RuPaul’s All Access Behind the Scenes Tour | AJ and the Queen | Netflix

RuPaul’s All Access Behind the Scenes Tour | AJ and the Queen | Netflix

– Hey this is RuPaul and
you are on the set of the Netflix original
series AJ and the Queen. This is the set of my apartment. Looks like a real apartment
but this is all a set. All a set. I have so many memories. Sitting here, sitting
there, what happens here, kissing my boyfriend right there. I mean it just goes on and on and on. You don’t equate RuPaul
with kissing people right? Well my character Robert kisses people. So I get to kiss this
incredibly sexy beautiful man, Josh Segarra. And we kiss a lot in this show. There’s one scene in this
hallway where I’ve had to climb the stairs in these high heel boots so many times. This is the biggest workout of my life. And so there is literally
three story stairs right there that go all the way up. This is the second level. You know when you film
something you film it so many different angles. You know from the bottom of the stairs, from the top of the stairs,
from the mid section. Over and over again. And when I say a lot of times, what you’re thinking but way more. That was quite a workout. I’m gonna go in this bathroom right here. I’m not gonna stay that
long in this bathroom because it’s green and I
probably don’t look that good in here. But I just wanna show you
just the details of these old time sinks, this cabinet here. It looks so real. And as an actor it actually helps so much. It tricks your brain
into believing you are where you are. This is Robert’s bedroom right here. These drag costumes are
here that are so beautiful and sparkly and fabulous. My favorite part of getting into drag is how it gives me power. It’s like Superman to my Clark Kent. My least favorite part
of getting into drag, it’s not very comfortable. Me getting into drag
it’s an intricate system of pulleys and weights. Let’s just put it that way. And that ladies is why I’m the headliner. Now we’re gonna leave my movie bedroom, Robert’s bedroom and go
on over to the other set which is where our RV is. And that’s the set where Judy Garland a Star is Born was filmed,
Streetcar Named Desire, Private Benjamin, so many many movies. This is stage nine, we’re
gonna go over to stage 21 right now. Alright, so follow me. Oh my god. Hi. – Hi, oh my god. – Oh my god. – This is you. – This is you.
– This is me, that’s you. – This is Izzy, she plays AJ in the show. You’re a girl.
– I’m a girl. – You’re a girl yeah! This is my child. We’ve had so much fun
together, so much fun. – So much fun. – Alright follow me over
to stage 21 to see the RV. (funky music) I do a lot of my own stunts. At one point my character has to run up this fire escape right here. But the stunt man they got for me couldn’t maneuver in
these thigh high red boots that I wear. So I literally ran up this fire escape. They put a hole in the back of my outfit and harnessed it you
know so I couldn’t fall. I’m not only RuPaul, queen of the world, but also RuPaul queen of stunts. I’m a stunt queen. Welcome to stage 21, now this.
– Home. – Our RV that we, we go
cross country in this RV. And this is actually one of two RVs. We have a stunt RV. – We have the stunt RV
like if it flips over or it has to like drive
into a wall we use that one instead of our home one. – Yeah, but we like this one the best. Come on inside, we’ll show
you our home sweet home. Our RV. – And where we live and sleep
and eat and drink and yeah. – And sing and dance. – And sing and dance
and go to the bathroom or anything like that. – We film so many scenes
where the whole camera crew would be inside this RV with us. No taking it apart. Yeah, back there, in the bathroom, I had a scene in the bathroom. We had a scene up there
on the bed, in the loft. Where the two of us.
– I had to cry. – That’s right. – I had to give away a puppy. – Did you, do you have
a technique for crying or do you just use what’s? – I think about something sad. – Think about something sad, yeah. – And if that was like a real thing, if like, if you had to
give away your puppy that love so much but he wasn’t happy and then you had to give him
away then just think of it as real life and that’s what’s going on. – What is your favorite moment in the RV? – You were sleeping, I wake you up. – Air guitar. And that’s your favorite moment in the RV? – That’s my favoritest moment ever. – Now my favorite moment
as AJ’s father figure in the show, I guess would
have to be when we did Grease. – Oh yeah. – We did a number from Grease. When we first met we just intuitively, we were doing the steps from Grease. She didn’t know that
later on we would be doing a number from Grease. I knew it, but I thought wow, she knows Grease and this kid knows so. – It’s my second favorite movie. – What’s your first favorite? – Mary Poppins.
– Oh, Mary. My first favorite is the Wizard of Oz. – Yes. – And it’s interesting because
these series Aj and the Queen has elements of Mary
Poppins, Wizard of Oz, and Grease. It’s all in this series. So my favorite is when
we got to dance together. Thank you for joining us
during our little set tour. Enjoy watching AJ and the Queen. – On Netlfix. – Yeah, come on, you ready? – Ready.
– Let’s hit it. Bye!

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  1. I hope there will be a second season because that wasn't an ending. I loved it from start to finish but it really needs a second season.😊😊

  2. Hi Netflix can you please make an unwind movie based of of Neal Shusterman’s book like exactally like the book because they were supposed to make a movie but they didn’t and i am really upset. This is weird commenting on this video but can at least consider it?

  3. I just finished binge watching A.J. and the Queen. It was sweet and fun and sad at times. I really enjoyed it. I hope it has many more seasons to come! WGT Ru and Izzy.

  4. More Narcos. More Witcher. More TheOA. More good shows and less of your GARBAGE, CHEAP, LEFTIST, TOILET shows. So 95% of your catalogue.

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