RV Camping UPS & UNEXPECTED DOWNS! ♥ Little Guy Trailer/Wisconsin Campgrounds

RV Camping UPS & UNEXPECTED DOWNS!  ♥ Little Guy Trailer/Wisconsin Campgrounds

Hi I’m Randi and this is my channel I am
so thrilled you’re here if you haven’t already done so please hit the subscribe
button so we can adventure together Today we’re going camping on the
Mississippi River this is going to be a little different for us we normally camp
at state parks I found this campground on recreation.gov As always it’s so fun to get to the
campground and see where we’re going to be spending the weekend. This is where we’ve landed and this is
gonna be home for the weekend. Oh no we’ve got some situations going on so when we
got in the camper. First of all we realized our drawer is missing and it
was on the floor and now it’s sitting up there so that’s not good. And then I went
to open the fridge and ah look at all of this mold I don’t know how this happened
we were camping last weekend and I don’t just don’t know how all this mold got in
here! I always wipe things down. So if you’ve
watched my other videos you know I’m paranoid about mold and that’s why I
installed the Froli Sleep System to prevent mold from under our mattress but
I did not expect this time. Tom just told me that he always leaves the refrigerator door open when he stores the RV and he
must’ve forgot this time and there probably was moisture left in
there and that’s what caused the mold. Well I’m gonna wipe it clean so I’m using a disinfectant towel to
clean it off. I will make sure I get it complete out of here before I put anything
back in. I feel better knowing what happened and why that mold got in the
refrigerator. Tom and I each have our own little
duties that we always do and I didn’t know this when Tom puts our Little Guy
Max in storage after our weekend getaway he always leaves the refrigerator door
ajar and obviously this time he either forgot or is shut. At least I know how
that got in there and why it happened so that we can prevent it from happening
again. We moved to a new campsite because this one had some shade! Hi Princey. There is a huge barge coming by. It’s almost nine o’clock and the sun is setting and
I’m swimming in the Mississippi River. The sun reflecting off the water is
pretty cool. Look at the skies! Looks like it’s going
to be a stormy day today. This whole campground was underwater and the
campsites are still a little wet that’s why nobody’s here. At this part of the
campground this is water up on the road that’s the Mississippi River. So the riveris still really high down here.
We keep getting severe thunderstorm warnings and the clouds over there look
really dark so we’re not sure what’s gonna happen with the weather. There’s a
big houseboat coming down the river. Man is getting dark here fast. Now it’s starting to rain out and we’re
gonna go for a drive. Oh my gosh well we drove a little ways to try to
get a signal to see what the weather was gonna do it looks like it’s gonna rain
well it finally stopped there’s a one lane bridge over here so let’s go see if
we can find it before this water being offshore it’s really got a strong
current. Oh my guess the current is really strong.
Oh this looks like it takes us up to the original campground we’re at but I
wonder what I’ll find going this way. Yes this is all the back waters of the
Mississippi River. These must be campsites along here because there’s a
fire pit right there the river is so high! Yes, these are definitely camp sites along the shoreline that are underwater. I bet
these would be great camp sites. Okay now this road is underwater. Let’s
see how far we can get and the water is so warm it has been an extremely hot
weekend. Yeah definitely a camp site should be here. Oh, its getting a little
deep. There comes a boat passing by. I am so glad we had a break in the
weather. In one of my last videos I was walking the shorelines of Sand Point and
I ran into a snake and it terrified me! So now I’m always thinking about that
are there snakes down there by the trees. Especially since that’s where I spotted one underwater right near a tree. I guess that’s why they called them mighty
Mississippi River. I made it these are great tree frogs I’ll show you guys how
to hold a frog that you do catch one quickly grab it behind the arms under
the armpits like that and then use your other fingers to hold its legs out
straight the warts on frogs are not contagious. Okay how high can we climb on a tree? The skies are pretty magical!

13 thoughts on “RV Camping UPS & UNEXPECTED DOWNS! ♥ Little Guy Trailer/Wisconsin Campgrounds

  1. For the Mini: There is a little tab you flip on the frig door connector to vent the frig while in storage. This will keep it from getting shut all the way. Will post a photo on the Facebook group for you to see later tonight.

  2. Very nice! Exciting for sure! Always fun checking out the new weekend home! You might already now this, but after you wipe down the fridge, you want to keep the door open when not in use, it can still trap moisture. Opps, but as i'm typing, you already know this. LOL! Thanks for sharing this beautiful location with us.
    Peace & Love!
    Have a Glamazing Day!

  3. Another awesome video Randi & Co….Regarding the drawer below the fridge…knock on wood, we have traveled over 6k miles and no drawer problem, so sorry for you guys! Also, fridge mold, we hate it too! We make every effort to leave the door slightly open (with a towel), so it stays dry when in storage…especially here in Texas, with the heat, that dry air, kills any chance of mold! Happy camping!!!

  4. Glad you made it through those storms. They sucked! I am liking all the different places you camp. It gives me a lot of ideas for next year.

  5. Loved that excursion! Sorry about mold surprise, we're lucky enough to have Maximus at home so we can keep an eye out – we also (try) to remember to leave door open as well as leave a microfiber towel on bottom of fridge to absorb any condensation.
    I have to say I was quite impressed walking around such deep water in flip-flops, I would've lost them and watched them float away! I have a pair of Keens Whisper Sandals that are great for land and water, you should get some for all the hiking (land & water;) that you do! Thanks for yet another fun camping adventure! Safe travels m'lady! ~ 💜

  6. Great trip unbelievable how the Mississippi over flows like that. Must feel like a bathtub. The boats on the river crack's me up. Don't worry about the fridge it happens. Just use vinigar to clean it. Personally we like stormy weather. We're crazy that way. Looks like great fun you had. Safe travels Randy and Patti

  7. Great video. Thanks for sharing and anytime we store our camper we open up the fridge so it dries out. We hate having bad weather while camping and along the Mississippi storms pop up really fast.

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