7 thoughts on “Roots Picnic Gets Off To Rocky Start, But Draws Its Biggest Crowd Yet

  1. Why do they need to check bags? The Italian festival has been active for years; the presence of a gun is unheard of… I'm just going to leave that there.

  2. No one: "……………….."

    Yacubians: "This woulda never happened at "our" events" [then remembers] Oct 1st, 2017. Man kills 58 people and wounds 42 others at country music concert. "Fuq" ? [then remembers] just the day before the Roots Picnic, mass shooting at VA beach which left 12 dead……

    Yacubians: "Well yeah but……." blah blah blah faq'n blah.
    *Stop comparing evils and be grateful you weren't affected by any of this!*

  3. STOP THE LIES! WAY more than 5 people were hurt and I am one of them!!! A LOT of people got hurt and the organizers didn't even acknowledge what happened, did not explain it, did not offer any apology or anything along those lines!!!!

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