Salad Fingers 4: Cage

Salad Fingers 4: Cage

Hello there Bordois I’ve been thinking about you What have you been gathering today little sister? Really? Ah. Ah, your body is so much fun. I just want to give you a big stroke Oh You’ve gone flat little sister, and you’re all gooey! I shalln’t play with you again until you’ve had a wash Oh, uh Have I been gifted a grubby tap? I don’t think I’ve ever laid fingers on one of those before oh How I’ve dreamt of taps Wind-chime music plays Oh, ah. Taps tap, tap Tap, tap, tap, tap Oh, I just want to marry all of you gorgeous taps How did I get in here? Oh? Oh! oh, ahh That was a treat for the fingers Wha-what’s this? I don’t like this game. I think I’m going to go home now Bye-Bye

100 thoughts on “Salad Fingers 4: Cage

  1. Hearing the audio without watching it is… scary… “ hey little sister, I love to play with your body”, and other stuff like that makes me picture much more disturbing scenes than those that are actually happening

  2. I feel like you're trying to either work out, communicate, or convey pedophilic serial-murdering tendencies. This is very disturbing. I get the sense that you'd love to be pen pals with a serial-child-murderer. Am I correct in such assumptions? After alerting others that you live in their neighborhood, I think you should seek psychiatric help. Please show your therapist these videos. I will pray for you, and for the safety of those around you. Thank you for sharing, but I've seen enough. These videos make me uncomfortable, and a bit sick to my stomach.

  3. Oh, le doigt de la salade, tu vois que ce n’est pas vraiment d’aller en France, c’est de vivre la magie de la France et d’y aimer
    ( •_•) /

  4. me:i think, i need c-come to the psycholog
    pal:because of this strange serial?
    me:what are you talking about?
    pal:yes, you need come to the psycholog

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