RTW PACKING | Pack carry-on only for long-term travel | Men & Women

RTW PACKING | Pack carry-on only for long-term travel | Men & Women

There is a huge pile of clothes on the floor. If you’re new to our channel, hi! I’m Allison! My husband and I make travel videos. You can see us travel the world on our YouTube
series TRIPPED using these links. How are we going to fit all of the things
we need into one carry-on backpack and a small purse or bag? As a girl, I’m talking about my clothes but
guys if you’re watching there are plenty of packing tips here as well you’ll just have
to deal with talking about crop tops and cut off shorts. So, we’re going to talk about strategy and
prioritizing your bag instead of this “this is the perfect list”, because, there is no
perfect list. Okay, if we’re talking priority, the first
thing that we’re going to talk about is the bag, right? You have to put all these things in to something. Both Tim and I took the Osprey Porter 46L. I have a whole backpack review- a great- well,
I’ll pat myself on the back- it’s a really great video if you want to check that out. I always had a second bag with me that changed
throughout the trip and that’s gonna go in the seat in front of you on the airplane. Ok so everything you see here is going to
go into that backpack or that purse. I’m so passionate about packing cubes just
like I am about the Osprey carry-on bag that I made a whole packing cubes video here. It was actually my first YouTube video, so
you can go see me being awkward over there. A quick note about these: a year, they’re
still in amazing condition. These are the compression cubes so after you
put all your clothes in there you zip it up and it kinda takes some air out of there and
gives you a little bit more space in your bag. You’ll see all that happen in the video. Tim bought the same packing cube set in his
favorite color but ended up actually envying my white ones more because the white is a
little bit clearer and you can see what’s inside which makes it a little bit easier
for unpacking or looking for an item rather than a darker color. So, keep that in mind when you’re shopping. Since Tim and I were always traveling together,
we shared certain items which is super helpful if you’re traveling with a friend. Tim carried more of our heavy tech equipment
and I carried more of our toiletries. I carried this small clear pouch and had four
(I’m missing two right now) of these little GoTubes. These are so awesome! Why aren’t more like these? Okay, these actually squeeze so when your
conditioner is stuck in the small bottle you’re not like shaking it out, you can just squeeze
it out like normal shampoo and conditioner. I had one of shampoo, one of conditioner,
one of body lotion, and one of sunscreen. And then I carried my personal toiletry kit. I’m so passionate about the toiletry kit as
well that I made another- I didn’t realize I had all these videos- another video just
about this toiletry bag. So go watch that if you’re more curious on
a full review. This is the small size (they also have a larger
size). This was plenty of space. This was a saver: it’s a small wet brush. I’ll put a link to this down below. It was like $5 on Amazon or something and
just its small size was helpful. Boys if you’re watching too, Tim actually
was borrowing that so much that he bought one for himself, so, it’s not just a girly
product. This is also awesome because it has a hook
on it, so even if you’re not buying this one look for one with a hook. We used that all the time to feel more “at
home” and more “unpacked” when we were at a hotel bathroom because we could hang it
on the towel rack and we were both using our stuff right there instead of everything all
over the bathroom sink. So we have a backpack, a bag, packing cubes,
and toiletries. Next on the list of priorities is your technology,
whatever that might be. If you’re interested the tech that we brought
that’s too much to cover in this video so check out our full tech bag video there. So let’s take a break. We haven’t started packing any clothes but,
if you pull out all your toiletries and technology and just throw it in your bag, you might say,
like, oh my god- because that stuff takes up a lot of space, so don’t end with those
after you have all your clothes, start with that (because you’re bringing it) and now
the space that’s left we have for clothes. Now think chronologically through how your
trip will play out. The first thing you’re going to do is get
on the plane. Like, alright ladies, I hear you, I feel you,
like okay we’re gonna wear some black leggings…probably! So, just, pack these. Those are coming. Guys, let’s just call that our pair or pants. Pants #1. Okay, comfy T-shirt #1. Ok, your favorite Tshirt you would pair with
leggings. Here’s a white, let’s call this shirt number
1, it’s my travel shirt. It’s basic. It’s easy to put on and it’s easy to layer
because I’m freezing on the plane- so that’s why I have my zip up hoodie. I had a black one on my actual trip but it
got so gross I ended up throwing it away. Okay? So we have outfit number1! “Comfy on the Plane”. We’re going to also wear socks. I had all merino wool socks and you can get
a lot more uses out of them than just regular cotton socks and I would just recommend merino
socks. So pop on a pair of socks and then my tennis
shoes. Runners? Jumpers? What do you guys call them? Tenni’s? Trainers! Oh my gosh, I did a video on those too. Ok, if you want to know more about the shoes
that I brought; they had Gortex and they were waterproof but they look like normal tennis
shoes. So those were the biggest pair of shoes that
I brought and I always wore those on the plane because they were heavy and I didn’t have
to put them in my bag. You’re most likely wearing – this looks pretty
stupid with a ponytail – you’re gonna wear that on the plane too so on any travel day
in our travel series you’ll always see me wearing this hat because I didn’t want to
smush it in my bag. Oh no! I just went to go get my sunglasses to show
you what I had on the exact trip and- these are broken now I suppose. Well, that speaks to my point because sunglasses
break a lot so don’t bring your designer sunglasses. There will be sunglasses where you are going. Ok so travel outfit number 1 with all of our
accessories. Think about that one thing you can wear out
and do something physical. I found the cutest travel pants ever because
these just kinda like normal pants. I got them safari green cuz this is my favorite
color. You don’t have to look like crocodile dundee
or anything, you can get them in black. These are made by Prana and they’re – (this
video is not sponsored by any of these products by the way, but I’m available if you’re watching
this and you work for one of these companies, like, what’s up?) I’m 5’11” and I need long pants. So, these come in longs, they also come in
short too ladies. I love the fact that you could customize the
length. So let’s call these my activity pants. And then I had activity shirts, let’s say. This is just a basic tshirt from H&M or something
like that. Like, a $5 tshirt. I ended up buying this abroad too I think
because what I started with just died. Just a basic outfit of pants and shirt. Another essential is something to sleep in. I had this shirt that is just super cozy,
comfy; it’s like a favorite shirt that I’ve had. You’re gonna get, like, dirty and gross out
when you’re traveling around so try to keep one thing that you’re going to sleep in that’s
yours and you don’t wear out, so for me it’s this shirt. This is my kryptonite. I love bikinis so much. This was like the one thing that was the hardest
for me, which, thank god because these are small. Girls the beauty of bikinis is that we can
just mix things together. Something to consider: a bikini top that is
like this is much smaller and easier to pack than something big and structured like this. That’s a perfect segue into talking about
everything under our clothes. I just brought one cross-back bra and then
I just brought a sports a bra. That’s what I had the whole year. So, bring your favorite one and just leave
it at that. It was easy to dress-up and the material was
like a thin- I mean, just polyester, but it looked like it could be dressed up instead
of a chunky cotton dress and I also wore it as a bathing suit cover-up. Paired with that was just a black pair of
flip flops. In Europe I had a 3rd pair of shoes and that
was the only location where I had 3 pairs of shoes with me at anytime. I just had slip-on flats that were really
small and I packed those in my bag. Girls, this is where we take the luck of the
draw. I had this small red tank top that’s silky
and then I had just a pair of shorts that I wore with it. If you watched this video this far I’m assuming
you’re interested and I’d rather provide you with the content and a longer video than just
cutting it off here and saying, like, this video is getting too long, bye. Because there’s a lot more that I valued that
I had with me. Tim and I laughed about these all the time
because on so many travel blogs they’re like “bring a piece of fabric!” and we’re like
“this is a piece of fabric!” It really is, it’s just a piece of fabric. I didn’t have this with me initially. I bought this when we first got to South East
Asia when we went to the Philippines. I don’t know, for $1 or something. I used it as a sarong, we used it as picnic
blankets, it was something warm to wear in air conditioning on the plane it became a
blanket; you really should bring a piece of fabric. Another thing that you’re just gonna buy is
the Elephant Travel Pants. These aren’t actually those. These are just printed loose-fitting pants
that I have. I did buy elephant pants in Cambodia that
I wore everyday because they’re so comfortable and lightweight and there’s just a lot of
places that you just don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts. I would hear a lot before we went on the trip
through my research “bring something to cover your shoulders for temples” “don’t wear long-”
Yes, that’s required in some of those instances and you’ll need that, but on top of all that,
just walking around the small villages and towns – like – just don’t wear shorts. You’ll feel uncomfortable and it’s not appropriate. These are a great way to be a little bit more
covered up and still be really comfortable with the hot weather. Again we went from Europe to the Middle East
to South East Asia to New Zealand. Here are the items that I had a removed during
that time. I started the trip with this green jacket. This would’ve not worked with those green
pants that I had, so make sure that everything always matches. I couldn’t be in all green. But this was great to have in Europe. And then I sent this home in Athens when we
were leaving Europe. Another strategy here is if you’re going somewhere
colder first bring a slightly worn jacket that you are okay donating or getting rid
of and use that for the duration of that trip and then just get rid of it when you’re going
somewhere warmer. And then we went to South East Asia. So there I bought tank tops locally that were
really inexpensive. A lot of times you’re just wearing lose-fitting
stuff on top of a bathing suit. So I just have this, these cotton shorts,
another small black crop tank top, slick water resistant-feeling running shorts- for a waterfall
hike or something where you want something a little more water-resistant on top of your
bathing suit that’s more athletic instead of “cute”. Ok then by the time that we had been to Europe
and South East Asia and we had been filming ourselves for so long, then I was starting
to feel like- half the time I didn’t do my makeup because it feels weird doing your makeup
in rural Vietnam on a motorbike, but watching all the play-back I’m like, ok you could have
gotten ready that day Allison. I was just kind of feeling mehhh from being
on camera all the time so then I bought some cuter stuff. Not like it’s more expensive, I just put more
thought in to what I was wearing. So this is just a cuter black top that has
cut-out sides. I finally bought a pair of jean shorts. I know that probably on every blog everywhere
it says “don’t bring jeans”- they do suck to wash, but if you aren’t moving around too
much and you’re kind of posted up in locations for a longer length of time and you’re going
to get your laundry done, then kind of no big deal. You go get your laundry done in Asia, that’s
what you do and it’s $1. But then I felt like I had more of a cute
outfit that I could put on. I was absolutely freakin freezing in New Zealand. So before we got there I bought a pullover
sweatshirt I had a long sleeve shirt on under it. Then I traveled with this puffy down vest… I always had this with me and I almost never
wore it except for New Zealand. In Northern Vietnam on our bike trip it ended
up getting so cold that I just went out and bought a Vietnamese Men’s Large Down “down”
Puffy Coat. It was like $20. So even in rural Vietnam I still found exactly
what I needed. If you’re somewhere more popular you can just
go to, most likely the same stores you’re used to shopping in anyways and if not then
there’s something there and something affordable. Other fun items that were accessories at one
point or another; were picked up and brought with. So I hope with this video and especially the
end of this video highlights is if you’re leaving on a long-term trip and you’re going
to be in multiple climates you just aren’t going to have all the same items with you
at all times. Part of the fun is shopping while you’re there
and I’m not a shopper at home but that’s part of the experience. It’s an excuse. You’re out walking around. You’re negotiating. You’re talking with locals. Bring your favorite items and then leave enough
space that you’ll be able to purchase items that you’ll need when you’re there that you
didn’t even know that you needed. And if you haven’t checked out TRIPPED yet,
that’s the star of the channel. Go check out our round the world trip on TRIPPED
here on YouTube, we’ll see you next time. And hey you All Stars, thanks for sticking
to the end of the video. Travel tip for you then: bring dryer sheets! Dryer sheets smell super fresh without being
overly fragrant and stick some in your bag and it will keep your clothes smelling good
instead of the musty hostel floor.

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