Saanen, Gstaad, DDLJ locations in Switzeland, Zweisimmen, Yash Chopra Statue in Interlaken, Tribute

Saanen, Gstaad,  DDLJ locations in Switzeland, Zweisimmen, Yash Chopra Statue in Interlaken, Tribute

It’s one of the very proud moment for the Indians one of the Indian Film Director to have Statue in Interlaken and being a brand ambassador too Intro Music Courtesy YRF i am in Gstaad so i am at zweisimmen Train Station this is the station use in shoot of DDLJ Movie during the shoot Kajol & Sharukh Khan because of sharukh Khan Kajol missed her train to Zurich if see at my back that was the Kiosk from where they brought Swiss bell Nice place let’s explore Music Hi, You will find word DDLJ in this Video DDLJ short name for Movie (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) Which was one of the greatest film in indian cinema this episode is completely dedicated to Mr. Yash Raj Chopra as a Tribute, as i am his big fan will miss you Sir it’s a very quite village this village is very popular among Indians because of DDLJ Movie (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) you will find lot’s of indian family around today I’cant see anybody but during Vacations is full with Indian faces It’s a very popular location for DDLJ Lover’s so let’s move on to our next DDLJ Location You can Buy Swiss bell from here from 15chf my next stop will be Saanen in Gstaad which is only 45min drive from here please be safe while you drive around here speed limit vary from 40 to 60 kph and roads can be bit narrow on the corners don’t forget to admire the natural beauty as country side is amazing please use lay by to stop ! the road from zweisimmen to Saanen is extremely beautiful please drive safe and look out for cyclist and slow down They remind me of Cycle Baba (Check his Video Link Below) hi guy’s we are in Gstaad near Saanen River in Saanen DDLJ Very famous location for Bollywood Movies Lot’s of bollywood star’s used to come here I met this nice guy, What’s your name Khavier i see the logo River Crew they are specialize in water sport which are very popular here so i let him explain about it what all sports you do here this is Alpinzentrum Center here we do Rafting, Canyoning all kind of water stream sports with rope also like Tyrolean Many other sport too how much price start from sorry, Price for the activities oh sorry i don’t know price, as i am a field crew I can only tell you about adventures It’s nice river for all the family It’s Saanen River there are so many water activity you can do while you here like Rafting Canyoning there are next to Saanen River where the DDLJ bridge point make sure you come here their is paragliding also these people are good here to make you explore new things so make sure guys you just didn’t come to see the location stay out here & do adventures this place is lovely its away from everything because of jas chopra ji this place has became a very huge place of tourism but their are so many things to do around so do check the place out before you come here and do book it because sometimes in the summer they get very busy thank you sir for joining me bye bye so finally we have reached at the Saanen Bridge which is one of the very popular location of the DDLJ movie if you can see behind me that is Saanen Bridge ok guys we are in Gstaad church which is used in the shooting of DDLJ but this church is different from the inside but the inside of the church is in Bern i have a lady with me what your name madam? pratibha pratibha where are you from? Hyderabad Hyderabad’s biryani is one of a kind am i right or wrong true even i studied in Delhi jindal and all over Delhi i roamed around to find my biryani but never could find that i am a indian chef i cook biryani but i know Hyderabad biryani is difficult to make and Hyderabad is all about kabab and biryani and language wise they speak urdu and half of them them speak telgu yes …its mostly telgu but then their are mixed cultures so everybody is welcome in Hyderabad actually i think one thing is my friend is from hyderabad his name is manne kumaraswamy he will probably be watching us so used to say bindaas (cool) the way they talk is cool true what have you been doing here obviously you are here for DDLJ location so whats going on? we are essentially traveling over switerzerland some part of Switzerland which we didn’t cover the previous time so this the second time for me for me is the first time so we have been to Geneva then Bern and now we are in Gstaad and later on we are going to interlaken we were just coming from there is it beautiful or not? its amazing its like I’ve been to many countries in my life bur then Europe and Switzerland is one thing which touches my heart the air and the scenery it is diffidently beatiful what do you not like about this place? right now i am in Gstaad so i don’t like the property i am leaving in that’s the only problem you know here they have less hotels and more lodges so people have home properties but some of them can be beautiful yes the chalets are essentially beautiful but we have to book it earlier to obviously its peak seasons true and i don’t like how expensive it is here yes its very expensive here a can of coke is the cost of 400 in indian rs roughly yes that’s true and yesterday we just had dinner in a indian restaurant because all the ladies wanted to and then approximately it was 20,000 in indian rs and then we were like ok we had Mexican food yesterday my bill was 110 Swiss franc which is all most 10,000 indian rs for four of us and we didn’t have too much food, Just some starters, Mains and Sides Mexican Restaurant Interior was amazing in Switzerland eating out can be a bit expensive the Restaurant meal can cost upto 80chf for four the fast food meal can cost upto 40chf for four including Drinks we tried a Mexican restaurant the food was delicious some restaurant do offer budget kids meals and kids eat free with a full paying adult so please look and search into google before visiting Lunch meals can be cheaper then Dinners but anyway Switzerland is beautiful yes its expensive but a lot of people like (Prateebha) the beautiful lady next to me that all would love to come here and its life time achievement to come here so would you like to say anything to my viewers Prateebha :- Just follow him he is a really nice guy “Just Met” can you please repeat your name again sorry i am very bad with name, I am Prateebha Prateebha, its nice to meet you my name is Sunil and catch you on channel you will be on Delhi Boye’ in four week time Laugh Alright so we are here with all of Prateebha’s Family its nice talking to you that’s Pratibha’s family Thank you so Much, It was really nice talking to you Please do comment if you watch this video Church Bell Rings Church Time Clock Tower, 17:57 Swiss Time Church from Inside View from Church Gallery Swiss Chalets Style Vintage House Sangeeta flowers are beautiful isn’t it, yes very nice Beautiful walk from church to town through this Chalet Style Houses is amazing Specially Flowers on the Balcony please do admire this while you there Let’s go back to the Car No, I don’t want to go, Let’s see town first (Saanen) Traditional Swiss Cow Bell, Hang as the Door Bell Amazing Piece of Vintage Culture Is it drinkable Of course, That’s why drinking, very nice your face glows like french alps, after drinking this Yes Water Fountains in Swiss are Drinkable Shireen you can try too i want do it oh, please first wash your hand clean your hand and now you can drink i am all wet now it’s ok, at least you try hey we are in Saanen town now i saw these three lovely ladies they are from Switzerland mam this place is beautiful why you got so much of beauty out here what’s your name mam Miereane’ what’s your name Jeena what’s your name Lauren three of you are from switzerland so i can see now why switzerland is so beautiful you can see that what language you speak here French, here in Saanan German they are several Languages in switzerland there is German, French and there is Italian there is language called Romansh which is really spoke in some small part of Switzerland and what’s the reason of speaking so many different Languages is it because the Switzerland is actually between all this borders and people are originally originated from France or Germany and other parts around but do you understand each other or not

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