RT Shorts – Stage 5 Facility Tour

Hello! I’m Burnie Burns, founder and creative director of Rooster Teeth Productions. Since your last visit we moved into this state-of-the-art facility: Stage 5 in Austin, Texas We’ve also taken steps to make sure that we have a less abusive workplace. [forced fake laughter] Okay! You look like you want to take a tour. Join me, won’t you? Oh there you are! And this is our broadcast area where we make The Know, using our green screen which we also use to make visual effects. Oh hello little bird! I didn’t see you there. [bird chirping] Little bird, be quiet. They’re producing a show right now. Quiet on the set! [bird chirping] And over here we have our streaming facility. And our tech offices. And that’s where Gus and Barbara sit. It’s a wonderful facility where everyone can be produc- [muffled noise of anger] Who puts a cubicle in the middle of an office building? [off-camera] Are-are-are you good? I’m fine. Camera guy messed me up; he was going too fast. Let’s do it again. It’ll be fun. Action. And over here, we have Barbara Dunkelperson. She’s hard at work on RTX, the social event of the year. It has panels and parties and all sorts of fun events for you to attend. Last year we had over 5 million people at the convention and this year we plan to have 10 million. It’s actually 30 thousand people.
That’s incredible! You did really good. Don’t ever correct me again. Fan art wall! Conference Room! Shh! Shut up, shut up. And here’s our new motion capture facility. This is a special move I worked up just for Red vs Blue season 13. And now they’ll add that to the show, using movie magic!
[magic echos] No! I’m fine. I’m fine. You know what makes me not relax? When you say I’m not relaxed. It makes me like, so far from relaxed. I know I’m doing a good job. I know. You keep saying that I’m doing a good job and it makes me think I’m not doing a good job the way you say – I don’t know. Why are we talking about it so much? And now it’s time for everybody’s favorite Achievement Hunters: The Let’s Players. [knocking] Guys. Come on guys, open the door. [off camera] Burnie, I don’t think they’re in there. [Burnie making a rucus w/the door handle]
[off camera] Burnie, just take it – GUYS! GUYS! OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR! [off-camera] Burnie just calm down. Oh come on. Alright, that’s it.
[off camera] Did you just – oh wait – no – crap! You guys like to yell?
[off camera] Burnie! I’ll make you yell. How ’bout this? How ’bout I smoke you out of there you sons of bitches. Where the fuck’s the lighter? What’re you doing dude? Hey guys. LET ME IN THE DOOR. LET ME IN. YOU GUYS ARE IN THERE MAKING FUN OF ME! I KNOW YOU ARE! I just wanna play a game with you guys. That’s all I ever wanna do. You know, just kinda hang out. We could be friends. [sounds of a struggle] Gavin! Gavin. Come on. Come away with me, Gavin. We can run off; it’d just be me and you. Gavin, come on let’s go! Christ. There’s no WAY I’m going with him. And this is the Bungalow where we’re doing post production on our first ever feature film Harry Potter and the Incredible Laser Beam. You can see it in theaters out this summer! Somebody get his meds! If you like this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe! [cops protesting]

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