[S2 – Eps. 46] Caught in a hail storm at 4700 meters altitude in the Andes!

[S2 – Eps. 46] Caught in a hail storm at 4700 meters altitude in the Andes!

Well it’s hailing at the moment, you see
little hail stones Good morning internet! It is 06:45 in the morning and welcome back to the channel! So I am leaving early in the
morning again, and everybody’s still sleeping, but yesterday the guy said: just
knock on the door and then I open the gate. Because in the last video I showed
you, or I told you, that Dhanno could park beside here safely, but only in the
evening time so Dhanno is now there but to get there he has to open a gate So let’s wake him up Good morning I’ll put my motorcycle here and then I’ll put all my things on That’s better right? Thank you There she is! I’ll just put her on the
street now, and then put all my stuff on her. Okay And off we go.
You can see it’s still early morning So when I arrive today I’ll show you on
the map exactly what I did today but I am now in Copiapo in Chile and
today I’m riding back to Argentina over the San Francisco pass and this pass is
again at 4700 something, I think a little a little lower than the Paso Agua Negra
that I did to get here but still quite high And my planned distance for today if I make it, is 475 kilometers, so it’s a long day that’s why I thought to leave early
yesterday when I arrived I went to the supermarket and I bought sandwiches and fruit and muesli bars so I was all set for breakfast this morning and I also have plenty of food with me for lunch Today there are again super low hanging
clouds, so the visibility is not so great but at least it’s not hot. It’s nice and cool so let’s see what happens if I start climbing. Because now I’m at 600 meters
elevation so I’m gonna climb about 4000 meters What a sight isn’t it? I am now on a
small pass. I am now at 4,135 meters altitude. This is not the pass yet, I’m
not even past the immigration of Chile yet. There is absolutely nobody on this
road and I’m not sure how well you can see the colors because on the last few
videos I noticed it on the GoPro it doesn’t even capture how many different
colors these mountains have and everything is so rich in minerals
there’s a lot of mining in this area as well because it’s so mineral rich and
see Dhanno is covered in all this volcanic muck. It’s everywhere, so she
needs a wash again I think because I’ve passed so many volcanoes on the way so
this is the other side of the pass. I’m actually riding in a national park.
Parque Nacional Nevado de Tres Cruces Wow magnificent I’m not allowed to get closer to the
lagoon. This sign says: no trespassing It’s a recovery zone but with the drone
I think you could see it very well This is not very easy stuff. Fast, slow, it
doesn’t matter There’s a lot of salt in this stuff. Very bad for Dhanno Don’t drop her. These patches take some
time. Because some stretches are suddenly super soft But you never know what is going to be
soft and what’s not Well you could blast through this with
80 km/hr but I prefer to do it like, because, yeah if
I loose my front tire then I’m down on the ground. And I can do it like this. So here’s the deal I obviously took a whole detour through this area and now I’m back at the main road. But
that means that I actually missed the customs and immigration of Chile so the
border with Argentina is that way but I first have to go back there to get my
passport stamped and finish the temporary import of Dhanno and then I go
back So this is a bit of a strange situation,
because now I’m actually coming from the wrong side of the border It looks like I’m coming from Argentina now but obviously I still have to leave Chile, so that’s a bit weird. I’m not sure where I have to go. but I’m coming from there, I have to go there. I’m coming from Chile and go that way Hello! I’m going to Argentina. So I have too.. I don’t know. I took the route via the lagoon but I still have to… Are you leaving too Argentina? Clean the shoes Goodbye! It is now 100 kilometers to the top of the pass and then another 200 to my destination of today So I’m rapidly climbing again, I am now
at about 4300 meters altitude, but what is looming
right in front of me over there that is Nevado Ojos del Salado,
which means Snowy Salty Eyes and they named it because of the snow on the
volcano and because of all the salty lakes in the area and this is the
highest active volcano in the world and it’s sitting at 6893 meters altitude and I’m slowly approaching it so super
awesome. It is now about 74 kilometers till the pass and after the
pass it’s still 200 kilometers to my destination, but at the border at the
Chile side, they told me that everything is paved, so I will make it plenty in time.
It’s still early actually, it’s it’s now twelve o’clock so I think I’m going to do my lunch again at the top of the pass, have a lunch and then ride to Argentina. Small change of plans. I was planning to
have a lunch right at the border with Chile and Argentina but then I came past here and I thought.. ah this is so pretty and there’s no wind here so I thought it’s
much nicer to have a lunch here because maybe on the pass it’s super windy. No ah.. barbecuing. Well, you can also use it for lunch I’m still at about 4,400 or 4,500 meters
altitude, something like that, little bit short of breath, but look… so I’m gonna enjoy my lunch. I have some bread, dried apricots, apples, plums, muesli bar.. This
day, I am NOT going to starve! I have plenty of food. So I took this
opportunity to also fill up on water I brought again an extra 1,5 liters of water so I filled up my Camelback and I also filled up Dhanno
with both my spare petrol cans because today I am riding around 500
kilometers without a petrol station and I knew, well I thought it was gonna
be 475, so I filled up this morning. No, yesterday I did, in Copiapo. So this
morning everything was filled up but the extra detour that I made was probably
another 30 kilometers. I have to last 500 kilometers today and that shouldn’t be a
problem, but I do need my extra cans of course Ooh.. I’m out of breath! I am here! This is the border: Chile –
Argentina Well it’s a hailing at the moment. You see? Little hail stones Right so this is the border. Or this is
the Argentinean side of the border. It just stopped raining. Alright, I’m now entering Fiambala. So the plan is to stay here tonight. The temperature difference.. insane! Just the last 25 kilometers coming down, it’s like riding back into an absolute oven. Unbelievable.. And it is now 17:00 hours in the afternoon I’ve been underway for 10 hours now, so I
just hope that I will easily find a place to stay, that would be really nice because I’m absolute finished for today! Well, nobody is home Very quiet Here it is.. Hostel San Pedro I don’t have a reservation so I’m just
hoping they have a room Alright, I can stay here, which is so nice because I have literally zero energy left to start
looking for a place So this is my room with a really cool mural. Ah, very nice.. I don’t even know
where to begin, it was such a long day and had so many impressions that I can’t
even recap today. All I know is that I’m really tired. I already gave Dhanno a
rinse so that should be all good with all the salt and all that other kind of
mineral stuff, so she’s all clean and ready to go again. But yeah, I definitely
need a rest it was a really long day or again ten hours, even though most of it
was paved. The detour that I took that was unpaved and that took a lot of time and yeah, but it was fantastic yeah it was great and yeah, I don’t know what else to say.
Almost forgot to show you where I am and where I’ve been. I am now in a town
called Fiambala, which is over here and this morning I left from Copiapo, so I
went all the way here, across the border here and then went down here to Fiambala. That was it for today, I hope you liked
this video! If you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below
and then I’ll see in the next video!

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