S2 E2: Art Attack | The Great Travel Hack | #MakeTheFuture

S2 E2: Art Attack | The Great Travel Hack | #MakeTheFuture

I know what you’re thinking: “What’s happening on this epic
lower CO₂ emissions challenge?” Well, I can tell you… it’s intense. Coming up on The Great Travel Hack… Team Omega bring new meaning to “hitting the road.” Team Alpha face an uphill battle. Come on! And they conquer the wild
without their umbrellas. It ain’t training if it ain’t raining! This is The Great Travel Hack. Oh, wow. This is sick! Fancy! This is nuts. So cool. Good morning. -Good morning.
-Good morning! Did you guys sleep well? Bad dreams, picking rubbish
out of a canal. Get used to it. But I hope you’re ready for more action. Bring it on. You have 48 hours to get to the Niederwald Temple
in Germany. I’m sure you’re curious which vehicles
you’re going to use for your journey. So get out your phones
and spin the wheel. -We got three again.
-Two. Don’t get too excited, because these cars are all mine. The vehicles that you are going to use… are there. Are you serious? No! Jordan, we’ve got Two.
Check out number Three! Number Three! It’s so nice to see your faces!
I love this. Go and check them out. I think they’re ridiculous. -Are you actually able to get into this?
-I’m honestly not sure. We actually have to pedal! If I fold you, I can maybe
put you in the back. Watch your head. Pop the roof. Can you sit up now? Better?
Can you actually see? There we go. Now I can see! Hey, guys! Don’t you like it a little bit? It will save us the energy we need to win. Having fun? Oh, **** off! This is the coolest, but most uncomfortable I’ve felt
in a very long time. Oh, my God! It is a bit wobbly! It is a bit wobbly! Loiza looked so cheesed off. I like the fact
that you’re not enjoying yourself. -Watch your head.
-Here we go. That was not fun. I have a wooden ass by now. -What?
-Message. Greetings, Travel Hackers. Over the next 12 years, Staatsbosbeheer,
the Dutch forestry service, together with Shell, are planting 5 million trees
in the Netherlands to help capture carbon dioxide. But trees can’t grow
if animals like deer eat them. So your challenge is to protect
as many of them as possible by building little fences around them. Mission Control will direct you
to the nearest hardware store. Go and get fencing materials
and head to the forest. If you protect more trees
than the other team, I’ll send you a reward
in the form of a little boost. We got a shopping list. We got a drop pin
for the hardware store. To the hardware store! -That should do it.
-Supply sorted. -I have an idea, can I have the phone?
-Yeah, of course. -Should we call Mission Control?
-Mission Control! -Hey, guys.
-Nice to meet you. We hope you enjoy
the car we left at the DIY store. It’s electric, and a little roomier. Mission Control doesn’t mess about. One minute we’re in our littlebureau, give them a quick ring… sorted. We’re spoiled, because we can
actually get you in the car. Loving it. I love my buddy’s camper. It really suits you well, you know? Thank you, love. -This is a cute van for you.
-I know. The only thing…
What about our CO₂ emission? Yeah, well, that is a different story. Because it runs on fuel. Hello, Mission Control. Can we have some more information
on our Nissan Leaf? The Nissan Leaf has
exceptional claimed range: 239 miles. -239 miles!
-That’s actually a lot. If you think about your average day, you go to the shops,
or sometimes further afield. That is probably filling up
around the once-a-week mark, I’d say? Recharging once a week.
That’s pretty good. I got a message. Wait a sec. “Conventional car drivers
in the Netherlands can drive carbon neutral, now. Anyone who fills up with Shell V-Power has their CO₂ emissions offset
as standard. Look, that’s what Mission Control
was telling us about. I’ve got a sneaky feeling… we might have an issue trying to drive
through a forest in this bad boy. We need a big car. We need a car with low CO₂ emissions that we can put all the stuff in, and bring us into the forest. Maybe we can ask Mission Control for that. Right. This has got to get us the win. Team Omega… -You’re going down!
-Down! -That is a monster!
-That is sick! -And he fits!
-Plenty of room. You can even stand up. Well, we are off-roading
right now, aren’t we? We are off-roading! No hands. We’re not tearing up the ground,
and we’re saving the trees. That was exactly what we’re looking for. -This is so cool!
-Come on, I want to see this thing. I think this is the coolest thing
so far, right? Yeah, I totally agree. -This is like being back in the jungle.
-Literally. Look at all this. -Stop it!
-Is there actually spiders? -There.
-Oh, my days. -It must be here.
-Hang on. There, there. It says, “The Great Travel Hack.” Yes! What time do you call this? You’ve got all the gear… and no idea. Not too friendly, before the competition. So what are we about to do? -The instructions…
-Are over here. Jordan Banjo is going
to read them out for you. Oh, Boring Banjo? “Hi, guys. Greg here. Here’s an example
of the fences you need to make. It’s harder than it looks.” I’ve just got a message.
It’s from Mission Control. It’s a timer, and time starts now. Right, let’s go. -Three poles each.
-Get off our stuff. Loiza, it’s easier with gloves on. How did they cut theirs? Oh, they’re speaking in Dutch.
This is bad. It ain’t training if it ain’t raining! What are you laughing about? Come on. Good shot. Good! -Keep going.
-Yes! Fence please. -The results are in.
-Bring it on. “Hi, teams. It’s Greg. Well done, Team Omega.” Wait, wait. “And Omega, you have a new vehicle which is waiting for you
and standing by.” Love it! I’m getting sick of this, now.
Getting sick of this… We did it! It looks good for us, right? I know. -Dry, warm, new car.
-I love it. -Lightweight, really fast…
-Yeah. Zero emissions whilst driving. I say, perfect car for us. “Wilkommen in Deutschland.”Danke dihr. Did you know that
approximately 100 million currywurst are reportedly eaten
in Germany every year? -Currywurst!
-Currywurst! I’m really looking forward
to having a bratwurst sausage. -I’ve never had one.
-You’re missing out. -We’ll get one.
-A little sauerkraut. -What is sauerkraut?
-Pickled cabbage. No way. I’d rather have mustard. Mate, you’ve got to try it.Sauerkraut und bratwurst.Und bier.Bier! Jordan, have you ever been
in one place with four seasons? I just don’t understand. -Is that the phone?
-Yes, it is. “Hi, Greg here.” “It’s that time again, guys. I’m sending you a drop pin
to your black bags, now.” “Pull over at the drop pin I’m sending you
and open them up. Have fun.” “Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten
about the prize for your fence building. Your boost is an upgrade
to your black bag vehicles to something with a bit more… oomph.” We have a little bit of blue sky. The pin is here, which means
this is where our challenge starts. Let’s do it! OK! -I can’t ride a bike.
-There’s no seat. -Boost-plus!
-So big! -I want to see what’s in it.
-Let’s open it. Oh, my God! I can’t ride a bike,
but half the bike, half the problem. Three, two, one… Come on, Jordan! This way. It’s not hard. It’s harder than it looks. Oh, my God! This is so cool. If you’re done with your pets,
your husband, your wife, just buy this, this is going
to solve all your problems. Knowing us, the other team
are going to have an electric vehicle, four wheels, comfortable seats… -Loads of fun.
-Proper steering wheel. -Jamie, don’t drive too much.
-I’m not. -Stop it!
-Oh, ****! -Jamie!
-There we are! I saw it and had to go over it.
I’m really sorry. OK, I’m ******, now. -No?
-No, Jamie. Jamie! Jamie! Come on. -Nice!
-Yes! It’s easier on the flat. You just can’t steer. Do you know what, Sam?
I know when I’m beat. I’m walking. So close. Right, come on. It’s quicker, walking. First, again! Cheers to that. How nice, waiting for Team Alpha. I can make that a routine in my life:
waiting for Team Alpha! Not again! -Is that yours?
-Tell me you had to at least pedal. -No!
-You’re full electric, flying around. And we’re trying to pedal uphill
on these monstrosities. You should have done better
in the challenge. Hi, guys! So good to see you again. Five countries, already? Things got a bit intense
here and there, huh? -Yes.
-You can put it that way. Of course, you know
only one team can win, and that’s the team
with the lowest CO₂ emissions. It was very close, again. And the winning team is… Team Alpha. Yes! Finally! It was worth it!
It was worth it! Yes! -You want to know what you won?
-Yes, please. OK. You, as the winning team,
get to enjoy a painting lesson. Using paint with natural pigments,
of course. Oh! Lovely. It’s not a boat party
with champagne and DJs, but it is good. It’s nice. You’re laughing, but you will be
posing for them in character. What character? Tell us. You’ll find out soon enough. Alpha’s combination
of heroic perseverance, smooth driving and clever route choices have clinched it in the end. Nice win, guys.
Even nicer lower CO₂ emissions score. Come on, guys. Let’s get it over with. Can you keep still? I can’t concentrate.
I want to do you justice. Finished yet? This is stupid, man. On the next leg,
we’ll immerse ourselves in authentic German culture.Schneeballen! And blow our minds with the astounding
beauty of the Austrian Alps. But remember, the champagne
can only flow for one team. It’s getting exciting now,
and we are not even halfway. Click here to see what’s next, and below to subscribe. And if you enjoyed watching this video, give it a like.

100 thoughts on “S2 E2: Art Attack | The Great Travel Hack | #MakeTheFuture

  1. Zero carbon emissions means NOT using any vechicles that use oil and gas engines and are NOT manufactured using hydrocarbon powered power stations & Shell are really taking the proverbial!!!! SO THAT MEANS WE ARE THE DUFFERS???????? Global asphyxiation rules ok???

  2. Shell executives should be sealed in a room with running cars until they somehow come up with a solution to climate change

  3. Shell thinks we are too dumb to see what they're doing with this, but we're not and this is sick in how cynical and evil it's agenda is. Future generations will look back at companies like shell destroying the habitability of our planet while pretending it's up to individual consumers to ride silly bikes instead of modern transportation and they will rage at you for the damage you caused, even when you knew how much damage you were doing, you continued to do it and convince the public you weren't doing much damage at all.

    Disgusting company.

  4. Remember when shell and other oil companies literally lied and said climate change isn't real for years? Or the millions they still spend on anti climate change activism propaganda.

  5. Imagine having a malignant tumour or a parasite that whispers lies into your ears, trying to convince you it's your friend.

  6. What a lovely way to portray electrics vehicles – as shoddy little toys that are silly compared to an Audi race car. Nice way to discredit them when they are a threat to your bottom line.

  7. You're one of the worlds single biggest emitters. No amount of electric car videos are gonna change that. If you really want to make a difference, put your money where your mouth is and move to 100% renewable energy.

  8. An oil company that claims to be against CO2 emissions is like a condom brand advocating for abstinence. Nobody can honestly believe youโ€™re sincere and by the looks of this comment section youโ€™re not fooling anyone. Good to see you have a few thousand โ€˜likeโ€™ bots to help you with that like-dislike ratio, though.

  9. Maybe not doing this whole challenge will safe even more CO2. Good job Shell of slamming your greenwashing marketings down our troats. You really think it will change our vision we have of you?

  10. Shell and 19 other corporations produce more than a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world.
    Also Shell: This….

  11. Would they really be concerned and conscious of the environment, they should start with being transparent and accountable on their own actions. Their current marketing strategy on carbon neutrality is an horrendous act of greenwashing and lacks any form of credibility and authenticity.

  12. What a joke. 5 million trees in 12 fricking years from one of the biggest companies of the world?? While meanwhile we have the #teamtrees project to plant 20 millions in 3 months with just volunteers. 4 times the trees in 1/48 of the time. Just pathetic

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    Ze kunnen niet gemist worden.

    Dank u wel ๐Ÿ‘

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  15. Where is the bus????? Or any actual cheap transport … enough of this greenwashing. Sad to see that celebs promote this just for money

  16. I'd rather go work for Gazprom, at least Russians are more honest about their intention and don't aim for fraudulent moral high grounds where there is none.

  17. Guys yeah you guys are saying lots of things like Shell should fall down but do you know how many people would lose their jobs if that happened there would be another problem to many poor people on the streets fix that PLEASE SO THINK BEFORE YOU SAY.

  18. So all of you hating on shell… are you willing to stop buying gas In General ? Because shell isnโ€™t making the emissions..WE ARE… they are trying to provide a cleaner product that we are gunna use no matter what. Shell has the cleanest gas in the industry.

  19. I really enjoyed this series of videos. It brought to my attention the many different electric vehicles
    that are available. It also reminded me that I can do more on an individual basis to help lower Co2 emissions including planting trees.
    I sincerely hope that Shell continues to produce videos of this nature as I believe they help to provide information that would otherwise not get out to the general public. Thank you Shell for doing everything you do.
    Sincerely, Jon

  20. This is a super little mini. Really challenges what you think of travel options and is a nice answer to The Amazing race, albeit short ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. If there was only one rule, and they had to get from London to Istanbul in a week, why not take the Eurostar to Amsterdam? Then from Amsterdam a Flixbus to Frankfurt, a train from Frankfurt to Vienna, a bus from Vienna to Sofia and from there the nighttrain to Istanbul? It is so easy, why make it look like a lot of effort?

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