[S2 – Eps. 42] The final stretch to Mendoza, Argentina!

[S2 – Eps. 42] The final stretch to Mendoza, Argentina!

Hello! Restaurant? It’s there. Ooohh I’m sorry! I thought this was the parking but turns out I just rock up at somebodies house Good morning internet! It is one minute past seven in the morning and welcome back to the channel. As you can probably see from my face I’m leaving a little bit earlier today after the last ride I was thinking I really should leave early so it’s not so hot because today I am riding to Mendoza I’ll show you on the map I am now here in Malargue in Argentina and today I’m going straight to Mendoza but this little bit on the map is still 330 kilometers so it’s still quite a significant ride although I do believe that this time round everything is paved so it should be a quick ride so I hope to arrive in Mendoza relatively early because today is Christmas or today is Christmas Eve and I’ve been riding for the last 5 days straight. Or this will be the fifth day in a row that I’m riding because I just really wanted to make it to a bigger place for Christmas to celebrate it there so I can really notice that I’m getting quite tired of riding every day. I just really need a break, so that’s why I thought okay, come on, last day then I’m in Mendoza and then I’m going to take a few days rest and also make all the videos because I have not made the videos yet from these days riding that is the plan. I bought breakfast yesterday. Some yoghurt and muesli and stuff and I put it inside the hostel over there in the fridge. And I asked them, is the door open also early in the morning so I can grab it They said: yeah the door is always open. So it’s not. So I couldn’t get my breakfast. I also had some fruit I bought some fruit which I had in my room, so I had that but yeah, not much food, but anyway, it doesn’t matter let’s go and then I’ll see if I eat something along the way or just go straight to Mendoza and have big lunch or something I’m going to grab my jacket and then go So I just covered 200 kilometers and this is the first village, town that I see I’m going to see if I can eat something here right now, I’m really quite hungry Is this not the restaurant? Hello! Restaurant? It’s there Oooh I’m sorry! It’s okay I thought this was the parking but it turns out I just rock up at somebodies house Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time in Mendoza Yeah Merry Christmas to you too It doesn’t feel like Christmas when it’s so hot right? yeah Okay, ciao! Good luck, ride safe! Well, I had my breakfast and quite cool, I met this guy, Spencer, from Canada and he cycled all the way from Cartagena, Colombia to here and he is on his way to Ushuaia incredible and he from Colombia to here what did he say, 11 no he left in February yeah, in like 10 months really impressive well, as you can see by the traffic and by how big this road is, I’m very close to Mendoza it’s only 10 kilometers to go my GoPro was overheating in the last ride that also happened and then it shuts down so I just let it cool off a bit and now it’s working again so let’s ride into Mendoza find a place no I think I said let’s find a place in Mendoza but actually in this case I made a reservation just because of Christmas look at those tyres hello it’s somewhere here, ah here it is hostel Lagares There is a button There You have to do it together Like this I am sweating a little bit I put Dhanno right here Kind of half in the entrance and half not I took all the luggage off and it just fits, it was a bit of a manoeuvring because here there is a small slope so I put her here. She is a little bit on the street but pretty safe So this is the hostel where I’m staying Close this one So here I’m going to celebrate Christmas they have a kitchen where the breakfast will be then a common room and then, my room, is over here I am here! so, a tiny little room with a huge bed, so perfect let’s close this one man I am sweating I am so glad that I left early this morning I mean the beginning of the ride, the first 200 kilometers was really doable, it was just the last bit was really quite hot getting into the city but other than that, fine ride not too exciting but I’m just really happy to be here. Fifth day riding in a row, I am absolutely shattered so I am just going to spend Christmas here I already met some other travellers, backpackers so I am sure I’ll meet some people to have a dinner together or something like that which is nice so I think I’m going to take a shower now so that was it for today, I hope you liked this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!

100 thoughts on “[S2 – Eps. 42] The final stretch to Mendoza, Argentina!

  1. Itchy Boots, I really admire your intrepid intestinal fortitude to undertake such long journeys all alone. Besides that, you are downright good-lookin'. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video Noraly, I'm viewing it the 3rd of January so A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you. My wife and I built a snowman New Years day so it's definitely not hot here in Canada and my two wheeled girl is snug in her spot in my warehouse for the winter. Your videos are helping my keep my sanity through the long cold winter. Thank you !!!

  3. Well, now that I know that you made it to the pass, hope you found some new friends and had a cool Christmas and maybe a slightly inebriated new year. Would imagine Dhannos struggles through the heat to be something like 'My Generation, Live at Leeds by The Who'.

  4. I,m not sure if anyone has already mentioned it or not ,but please be careful riding in between cars at stop lights . It,s not legal in the USA . Best wishes from Canada . Love watching your adventures ❤️

  5. Just a heads up Noraly, there are places in the United States that you cannot cut in traffic and share lanes. Merry Christmas, be safe!

  6. buen video se te nota bien cansada feliz año nuevo!!! y que sea un año llenito de increibles videos como hasta ahora!! saludos desde españa!

  7. Heeeeeel verstandig dat je de kesrtvideo nu pas gaat laten zien. Daar is over nagedacht (gelukkig) ! Ik hoop dat je een mooie kerst had, zo in je eentje, ver van huis. Take care, ride safe Noraly , or should i say… Ms Boots LOL.

  8. From the gate to the Booton that place look crup. In Mendoza City you have hotels from 3 to 5 stars like the Sheraton. Remember that from 1 to 4.30 or 5 shops are close becouse the wether is quite extreme. Summers are super hot.. Place not to go is Las Heras where for sure you can lose all your property at any time so please don't go there. Stay in the town or near. Don't stop to help people on the High ways because they could robbery you . Stay safe.

  9. this is gona be something. Norali with her channel.. than Lyndon poskit with his race in africa eco race with his filming all of it. than the dakar.. im gonna have to little time im afraid. love your vids and im hooked for your next adventure day 😛

  10. With the important breakfast locked in You tell it in a humorous way and a giggle. That´s why we all love You Noraly. Your wonderful spirit that makes us so happy! A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BIG HUG!

  11. I never pull out first at a stop light in case someone decides to run the light. Are your ears popping running up a down the mountains?

  12. Noraly and Dahnno, when they pass through Chile, and if it is very hot, I recommend you to drink a delicious and cold Mote with bones, it will comfort you a lot. Greetings, and keep going!

  13. due to following you for 2 seasons..i am selling my 2018 BMW R1200 GS rallye TE…and buying 2 hymalayan's for me and the wife…here goes to the fun and adventures we will have, we live in the UK in the lake district, bring on the many green lane off road riding and the touring we will do 🙂
    I will be letting royal enfield know why i am buying 2…"buying 2 due to itchyboots" 😀

  14. I have never been in the southern hemispher, hard to believe you're sweating down there while we're all freezing in the northern hemisphere. 😰

  15. Good work can understand your frustration to be somewhere for Xmas, though that was 9 days ago. However big refresh for a couple of days, and
    onward. Yes, the heat will rise and sap your energy, personally, I would dismiss the midday ride, I did years of Geophysical Exploration in Australia
    and always escaped the heat. Say hello to Aconcagua, our ex-Prime Minister, Helen Clark climbed it years but missed the last few hundred feet.
    Take care of yourself and Dhanno, the oncoming volcanic landscape will stretch you. Go up to LSST for a day, Cerro Pachon. Shine on….

  16. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! So refreshing to see, that no matter how exhausted you are, you are still smiling!  Mendoza I am sure has it all! Looking forward to your next episode heading North!

  17. I know it’s a little late but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please ride safe and let’s get through 2020 to Alaska.

  18. Hi!! Noraly,
    Geweldig om te zien dat je in een grotere stad bent voor het vieren van Kerstmis !! Anders had je je een beetje eenzaam gevoeld! Hier in India ervaren we onze "mini" winter, met temperaturen rond de 16 – 18 ° C (min) en 28 ° V (max). Dus ik geniet zolang het duurt! Ik ga morgen met een paar damesfietsers van mijn groep naar een plaats genaamd "Lonavala". Het is een ontbijtrit, zoals ze het noemen. We zullen op onze bestemming ontbijten en dan terugkeren.

  19. Rocking up to park at the next door neighbour on xmas eve – perfect.Reasonable assumption given the vehicles parked.

  20. Great Noraly, nice to see my country with your videos, just one advice ,don't left the motorcycle at the street in big town ,the chance for stolen is bigger .
    Mucha suerte!!!!

  21. Nice! your videos are addictive!
    I'm guessing you are heading north towards tropical equatorial climate . I used to work years on board of cruise ships all over for Princess , one of the requirements for every european /north american crew member before we got onboard ( suggested even for passengers ) was to get a traveler cocktail of vaccines against tropical diseases when operating in Caribbean Sea/Panama/South America . Sorry, maybe i shouldn't say this, perhaps you got it, if not just a suggestion, you are always outdoors in the elements and our nordic made bodies are not prepared for this realm. All the best!

  22. The camera over heating seems a common problem. I was making a video in 35 C heat at slow speed on a dirt track , filmed about half an hour it got as hot as a boiled potato, cant say i am surprized as the processor in computers have a fan. However i am a little worryed that you have yours mounted on your helmet on the remote off chance it catches fire, be carfull dont let it get too hot, have a great Christmas

  23. Dear sister
    No humpy pumpy ride this time. Dunno is happy. Gentleman Spencer from Canada.my son is in mississauga Toronto canada. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you

  24. Hello Noraly, when you leave your bike on the street, do you have a lock? Here in Ho Chi Minh City, I have Kryptonite locked on my motorcycle even when stored inside the house and use a disk lock when I have to park on the street. Not sure if I could sleep at night if I did not have these. Great YouTube channel by the way. I lived over 5 years in Central Asia, most of it in Kazakhstan. That is how I found your channel. Looking forward to your trip to the US.

  25. I hope you had a nice Christmas and I wold like to say thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.. RIDE SAFE !!

  26. Noraly, when you arrived at the restaurant in today’s episode you had ridden exactly 10,000 km (6,214 miles) since you arrived in Buenos Aires three months ago. To put this in perspective for those of us in the United States, that is equivalent to riding coast to coast in the US from New York City, NY to Los Angeles, CA (4,490 km/2,790 miles) 2.25 times. It has been an unbelievable journey for all of us. I could not have lasted that long in the saddle. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and Happy New Year. Also, continued safe travels and Godspeed Noraly.

  27. Travel in the cool part of the day is smart thinking when temperatures are that high. Safe travels, hope Christmas was good for you, thanks Noraly.

  28. 6:06 it dosent feel like christmas if it so hot wright
    it does if you live in australia mate lol 👍👍👍😊😊😊

  29. Hi, Noraly. You inspired me to buy myself a RE Himalayan after 30 years without a bike and I enjoy every minute cruising through the landscape and feel young again. Thumbs up for your inspiring channel.

  30. Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, the North Pole is in Canada;that Canadian bicyclist was actually Santa in disguise checking out where Noraly was going to be on Christmas morning.🇨🇦🦌

  31. Bello y real…!
    Léelo todo y comparte. 👍😊

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  32. Your videos adventures are at a whole different level to anything else out there! Absolutely fascinating to watch your joy of life, fun, respect for people and places and your intelligence!

  33. Hey Itchy boots, I'm also following a guy named Ioahan Gueorguiev. And his doing what your doing, but in reverse from Alaska to Argentina and on a bicycle for 5 years now. Awesome videos as well. Both of you inspired me a lot.

  34. Mam Im a old Fan of u …i stay in INDIA ..Im planning to buy Himalaya I got impressed with the visior modification ..can u pls help me out where u found it online? pls share the link if u still remember…it LoooL ..

    Thank you

  35. Enjoying your videos. I noticed you pull up between vehicles at intersections sometimes, between lanes. Very dangerous and illegal up here in the U.S. in most states. Please be careful. I have been riding for many years. I have a Kawasaki ZG1000.

  36. I wish you could spend a little more time in some of these towns, maybe talk to some of the locals to get some insight in to their culture.

  37. Good luck also from Germany ! Been following you from the begin. You also inspired me to get on my bike again for some longer rides using a helmet cam as you get one. Stay safe and have fun further

  38. Hi Noraly. I watched your live-stream and you mentioned Iceland. Be aware that the ferry from Denmark to Iceland is free-of-charge for motorbikes provided that you make a 3-day stopover in the Faroe Islands on either the way-up or when coming back. I live in Norway but I have visited Iceland 3 times using the ferry.

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