Rotorua Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Rotorua Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Rotorua is an ancient place, 50 miles from the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s
north island. The region sits on a massive volcanic fault
line, and seismic forces have forged a spectacular
landscape, right on the doorstep of this charming city. Today, those same forces continue to provide
dramatic displays of the earth’s power, making it a magnet for thrill seekers and
nature lovers from all over the world. Rotorua is one of the earth’s most ancient
adventure playgrounds. A playground, in which high adrenaline adventures take place amongst volcanic mountains and
rivers. Where hot mud bubbles, and steam rises from
cracks in the earth. And where the Te Arawa people co-exist with
the landscape, as they have for more than 600 years. Just a five-minute walk from the centre of
town is Whakarewarewa a living village that has around 500 hot pools
and active geysers. At the Te Puia Cultural Centre, learn more about Maori traditions such as
carving and tattooing, or taste buttery sweetcorn pulled straight
from the hot mineral pool. To experience a dramatic chapter in the region’s
history, visit Te Wairoa, the Buried Village, just
a short drive out of town. In 1886 Mt Tarawera erupted, engulfing several villages and entombing more
than 150 people. Today many of those houses and buildings have
been excavated and the surviving artefacts stand as a humbling
reminder of the power of nature and a fascinating window into the past. Just south of Te Wairoa is the Waimangu Volcanic
Valley. Head to one of the lookouts to see the breathtaking landscape created by that devastating
eruption. But from that devastation came new life, fed by the pure, primordial waters of springs
like those at Hamurana, the deepest on the North Island. Although this crystal clear stream looks peaceful, at its source it releases an astonishing 1,000,000
gallons every hour. Follow the spring as it turns into a stream and flows through a redwood forest before
joining Lake Rotorua. But to really feel the awesome power of nature…….. jump into it. Shoot the grade 5 rapids though the spectacular
gorges of Kaituna River or take a ride on a high-speed jet boat for
high octane thrills. For a change of pace, take a duck tour, rent a motor boat or enjoy a quiet paddle
on Lake Rotoiti. Visit Rainbow Springs to learn about one of
the country’s most successful kiwi conservation centres
or enjoy one of the hugely popular farm shows
at the Agrodome. Back in town, take a gondola ride up Mount
Ngongotaha for views out over the lake. But for the very best views of all, take a helicopter ride over this geothermal
wonderland. At the end of a day spent exploring nature’s
playground, soothe your weary limbs and rejuvenate the
spirit in Rotorua’s healing waters. Waters that have travelled from deep within
the earth, to meet travellers from all over the world,
for centuries.

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  1. At Arrow Tours we have the privilege of sharing these amazing sights with visitors to the Bay Of Plenty region every day of the year

  2. Half my family live there so almost every year we go to Rotoroua, and the best part is we don't need a hotel – we go and stay in one of my relative's houses! 😃

  3. I feel the narrator is a polite man but has a very short fuse and might grab me by the hair and eject me from his property.

  4. Watch out for all the Maoris and Pacific islanders ( coconuts) that don't work for a living but rather make a living our of committing crime
    You will be lucky if you see an actual New Zealander , the place has been over run by Indians and Chinese, running Uber taxis, takeaways.
    Don't forget if you are a freedom camper , to shit everywhere and treat nothing with respect and of course driving on the wrong side of the road is mandatory if you are a tourist
    The only sheep you are likely to see are the few actual New Zealanders working their guts out paying tax to support all the losers that sponge off the great never ending beneficiary system

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