RV Camping Australia | Cat’s RV vlog | Full Time RV Living

RV Camping Australia | Cat’s RV vlog | Full Time RV Living

Hi Guys its Cat from RV Living Australia how
are we folks long time no see. well today is friday the 12th of august yes
i actually new the date as well the day im impressed we are still here at alice springs
we are currently six kilometers out of town at a huge free campsite as you can see behind
me it’s pretty damn dry but it’s gorgeous ok 1 down side we get a few airplanes going
over but all in all its not a big deal truly its really not yeah as you can see there’s
swaggy in the background we have been out here now for a few nights we go in and camp
in town at a relatives place and then when we just need some time out because we now
are getting used to not actually being around in a town anymore so we just head on out here
for a few days there has been heaps of campers join us here at nite time international back
packers and your other RVers in caravans and motorhomes there has been quite a few so it’s
been really cool actually never have we been alone here at nite which is also a really
good thing as you know safety in numbers but all in all we have had no dramas since we
have been out here it’s been absolutely glorious and today as you can see behind me blue skies
sunshine its currently about 26 degrees i think the time is ooh i don’t know maybe it’s
about 1 o’clock so yeah something like that i just thought i would check in and go howdy
folks because i know it’s been a while ive been really slack not really i’ve been busy
doing other stuff keep an eye out on youtube as well as facebook and instagram for our RV tips
and tricks we are starting to do some really cool little rv tips and tricks for you guys that
are RV living or campers or whether you just jump in your caravan or motorhome every now
and then but we are getting together some nice little tips and tricks for you guys that we
have learnt and also that we have learnt from some wise grey nomads at the end of the day
you can not beat learning from those that have done it for a very long time with age
does come wisdom never be fooled by that because it is very true let’s spin around here and
next to the swaggy you can see our clothes line simple little things we do actually have
a clothesline that folds out a little hills hoist type one but when you are in the bush
just string a line up between two trees and whack your clothes on later on i will actually
do a video of my little washing machine if you jump over to instagram though you will
be able to see a photo of my awesome awesome washing machine alright well this is Cat checking
in so continue to be good be safe have fun and hit the like button below hit the subscribe
button down there somewhere down there so that way every time i do a video you guys
will actually get it and jump over to the website aswell because we have been getting
up to date with some of our awesome blogs some are getting more in depth now which we
really hope you guys will like to read any thoughts opinions questions whatever drop
us a line jump on the website throw us a comment email us all the info is on our website so
don’t be afraid just be in touch alright till next time see you bye.

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  1. Hi, awesome vids so far, thku. Do you have one of a tour inside your RV? I'd enjoy seeing that along with storage area tips. Cheers.♥️♥️♥️

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