100 thoughts on “‘Room 88’ | Time Travel Short Film

  1. "Time exists so that everything doesn't all happen at once"

    Perhaps that's what the Big Bang was all about. Before then, time didn't exist. Everything (inside the anomaly) was all happening at once. Then time was created, and grew rapidly, which allowed various things to exist somewhere along the timeline in much the same way as they exist along the lines of other dimensions in 3D space.

    Maybe space isn't expanding, but TIME is expanding.

  2. Other than the expected overacting by the young actors, considering it is a sci-fi story, accomplished with zero budget, it was very good!

  3. I think Tesla was time traveling already. The model of the camera Mr. Debogrosky was holding wasn't made until after Tesla died. Even if it wasn't, the company only started making cameras when Tesla was in his 70s and I'm sure 70 year old Tesla didn't look like that.

    It's either a hidden Easter egg or something unintentional that worked nicely since this theory has already been confirmed in the comments 😜

    Also, Mr. Debogrosky was a photonerd, cuz those camera were expensive.

  4. That's odd, the answer I got out of this is that HE should be the only time traveler , and continue this message with the next person at the end of his life, and so on.
    Anyway I bid you all adieu, I'm going to better times.

  5. The real time travel problem is this. All the atoms that make you used to to be in something else. If you go back in time then those atoms either have to be in you or in the things they used to be in then. Since atoms cannot be in two places at once (probably), time travel (in person) cannot happen. QED.

  6. That was awesome! Well done! Good storyline and cinematic shots along with lighting. I really enjoyed it!
    I want to see a sequel ! Lol! I want to see what happens to Mr.Debogorsky!

  7. Ok. I watched a vid that had time travel involved. The guy went into a triangle shape hole ina bathroom. When he came out it was in the past. What movie is that.

  8. Think about it. The moment interactive time travel is invented – the world would be changed such that time travel was never invented. Therefore – there cannot be time travel. There can be no other outcome.

  9. I am a time traveler. I went in past when they were crucifying jesus of nazerath. I had a chat with princess diana the morning she was shot. I saw the giant dinosaurs walk the earth. I heard hitler discussing his plans to attack Poland. Wanna know more?

  10. I think it is funny that so many people are hung up on historical details in the comments section. Star Wars was a science fiction too, just like this short film. I liked it.

  11. Brilliant, I should do a video on the 3 types of time machine. The first would be the high frequency Tesla model A followed by the 20th century version and then my favourite time machine from the future … the Giant Pad …some ET's love that one. Hahaha. This video is inspirational. Hahaha.

  12. Very good .You all done a really good job making this & for so little money on top of that is even the more better .Please make more & I tried to sub ya but YouTube won't let me sorry .

  13. We are all time traveler's. You were an infant, now ur twenty, thirty etc
    There is no such thing as growth. We humans are manipulated by aliens that tweek us at night. Proof, when you were a kid in summer vacation, it lasted for years . Then when you were older time was manipulated, vacation got short. You can now think what a short time it was from April. The summer was a short while ago. And you remember clearly last Christmas, ( Chanukah ) Grow is the illusion, not time.

  14. This is a meth addicts alagory for what happens within the gangstalking phenomenon.
    Tesla is the collective from nibiru and there method of quickening.
    Be careful what you wish for..

  15. Who would have guessed that an old fashioned Jacob’s Ladder, the quintessential mad scientist gadget, would be the key to time travel!

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