S. Korea, Vietnam aim to expand trade volume to US$ 100 bil. by 2020

S. Korea, Vietnam aim to expand trade volume to US$ 100 bil. by 2020

among the countries taking part in this
year’s korea-asean commemorative summit is Vietnam one of South Korea’s key
economic partners now during president mundane state visit to Hanoi last year
the two countries agreed to expand their economic cooperation to reach a trade
volume of 100 billion dollars by next year our own song he tells us more located on the eastern tip of the
Indochina Peninsula and home to an estimated 97 million people Vietnam is
widely seen as one of the most dynamic emerging countries in Asia
thanks Trudeau my economic reform the Vietnamese economy has grown by an
average of six-point-six percent a year for the past 30 years and its GDP hits
245 billion u.s. dollars last year the country’s economy is the sixth largest
in the ASEAN regional bloc in the 46th in the world for South Korea Vietnam
makes an attractive partner the trade volume between the two topped 68 billion
US dollars last year 130 times larger than it was when they established
diplomatic ties in 1992 Solar and Hanoi mostly trade semiconductors flat panel
displays and sensors wireless communication devices and clothing with
each other South Korea’s president moon jaein says Vietnam stands at the very
center of his new southern policy and that the two countries will expand trade
even further South Korea has become Vietnam’s largest
foreign investor and second biggest trading partner Vietnam is also the
largest focus for solar in development cooperation and not the most popular
tourist destinations for Koreans Solar and Hanoi are looking to boost
cooperation in achieving fourth Industrial Revolution fostering urban
development and allowing more Vietnamese workers into Korea you Johnny
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  1. South Korea and Vietnam are criminal nations that torture and massacre millions of dogs and other pets. Vietnamese criminal gangs sneak into Africa to poach the last of our world's wildlife. China is the same way. Most of Asia is a horror on the Earth that doesn't deserve to exist.

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