Sahara Wrangler on Picnic | Sindhi vlog # 30 | Mohammed Ali Rajpar – 23rd March

Sahara Wrangler on Picnic | Sindhi vlog # 30 | Mohammed Ali Rajpar – 23rd March

Assalamalykum Friends, How are you all doing? Mohammed Ali Rajpar, Your Friend with a new vlog today. Today is a special day, Its a Friday and along side we have our office picnic. We only have 1hr left to Picnic, so we will go there quickly as possible Car FF Speed Its Really Huge Park, I have noticed that 3-4 picnic are happening from different sources. Ours is at the end, long walk to do 🙁 It took me 15-20 minutes to park the car, and now walk towards the venue. Let me show you guys around. We have many things to explore They have Volleyball court and swimming only ! Pool was closed so couldnt vlog. Picnic Sound… We are at the picnic spot now friend. This is the Deck over this lake. Its huge lake though I have seen many lakes here, but this one is one of the biggest ! They have alligator warnings here as well. Party is going on that side. They will play games and food drive is currently going on. I just came, and i have short time. So probably i might not stand in the food line. I assume it will take 30 minutes to get food. So not in a mood to stand in food line so far. Nevertheless i saw a little bit of the park I might just get a drink and head out to meet my prayer on time. This Beast was providing the whole Picnic Party a Sound…. Wow Its getting hot now, and the line is to big. In Food they had, Mashed Potatoes, Mac n Cheese with veggie burger I hope you guys enjoyed, it was fun Time to go back to prayer. there is this huge lake out here. Generator, games and trampoline. I showed the the beast sahara wrangler. I met with many friends and team mates. Wont vlog with them. I hope you also had fun with me, if you liked the video. Give me a thumbs up, comment and let me know for any thing you want to say? Give me a feedback I have created a new channel called
Ali Rajpar Official That is an educational Channel, do check that out. We had the same on Facebook and people liked allot Thank god we have almost 16 thousand people following us. I hope you will support this new channel as you did on Facebook. And subscribe to my this current channel for vlogging.

21 thoughts on “Sahara Wrangler on Picnic | Sindhi vlog # 30 | Mohammed Ali Rajpar – 23rd March

  1. Zabardast everything perfect editing lush mazo achi Weo 5:33 vehicle ?aen game disi chakar pay aayaaa ??barhal mazo aayo Keep It Up ?

  2. پڪنڪ دوران ڪنھن گوري ناريءَ ?? سان بہ ملرايو ھا ان جا خيال بہ ٻُڌون ھا?

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