S1 E1: Travel Hackers are GO! | The Great Travel Hack

S1 E1: Travel Hackers are GO! | The Great Travel Hack

100 thoughts on “S1 E1: Travel Hackers are GO! | The Great Travel Hack

  1. Team Alpha and Omega are at the start of their epic lower-carbon road trip from LA to New York, who will you be rooting for?

  2. Shell is a disgusting company that only cares about making more money. They are jumping on the "greenwave" as they see that it can make them even more cash. The company that have lobbied against electric cars for years are suddenly embracing it. They are a joke and should be looked by the public as a disgusting joke.

  3. I advise everyone to watch Reasy's video on this ADVERTISEMENT. Don't be tricked by this blantant greenwashing and cringy attempt to connect with millenials.

  4. Hi Shell, care to respond to critics of your marketing campaign? See: Why Shell's Marketing is so Disgusting: https://youtu.be/adXkCH3lMug ?


  6. The best way to lower CO2 emissions is to not be a megacorporation based on exploiting oil and to not lobby politicians to implement environmental regulation made to prevent the world from chaos.

  7. After all of this special hydrogen fuel travel, you’re going to go back your normal ways expecting people to like you when you are still pumping gas out of the earth. Nice!

  8. This is a complete sell out by everyone involved. Disgusting throw away of morals. No one with half a brain should act like Shell cares about the planet; they're in the top 10 polluting companies of all time. Say no to their money, esp when u all already have so much. Disgusting company and everyone involved.

  9. Youre disgusting pricks. Ga Rutte verder in het torentje afzuigen, of betaal gewoon belastingen en doe eens wat aan het tegengaan van klimaatverandering in plaats van deze verschrikkelijke poging tot propaganda.

  10. Greenwashing nonsense, I've heard your adverts on the radio too 'drive carbon neutral' you are taking the royal p*ss

  11. Wanna know how to save CO2 emissions on a pointless trip? Don't go on the pointless trip.

    "ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron are identified as among the highest emitting investor-owned companies since 1988."

    Nice greenwashing, boomers.

  12. I honestly just think it’s an achievement that shell somehow found the most soulless people in America and put them all into one commercial, this is art

  13. "natural gas is a good low carbon option". They smuggled that one in there. If I was cynical I'd say Shell don't really care about reducing carbon emissions.

  14. Three words- Huberts peak oil. Reduce carbon footprint reduce fossil fuels. Why cant politicians just tell it the way it is

  15. Shell and bbc working again like the did on the tesla with clarkson!
    Still love it! No hate just sayin!
    I drive a 6.2 amg ?

  16. PSA to everyone watching this:
    Shell was the 9th worldwide producer of CO2 last year. Out of the billions of companies that exist on earth, shell made over 1% of all co2 emissions.

    Shell is also the 2nd most profitable oil company and doesn't plan to stop making oil any time soon.

    This video is purely propaganda.

  17. Full cell chargers (US): 39
    Tesla superchargers: 7,320 (1,080 stations)

    Actor: There are now 35 fuel cell chargers in California which… is like crazy!

    I agree.

  18. Everyone’s hating on shell for filling a gap in the market and being a billion dollar company. “Oh my god big oil companies are destroying the environment with their oil rigs and fracking! I hate you shell!”. Funny thing is that we as consumers are the ones destroying the environment, as we are the ones that continue to purchase and burn fossil fuels. Shell will only stop mining for oil when we stop using it. Shell won’t just shut down their thriving company because of their environmental concern, because no one in their right mind would kill their own company. Stop hating on shell and instead start reducing YOUR emissions in your day to day life. When we all stop buying fuel from oil companies like shell, they’ll be forced into bankruptcy, so maybe just stop using fossil fuels, which will actually make a difference, (although extremely small), instead of posting these stupid comments which literally do nothing.

  19. This campaign is clearly a joke. I imagine the uploader ment to put this online 11 days later (rendering it the start of april). Please convert your biz model towards hydrogen or you basicly end up like fossil fuel you crave so much (you dinosaur) 😉 ps clean up your mess on video, that would make way better content.. cheers

  20. I only clicked on the video as I knew the comments would be funny.

    Also if your trying to reduce co2 why take an unnecessary trip.

  21. Propaganda from a polluting dinosaur of a company. Low CO2 travel should be the norm, not a 'hack'. It's because of the lobbying and deliberate misinformation campaign if the fossil fuel industry that it isn't. The makers of this – and the 'travel bloggers' who star in it should be ashamed of being on the Shell advertising payroll.

  22. Hi. How do we stop the repeated travel hack advert? I might have been interested at first but now that I have received about 50 notification. I never want to watch it I’m afraid.

  23. How about not videoing this….that would help lower the carbon footprint… Or not wasting storage space on servers that require energy, with silly videos…

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