ron……brad pit…..ashton kutcher… Clooney

  4. Mike stay away from the plastic surgeons for a few years.. your looking puffy shiny and crazy. Age gracefully! filler and Botox is for the 🐦!! Instead of looking younger, you draw more attention to your face… and not in a good way..😬🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Whoa, everyone needs to quit with the fillers and botox and whatever. Yikes. Too young to even be getting that stuff.

  6. the moment u spit on me, ur fuckin dead to me idc who you are. i cant have that type of negativity in my life or around my child. im feeling for Baby Ariana more than anything 💔😭

  7. Ronnie is the only one that actually cares about the baby. This chick is beyond crazy and like they said he finally met his match. Leave that hoe at the shale junt where she belongs

  8. Some women really push you to the he got charge should have walk away from that toxic relationship

  9. And now he’s in jail for assaulting Jen and kidnapping his child. Why would you go back to what breaks you time after time!

  10. Ronnie with her because she fine I am going threw the same thing, best looking women in the world are the craziest

  11. I want to yell yes ronnie men have the chance…. my son has his little girl and her mom is a good person not bad. And is in the army. My son is airforce and they are both under 21. And he won it took alot of $$ and a jury trial. No bs. He won has full control. So plz times are changing. Young moms are not always right for the child. Plz keep fighting for you're baby.. not for the mother of you're child.. and I once told my son their is a difference between a baby momma and the mother of you're child. The momma only used the child to get to the man. A mother looks out for the best for the child and doesn't put the child in the middle.. I hope this helps

  12. Dads need to remember they have rights and options. And if you grow up and be a man you’ll get those rights. Some dads be using that as an excuse to get out of he responsibility of a parent. The process may be hard but a mother CANNOT keep a father from his children.

  13. Ron you’re the common denominator with Sam & jen . You need to change !! There’s a reason why all your relationships are toxic

  14. She always looks dirty. Her Frankenstein forehead and her fat stumpy legs and her trash mouth. She is just nasty. If she put as much effort into her 2 kids as she does in fighting with Ronnie she wouldn't be in trouble 'll the time where is her 10 year old all the time??

  15. He can dish it but he can’t take it -pauly d I don’t know how he has changed but when he got mad at Jenni on the first season he went back to his old ways. Nothing’s changed

  16. Oh Ronnie, grow up and act like an adult. Soft @ss. Juicing makes you do crazy things and I do believe Ronnie has a record also from what JWOW was saying

  17. No difference than when Ron was dating Sammi. Just shows 7 years later, this guy is the problem. He’s been the issue since day 1 with his dating situations, and he still does not realize it. 🥴🥴🥴

  18. Jen should've been arrested for spitting on Ron, how disgusting of her to do that. A real woman would've known how to act in that situation. How degrading for Ron🤦‍♀️🤷

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