[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 346-4] | Visiting the most dangerous tourist attractions! (ENG SUB)

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 346-4] | Visiting the most dangerous tourist attractions! (ENG SUB)

(Dangerous tourist attractions) (They’ll visit the most dangerous
tourist attractions.) (Global Race) (The one who gets 3 Tour Stickers
will go on a trip.) (Who will go on the dangerous trip?) (Dangerous tourist attractions) – So Min, what did you show?
– I showed an O. How many boyfriends have you had so far? I’ve had three. – What? – Only three? – Are you sure?
– I had three serious relationships. That’s so few. In the three relationships,
how many times did you get dumped? Twice. Why has everyone become so quiet? Why are we so quiet? – Have some chicken. – By the way… It’s okay. – So Min. – Give her some water. You should eat a lot of good food. So Min, did you dump the other one? He cheated on me, and I clung to him. – Later, I dumped him. – That’s enough. (That’s enough.) Stop it now. We understand. Stop it. – Wait. – I took revenge. You said Kwang Soo is
the one who got dumped. It means that you got dumped
all three times. That’s not true. So Min is the female version of Kwang Soo. – It’s not like that.
– You and I are the same. No. He cheated on me,
and I wanted to forgive him, but he still didn’t wish to come back. The girl told me to get lost. (They’re the same.) She said she didn’t want me.
We’re the same. – Both of you got dumped. – No. Don’t ever call me since I dumped you. (All of the sudden) (Whom are you talking to?) – Whom are you talking to? – What? – Who are you talking to? – Is he here? – The cameraman? – Is it the cameraman? No. Call me. It’s still not too late. Give me another chance. My goodness. Here’s the next question. “I’m 1 of the 3 most handsome members
in RunningMan.” – Of course. – One… “I’m 1 of the 3 most handsome members
in Running Man.” – Of course. – One… One, – two, – Of course it’s an O. three. Okay. – It must be unanimous. – Okay. (Unanimous) – Is it unanimous? – It’s unanimous. – Yes! – Yes! It was too easy. – You shouldn’t have asked this.
– It’s obvious. Everyone has their unique charms. It’s hard to say who’s
the most good-looking. Number one would be Ji Hyo. – Of course.
– If we’re only talking about looks. Tell us what you are. I’m number two. – What? – Number two. You look like the master
in “Drunken Master”. You look like the red-nosed master. He’s right. – The master in “Drunken Master”?
– He’s right. – The master? – He’s right. Do you mean the man who does this? (Speechless) How can you be number two? You look like the master in
“Drunken Master”. Okay. For me, it’s hard to say who looks better
between Ji Hyo and So Min, but I’d be number two. What did you just say? – You’re unbelievable.
– What did you just say? Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind? Hey, you’re number eight. (Not a chance) – Are you out of your mind? – Get lost. You’re so shameless. – He’s out of his mind.
– He’s unbelievable. Get off me. – It’s so annoying. – Get off me. Get off me. Let me tell you one more time. – I’m 2nd. So Min is 3rd. – What about me? You’re uglier than me. My goodness. We have different charms. Number eight would be Se Chan. (That’s one thing for certain.) (Shocked) – I agree. – Don’t say that. I agree. Se Chan, you’re the last. – You’re number eight. – Are you serious? To be honest, as he is ugly, I was afraid I’d hurt him… if I say he’s ugly. – You’re lying. – You really are ugly. – Kwang Soo. – I mean it. Apart from your height,
you’re no match for me. It’s so infuriating. – Do you want to see? – Kwang Soo. I had a hard time choosing
between you and Se Chan. Don’t say that. What about you, Ji Hyo? Me? You can be first. – You’re number one. – You can have it. So Min would be number two. – All right. – Number three would be… Do you mean So Min is not
as pretty as you are? (Can’t So Min be number one?) – She isn’t? – She isn’t? You know that? She’s never as pretty as you are, right? What can I do about that? (Embarrassed) (I’m sorry I’m so pretty.) What can I do? – You’re honest. – You’re right. Number eight? – Tell us who you think is last.
– Number eight? Yes. – Be honest. – It’s neck and neck. – Who? – Pick one. – Tell us. – Just pick one. Jae Seok and Se Chan are neck and neck. (Jae Seok versus Se Chan) – Ji Hyo. – By the way, does she hate guys whose mouths stick out? – Hey. – I mean… – Come here. – I mean… – Come here. Look at Kwang Soo.
– Leave me out. – Don’t pick me, seriously.
– Look at Kwang Soo. He looks so ugly right now. – Look at him.
– It’s because I got splashed. – Am I ugly?
– Se Chan just gave me goosebumps. Listen to what he just said later. – What did I say? – He said to himself, “Really? Me?” – Come here, Kwang Soo. – Really? Me? (Has he never been called ugly?) (Ugly? Me?) – Am I really ugly? – “Am I really ugly”? I think he’s being serious. The Yang brothers are nuts. – Don’t talk about my family. – Fine. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m wondering who
So Min thinks is in last place. – Me? – Purely based on our faces. – I have a unique taste. – So who is it? (Staring) (He’s still in last place.) You… Come on. This won’t do. (They applaud her for being objective.) – Welcome, So Min. – She’s good. – She was being honest.
– This is war, So Min. It’s war, So Min. I’ll explain it so that you can understand. – Do it.
– Listen. Ji Hyo is in first place. – Right. – She’s in first place. So Min and I… are in 2nd place. We’re both in 2nd place. – For goodness’ sake. – For goodness’ sake. (They get mad at each other.) – Do you want me to headbutt you?
– My goodness. Do you want me to hit you
with my double eyelid? (Everybody thinks they’re last,
but they think they’re second.) And the rest of you can pick your spots. No way. Don’t group me with them, Haha. – Don’t do that to me. – Come on. (Everybody else is the same.) – What are you talking about?
– Hey, Kwang Soo. Haha’s face is so common… that 40 percent of our staff members
have his face. Look. If you find anybody
with protruding lips, they look like Jae Seok.
Here he is. It’s Jae Seok. It’s Jae Seok. They look exactly the same. (It’s Jae Seok’s twin.) They look the same. Put this cap on.
They look the same. – It’s Jae Seok. How can you say no? – Hey. (He’s just slightly taller.) – Right? Watch. – Hey. (This is not it.) (There’s a group of people
who look like him.) If they wear glasses and a cap,
they all look like you. – Put it on. – There’s another one here. (Cap, glasses and protruded lips
equal Jae Seok.) – Don’t do this to me. – What’s going on? – What’s going on?
– You’re driving me nuts. (It’s okay. We’re all living happily.) – I’m sorry. – Don’t worry. – “Don’t worry”? – Don’t worry. He’s got the Korean face.
I didn’t realize it before. (This is the new paradigm of Korean men.) (Find the real Jae Seok.)

66 thoughts on “[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 346-4] | Visiting the most dangerous tourist attractions! (ENG SUB)

  1. no one say Kjk in the 2nd place hahaha… they are simply too confidence to claim the 2nd place…this is so funny hahaha..

  2. I really wish somin will meet someone who loves her sincerely and not going to cheat on her ? it's okay takes your time somin, love you ?

  3. jihyo haha somin seokjin kwangsoo jongkook sechan jae seok

    im guessing everybody's opinion would differ and the only thing we can agree on is jihyo being #1?

  4. KwangMin! HAHAHAHAHHAA "it's okay. Have some chicken!" And then he gets her a bottle of water???

  5. The members know they can't be Running Mans visual coz that is Jihyo so they fight for number 2. The fight for number 2 spot is intense ??? Jihyo has that mature sophisticated beauty while Somin has a more bubbly girl next door vibe ?

  6. To me so min is the prettiest .. the other girl is not as charming as so min .. Korean taste beauty standards are different

  7. My ranking, my opinion! So dont judge
    1 ji hyo
    2 so min
    3 haha
    4 jung kook
    5 kwang soo
    6 jae seok
    7 forgot his name?
    8 see chan ??

  8. For me.
    1. Jihyo
    2. jk and somin(cannot choose)
    3. Kwangsoo
    4. Haha
    5.gary(still cannot leave him in this list)
    6. SeokJin
    7. Sechan
    8. YJS.

  9. Korean beauty standard is so different. I think somin is far prettier just judging by the looks. ?

  10. I actually find sechan really attractive.. maybe it's because he reminds me of a past love I had idk lol but he's for sure not the ugliest in my opinion

  11. Everyone have agreed that Jihyo Eonni is really the Prettiest member of RM and she will be forever on top. So they're just fighting for number 2 Spot ?.

  12. If I were to choose for me, my ranking will be like this.
    1 Jihyo
    2 KwangSoo
    3 Somin
    4 Jongkook
    5 Haha
    6 Sechan
    7 Jaeseok
    8 Seokjin

  13. I think ji hyo is much prettier, just look at running man old clip, seriously beautiful, if jihyo age young same as somin, jihyo much pretty i think, just my opinion okay

  14. Somin is too funny, she said she has unique taste, but she still thought Jae Suk as the ugliest member, who everybody else also agreed on LOL She is such a great troll

  15. Sorry to said even RM have 2 female members,u can't doubt ji hyo is RM visual..she have natural beauty even without make up she still look pretty..when she's dress up,even RM members will speechless,they will praised her beautiful..

  16. "somin is more prettiest than ji hyo" like seriously!! I know you're somin fans..it's not wrong if u want said somin is prettiest but don't compare her visual with ji hyo visual, honestly ji hyo is one of top visual among actress.. knetz said she look stunning n beautiful when sit beside Twice members..even without make up..

  17. Jihyo must be really pretty that the guys straightly said she's the no 1 without thinking and Somin just stays quiet, not even jokingly fight that she wants to be no 1.

  18. Song jihyo is no 1 without any doubt, somin and jongkook are 2 and 3 in any order,kwangsoo looks very good with long hair and even in a his films he looks good but in RM he dresses weirdly on purpose I believe, haha is very fashionable and nice looking, sukjin looks very good for his age, jaesuk with glasses is actually good looking, he's very charismatic also, and well sechan is sechan ?

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