When I told my friends and family I would
be spending almost an entire MONTH in Russia, taking a train across the entire country,
everyone was in shock. WHY? They asked. RUSSIA? REALLY? I also asked my followers on Instagram what
they think of when someone says the word “RUSSIA” and their answers were fairly stereotypical. PUTIN, VODKA, COLD, SOVIET. It seems both my followers online and my friends and family know NOTHING about Russia. And so I set off on my one-month Trans-Siberian journey to “hopefully” show them a new side of Russia. I wanted to show off the stunning architecture, the historic cities, the gorgeous landscapes, the dreamy lakes and mountains and of course some of the friendly Russian people i met along the way. In this video I’m going to introduce you to
some of the most beautiful and fun places to visit in Russia, and if you think I’ve
missed any key places PLEASE leave a comment below. I’m starting off with Kazan, because it turned out to be the most surprising destination of my trip and the city I loved the most.
I knew absolutely nothing about this extremely fun and vibrant city before arriving, and
when it was time to leave I honestly didn’t want to board that train. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan and is
renowned for its vibrant mix of Oriental and Russian cultures. From the spectacular Kul Sharif mosque to
the Kazan Kremlin, the pretty boardwalk down by the river, and the quirky temple of different
religions to the endless restaurants, bars, and speakeasies – there’s no shortage of fun
things to do in this beautiful city. Ahh Yekaterinburg! I don’t think anyone should
travel to Russia without stopping off in this beautiful and very historic Russian city.
Yekaterinburg is home to some iconic buildings – including the famous Church on Blood p built
on the site where the last Emperor of Russia and his family were assassinated. There’s also a strong music culture in the
city, with lots of live bands and street performers and even a statue dedicated to The Beatles. Just 20 minutes outside the city you can visit
the Asia Europe border, an invisible line that divides Russia – a super fun place to
visit if you have time. Other must-visits in Yekaterinburg include Sevastyanov House – the most beautiful house
in the city – and the Boris Yeltsin Centre – a brilliant museum showcasing the political
history of Russia and the life of the country’s first president. Number 3 on my list of must-visit places in
Russia is Moscow. Because who in their right mind would travel to Russia and NOT visit
the country’s most important, and arguably the most beautiful city. If you’ve watched
my other YouTube videos, you’ll already know how much I loved Moscow. While the Red Square and St Peters Basilica
were just as beautiful as I imagined, it was how modern the city that really surprised
me. Moscow is an incredibly clean city too, fun to walk around and full of amazing shops,
museums, theaters, a vast range of multi-cultural restaurants and bars and of course the most
beautiful metro in the world. A metro so beautiful, in fact, that they actually
run metro tours that bring you to different stations so you can stand around in awe at
the decor, the detail, the artwork, the architecture, and the history. There’s just no place in the world like Moscow! I have mixed feelings about the industrial
city of Krasnoyarsk but have decided to include it in this list for 2 reasons: 1. We had so much fun there and it was one
of the places we thought we might hate. 2: Guidebooks and travel sites seems to tell
everyone doing the Trans Siberian to SKIP Krasnoyarsk, saying there’s nothing to see
or do there and I want to show people there are IN FACT THINGS TO SEE HERE. To be honest we didn’t see much of the city
but when we did walk around in search of nice restaurants and bars, we met some of the nicest
locals we met on our entire trip. We also went hiking in Stolby National Park which
was incredible – it was so nice to spend a day off the train, hiking and exploring in
nature. We also discovered a mini theme park just
outside of Krasnoyarsk which was one of the funniest experience of our trip – flying down
the side of a mountain on a biplane and a mountain coaster – laughing and screaming
the whole way. Most people doing the Trans Siberian across
Russia seem to have one goal: travel as fast as they can from Moscow to Irkutsk then make
their way to Lake Baikal. While I don’t agree with people who skip so many beautiful destinations
along the way, I understand why so many people make a beeline to Lake Baikal. Said it be the deepest lakes in the world
and also one of the largest, it’s by far one of the most iconic destinations in Russia
and known all over the world. Travelling here by mini bus, then taking a ferry over to the
remote Olkhon Island was an experience I’ll never forget and travel in this part of Siberia
is true eye-opening. The lake is stunning at all times of day and
we couldn’t believe how beautiful the beaches and coastline on this remote Siberian island
were. Perm
is another destination I wasn’t entirely sure if I should add to this list, but it is actually
a fun place to visit and a great stop on any trans-siberian journey especially good for
art lovers. There are actually some really fun speakeasy
bars here to explore, a beautiful boardwalk down by the river and some incredible old
building to photograph including the old railway station, the Orthodox Cathedral, and the museum
of modern Art. While I didn’t have time to go, there’s also
an infamous Gulag labour camp called Perm-36 just outside the city which I’m sure would
be a fascinating visit. Vladivostok Vladivostok is one of the coolest and most
unusual travel destinations in Russia, if not the world. This insanely modern city perched
on the furthermost reaches of Siberia actually feels lies a modern European city – and yet
it’s nearest neighbours are in fact North Korea and China! Sadly I didn’t have any time to explore as
scheduling meant I had to take a ferry to South Korea the same day my train arrived
but from what I saw this is one cool city and well worth a visit. I know everyone watching this would think
I am MAD if I make a video about out beautiful places to visit in Russia and don’t include
St Petersburg – so here it is at the end of my list. The reality is a didn’t have time
to visit this gem of a city, but many friends and followers have assured me it’s one of
if not THE most beautiful city in Russia and one of the most beautiful in the world. So
I’ve decided I’ll have to travel back to Russia in 2020 to visit! I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet guide
to beautiful places to visit I Russia. Be sure to give it a thumbs up and leave a comment
if you liked ti and check out my channel for more Russia travel videos.

58 thoughts on “RUSSIA IS BEAUTIFUL – AMAZING Places To Visit in RUSSIA

  1. I THINK I've just added Russian captions so try it out and let me know if it works!! 😀 
    Я добавил русские субтитры, дайте мне знать, если это работает!

  2. You've done an amazing travel. More than 90% of Russian citizens (including me🙃) have never traveled through the entire country. I'm very impressed your videos and kind comments. Thank you so much, and good luck 😘☘️

  3. Janet, hi!! Go to Altai Region, Khakasia region! Krasnodar region, Krym!!! Also, Saha republic! Sheregesh in Kuzbass region!

  4. Привет! Отличное видео! Для визита в Петербург необходимо планировать минимум 7 дней. Когда планируете свой визит? В какое время года?

  5. Wonderful! That there is a brave, pretty, cheerful girl in the world.
    Travel in Russia has just begun ))) it is Necessary to go North! Where live and work harsh, but good and fair, rreal men) Steam with them in the Russian bath. Swim in -40℃ in the river. Drink vodka and sing songs.
    I know it's hard to believe,
    But I haven't been warm for a week;
    Moonlight and vodka, takes me away,
    Midnight in Moscow is lunchtime in L.A.,
    Ooh play boys, play…

  6. Нарисован на стене Виктор Цой он является культом для многих людей

  7. The Yeltsin Center does not recommend visiting, because historical facts are not presented correctly there. And to say the least.

  8. Janet – ты в курсе что ты попала на канал – таблетка памяти ? )))

  9. конечно приезжай ещё)) в следующий раз проедься от Санкт-Петербурга до Сочи)
    of course come again)) next time drive from St. Petersburg to Sochi)

  10. Thank you very much, feast interesting video. I am a resident of Russia and it was not in all cities. It is very interesting to watch your video and learn new things about our great homeland! Thank you!

  11. Hello Janet,
    It’s nice to see you enjoyed your trip to Russia 🙂
    I think next time you should drop in Samara as well, city on Volga not too far from Kazan if you have a chance 🙂
    Also I would recommend Dombay in Caucasus Mountains (it’s sky resort in the winter, but very beautiful in the summer too)

  12. St Petersburg not only one of the most wonderful cities in Russia. You may compare it to Paris but more clean. Highly recommend to come for Scarlet Sails in summer. Top 1 show in Europe.

  13. You have not visited the most modern city, also called the city of the future, in Russia SOCHI.

  14. To add Russian captions is very good idea, it was interesting to read, nice videos, very much good wishes for you and your country. Good luck (best wishes)from Vladivostok

  15. The Golden Ring of Russia – tourist route))
    Золотое кольцо России – туристический маршрут))

  16. Санкт-Петербург, а затем Сочи и вообще Северо-Кавказское направление. Ни и еще города Золотого Кольца


  18. теперь надо с севера на юг, например Мурманск,Сочи и по пути посетить старинные русские города

  19. Hi, Janet! Thank you for the intresting and positive video. But since you have already crossed Russia from West to East and want to see more I suggest to take a new route crossing the country from North to South. You may start at Saint-Petersburg and see that great city as you wanted. After that travel South and see Russia first capital – the city of Novgorod that later became the center of the famous Novgorod Republic. Since you already ve been to Moscow next visit the ancient Russian cities of The Golden Ring – Suzdal, Vladimir, Yaroslavl etc (there are 8 of them but just choose the couple you interested in more). Then proceed to Volgograd that is the same city that used to be called Stalingrad and see the location of one of the most important battles of WW2 and the memorial places there. After that go to Krasnodar and see its famous park. Next proceed to Sochi and have a taste of Russian Riviera (I strongly suggest to undertake that journey in summer time). Then I would ve recommend to visit Crimea through the newly built Crimean Bridge but since it can cause some political tensions in the commentary section of your blog you may just finish in Sochi.
    After such journey you will surely be acknowledged as a real expert in Russia and its travel destinations. Good luck!

  20. I suggest visiting Sochi. It's subtropics and thats already mindblowing for stereotypes about Russia and it's a unique place in the world where (just a short time in the year but nevertheless) you can do alpine skiing and swim in the sea on one day.

  21. I suggest Crimea. I think it's even more important than other places in Russia, cause there is so much desinformation about the situation in there in the Western media.

  22. Спасибо за такой интересный, шикарный и позитивный обзор о нашей стране!!!

  23. I would like to visit the hole of the world, but i can"t unfortuantly. So I happy that You can. It is very interesting to know the look of foringner. Welcom back. So many interesting things in Russia You can to explore. Waiting for You back.)

  24. Janet )))) good morning )))) the subtitles work ))))
    translation is not always correct ….)))) but everything is clear))))) thank you ))))
    good luck) cute girl )))))

  25. Hi, Janet! There is a Russian YouTube channel "Tablet for memory", Russian people very much asked the author to translate your video, you became popular.)))))))

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