S01 EP10 Fat Kitchen – Пикник/Picnic

S01 EP10 Fat Kitchen – Пикник/Picnic

Hi everyone. Welcome to the last episode from season one of Fat Kitchen. Today we are out in the nature, because we are deep in the Summer. And what is popular in Summer… Picnic. This episode it’s our proposal for your picnic. Leave the town… choose some nice location. Come on Bubi. We gonna make grill, salad… We gonna make a party Enjoy guys. Lets go! Today, we will make three different dishes. We gonna make Kebab… Turkish Kebab Picnic without hot dog’s it’s no picnic. Prepare the sausages. We gonna make exotic salsa. You will see how. And because we have a lot of vegetarian friends, we can’t forget about them We gonna make vegetarian skewers We gonna flavored them nicely, so no one complains about the flavor. First we gonna start the prep with the kebab Then with the vegetarian skewers And in the end… the sausage. Lets start with the preparation Bubi. For the Turkish kebab we need to replicate that spicy flavor. We gonna put red pepper, garlic powder, fresh garlic, onion, We gonna put fresh green and red pepper. And we gonna put cumin. Bubi, now I will start with chopping, you record, We must cut very fine all of the vegetables. If we make this prep at home we can put everything in food processor. Bu we are outside, we wont use food processor. We gonna chop everything with knife. Everything chopped finely like this… goes in the minced beef. Inside… we gonna put some lemon juice. We gonna put garlic powder, salt, black pepper, paprika chilly flakes and cumin. Mix everything well. Cover with aluminium foil and set a side. The flavors needs to set. Then we gonna make the rest of the preparation. Next, we gonna make marinade for the vegetables. We gonna marinade them very good. That means a lot of spices. So they will have good flavor. We gonna put, oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, vegeta. paprika, then we gonna put garlic powder and also fresh garlic. Gonna chop zucchini, onions, red and green pepper. Lets make the marinade Bubi. All of the vegetables chop them in same size so they will cook at same time. All of the vegetables are chopped in same size. We have very beautiful colors. Now we gonna put inside the marinade. Leave them to marinade… and we gonna start making the salsa. Two different salsas. One with grilled corn, the other with pineapple. Perfect! Two different types of salsas. One with pineapple and the othe with corn. We put them both of them on the grill.. They will get smokey flavor. Lets chop some tomatoes, onion and parsley. We gonna have different salsa, it will not be boring. Lets make it. Because it’s Summer and the tomatoes are juicy, we gonna remove the seeds part from the tomatoes. Because when we gonna put salt, all of the moisture will go out from the tomato. That is why we gonna remove that part You can use that for some… sauce. Also, in the salsa we gonna put fresh parsley and fresh mint. The mint will fresh flavor, also we gonna add some lime juice. It’s Summer. Because people started coming, the party starts. And you don’t want them to be the only one who enjoys the party. Ask them to join. Let them help you with the food so it will be faster Bubi, it will be good party, you will enjoy, I will enjoy. Lets start the party. Come on! Party started. All that is left for us is to serve the food. See next season, Fat Kitchen. Thanks everyone for your attention, for all of the support that we had. Thanks everyone that helped somehow. See you in season 2, with new recipes and new challenges. Bubi, lets serve the food, enjoy and continue with the party. Goodbye everyone!

3 thoughts on “S01 EP10 Fat Kitchen – Пикник/Picnic

  1. Одлично! Честитки за добрата реализација цела сезона, финалето лу-ди-ло! 🙂
    Втора сезона уште појако! Ви посакувам Action или Matty да ги донесете во шоуто, ама и мене да ме викнете!

  2. Многу нови и многу интересни комбинации на вкусови кои сигурно добро се вклопуваат. Со среќа втората сезона!

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