RVing to Alaska: Kelowna to Clinton, BC & Free Camping on Hwy 97 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

RVing to Alaska: Kelowna to Clinton, BC & Free Camping on Hwy 97 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Highway 97C begins near peachland
from highway 97 the highway is an east-west highway forming part of an
important link between the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan Valley south
of Kelowna which is the third largest metropolitan area in the providence. It
bisects the Coquihalla Highway BC highway number 5 which would connect you if
you’re coming from Western Washington or Vancouver via Hope at the little town of
Merritt. This route is mountainous and if taken in the early spring or late
fall the British Columbia Department of Transportation requires that all
motorists must use winter tires between October 1st and April 30th to best be
prepared for difficult winter conditions since today was May 15th we had no
worries and this is one reason why we choose not to cross into Canada until
after May 1st. In Merritt we continued northbound on
highway 97C towards Ashcroft and Cache Creek. We knew we wanted to camp
somewhere near Cache Creek and after researching on Campendium we found a
British Columbia Recreation Site between Clinton BC and the 70 Mile House. It was
a couple of miles off the highway with zero reviews but by looking on Google
Earth it looked like it was easy access so we went for it. The road that the recreation site was on
is a little more than seven miles long. The first half was paved and chip sealed
and the second half was a slow go with dirt and gravel as its base. It was a bit rutty and just plain dusty
with a few flooded portions near some ponds. Would we do this route again?
Absolutely! Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few are dirt. Slow is
the go up in the north and this gave us some good practice for when we finally
arrive in Alaska. Hey guys welcome to beautiful British
Columbia today was our second day on the road and we found a gem of a boondocking
site. Check this out! All right this is 100% free
camping guys as you can see we are joined by Garys as parents Ken and Lynne
but this is free lakeside camping. This is Beaverdam Lake we are about a
couple miles outside just north of Clinton British Columbia. I found this on
campendium no one has reviewed it yet but that’s about to change
I’ll definitely review this. The road is you could tell if you watch the video
when we came in is a little bumpy goes to dirt about half way and it’s
pretty rutted so you have to go slow. but we did it parents didn’t complain
Gary didn’t complain we didn’t lose any glasses so the only complaint is there’s
mosquitoes everywhere no because that’s gonna be our life for the next however
months mosquitoes are gonna be a part of our life however our essential oil
doTERRA TerraShield is doing wonderful it’s keeping them at bay even though I’m
like standing in a swarm they’re not landing on me so can’t complain. There
are a couple of more RV sites just up the road here and they are occupied so
this seems to be a favorite spot for locals to come and I see why. It’s a bit
off the beaten path quite a few people don’t like to go out go quite so far off
the main roads but we were going to spend a couple days here so we figured it was
worth it we did put a little dent in the ground
we put that hole so we backed up a little bit we’re on more solid ground
now. I hope. it’s so smokey my eyes water. I just
thought you were so happy to be camping again well–that’s that that’s
true that’s just so happy we’re going back to Alaska I shed a tear. Eyes watering a lot. Awe… This is it. This is what we love. Snow capped mountain beautiful lake sunset at 9 o’clock tonight.
and dinner cooking on the fire. I have found a great trick though.When your someplace that is buggy. I bought a mason jar lids for a straw so I can enjoy my favorite beverage without
worrying the bugs getting in mason jar way cuter Do you approve? mmm-hmm salmon burgers on buns good
Swiss cheese makes it better Duke’s mayonnaise man whoa that’s good stuff right there buddy next time on Pau Hana Travels we
encounter several roadblocks when we break down 25 miles off the highway in
search of that next free boondocking spot. Be sure to hit the red subscribe
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Pau Hana

24 thoughts on “RVing to Alaska: Kelowna to Clinton, BC & Free Camping on Hwy 97 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  1. B.C. has lots of those Recreational sites but not all are suitable for a large RV, Investing in a "B.C. Backroads Mapbooks" map would be a good idea if you want to try more of them ( I have both the SD Garmin version and the paper version) they also show ATV Trails. The alternate route that you showed on the map would have been an easier and prettier route through Vernon and on up to Monte Creek then to Kamloops (you stay down in the valley bottom instead of climbing over the mountains) If you come back down this way I suggest you try Prince George to Valemount to Kamloops route (too bad you don't have your ATV with you , there is a nice trail up to Canoe Mountain (Valemount) that you can take right out of the Canoe Mountain Campsite https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=canoe+mountain+atv

  2. great stop is discovery campground yukon territory, located just before getting into alaska. you will love it

  3. Nice boondocking site. I can't wait until I head to Alaska and Canada next year. I was just wondering about your coach when I started watching this video if if you had any problems finding parts or service for it up in Canada or Alaska if you needed them and then the teaser breakdown at the end!

  4. Loved your parents when we met them in Texas. Do you guys have any ideas on traveling with friends and or family ??

  5. That was a really nice video — will be following your travels to Alaska and beyond — My friends Howard and Linda Payne (RV Dreams) are up there somewhere

  6. Love your new format, like going down the road showing different road locations and landmarks at normal driving speed. I'm going to enjoy this summer watching your travels in Canada and Alaska. Wish I could do the real thing!!

  7. Love the driving montages… Keep it up! I find I like them better on people's RV vlogs the seeing the adventures sometimes..lol Im weird.

  8. Hello from Canada! This is just great. I was a big fan of your trip in 2017. However, would you be able to put a sequence number for this trip in your titles? It helps if I'm away and want to catch up in the correct order. Travel safe. Henri

  9. Thanks for the great video. Looks like a great place. What is the name of the mosquito stuff you use? Those bugs looked bad!

  10. My kind of free spot. How many total parking spots would you say are there? I'll check out the review on Campendium

  11. Hi guys, It's been a long time since I've tuned in. Stuff happens. Such is life. Love the new music. So mellow. I have some catching up to do. Happy trails.

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