Ryerson Behind the Scenes: Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Research

Ryerson Behind the Scenes:  Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Research

The Institute for Hospitality and Tourism
Research – we conduct research in the tourism industry to facilitate innovative themes in the industry. So different professors focus on different areas. We have a professor that focuses on sustainable tourism, and then we have a professor who focuses on visiting friends and relatives tourism. We have another professor who focuses on virtual reality and tourism. We participate in a variety of projects. So we’re in the field, we’re doing surveys,
we’re going out and asking questions, collecting information for research projects. What’s good about the Institute is that we’re willing to train. And that’s what we’re here for. One of the best things is just learning from
the other researchers, because even though we’re all learning together, we can share
ideas and it’s the direction that we get from our individual professors. So, if you have an idea of all the emerging
themes in tourism, then you’re better able to understand the impacts and you’re able
to better understand. And even if you don’t want to go on into research
career, you’re better able to look at the impact that your specified industry will
have on the environment, and the social impacts that you may have as well.

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