RWBY Chibi, Episode 14 – Big Vacation | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi, Episode 14 – Big Vacation | Rooster Teeth

“RWBY Chibi!” Blake: “Ugh…” “That test was brutal…” “Must. Rest. Brain.” Zwei: “Ruff!” Blake: “Go away dog.” Blake: No, this is not a game…” “This is not what a game looks like.” Zwei: *Whining* Blake: “Ughhhh…whatever.” Zwei: “Arf!” Blake: “Dumb dog…” Blake: “I did not ask for this….” “These are unauthorized snuggles!” Zwei: “Ruff!” Zwei: *Whines* Blake: “Didn’t say to stop…” Blake: “If you tell *anyone* about this, I will shave your butt.” Ruby: “Weiss wait!” “Don’t go on your exotic beach vacation without me!” Weiss: “Hmm.” “That’s funny. I don’t remember inviting you.” Ruby: “Silly! That’s because we’re BFFs…” “…and as your BFF, I just knew you’d want me to come along!” Weiss: “Ruby, we’re not…ugh…fine. I suppose one more person won’t ruin my vacation.” Sun: “Sun’s out with his guns out!” Jaune: “Beach volleyball champ coming through!” Yang: “Who brought the sun tan lotion?” Blake: “I want ALL the fish.” Nora: “Nora’s captain of the party boat! Arrr!” Ren: “I don’t understand. Your name is Neptune.” Neptune: “No water! Please! No water!” Weiss: “You told them, didn’t you?” Ruby: “Aha…” Ruby:”I-uh. I may have mentioned it to a few select individuals…” Zwei: “Ruff!” Ruby: “Okay…I told everyone.” Zwei: “Ruff, Ruff!” Sun: “Junior detectives!” Neptune: “That’s not fair!” “Last time, you said I could be bad cop!” Sun: “Look, you’re just not a very good bad cop! Okay? I’m sorry.” Neptune: “…really?” Sun: “See! That’s not bad cop material!” Neptune: “Well I’m sorry I have feelings!” Sun: “Bad cops don’t have feelings!” Neptune: “I’ll show you!” Nora: “Ugh!” Sun: “Let’s see here…Nora…Valkyrie, is it?” Nora: “That’s what they call me…” Sun: “Alright Ms. Valkyrie. Now, what would you say is your favourite breakfast food-” Neptune: “WHERE WERE YOU ON MARCH FIRST? WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF THE PANCAKE INCIDENT?” Sun: “Yelling already?! That’s way too soon! You call yourself a bad cop?!” Nora: “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’ll never talk!” Sun: “We have an eye witness linking you to the scene of the crime!” Nora: *Burps* Neptune: “Shhhh, it’s gunna be alright, she can’t hurt you anymore…” Sun: “Hmmmm…” Nora: “Oh yeah? Well where were *you* on the night of the pancake massacre!?” Neptune: “Uh…I don’t have to tell you that!” Sun: “Dude, this is super common. She’s just trying to intimidate you.” “Just answer her.” Neptune: “No.” Sun: “Yeah! See? Wait. Why don’t you wanna say?” Neptune: “I don’t wanna.” Nora: “He’s soundin’ awfully guilty, isn’t he, partner.” Sun: “Yeah…he is…” Neptune: “I was…I don’t know. I was just out for a walk..jogging! I was jogging!” “Slowly…I guess that’s walking…” Sun: “JUST TELL US WHERE YOU WERE!” Neptune: “I was coming back from dance class!” Sun: “Aha! Uh…wait what?” Nora: “And then what!” Neptune: “And then I ate all the pancakes!” Nora: “Nailed em’~” [“I may fall – Violin Version” plays] Ruby: “Click here if you want to wear some stuff with us on it…” “And click here if you want to watch some stuff with us on it!” “…Cause, y’know, more us! Duh!” “We’re awesome!”

78 thoughts on “RWBY Chibi, Episode 14 – Big Vacation | Rooster Teeth

  1. Bru. Neptune's weapon uses electricity. Something water can't put out but it instead spreads the electricity. And his hair is even blue. Why is this guy so afraid of water??? RWBY has to give some backstory answer to this sooner or later Ù^Ú

    Nora: And then what?
    Neptune: And then I ate all the pancakes!
    Me: XD

  3. Me and Blake I want all the fish and Blake and zwei these are unauthorized snuggles also zwei coming out of the the suitcase so adorable

  4. Ren has the greatest question of all:
    "I don't understand; your name is Neptune"
    Thank you, Ren

  5. Blake secretly is friends with Zwei (Well, She was afraid of dogs but He's an exception. Like she doesn't want anyone to find out about their friendship between them)

  6. 3:18 (calling all titan mains) See? Us titans know how to turn the tables too you know. under breath stupid warlocks.

  7. 3:03 Are none of us going to mention that Yang was totally flexing for Blake?


  8. At the airport
    Everyone else: says something crazy
    Blake: I want all the fish *holding knife and fork*

    Ren: I don’t understand… your name is Neptune

  9. 1:42 blake is me when volume six ended on a cliff hanger.


  10. I hate it when Sun says “Sun’s out with his guns out” I play this game called RWBY Amity Arena, basically clash royals but RWBY and whenever my opponent would use him, I would get scared, he’s like good for attacking. Traumatizes me.

  11. Am I a the only one who has sympathy for Neptune's fear of water? Something traumatic must have happened to him to have a super severe fear of water

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