San Antonio Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

San Antonio Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Between the Mexican border and the Texan capital
Austin, sits historic San Antonio. It is the second-most populated city in the
Lone Star State and one of America’s top travel destinations. San Antonio sprung up around 18th-century
bell towers of the Spanish missions. Today, the city’s popular Riverwalk connects
these, and many other, iconic local attractions. Walk in the footsteps of the heroes of the
Texas Revolution, enjoy a festive atmosphere and experience
the Latin culture. To give your feet a rest, cruise around in
a river taxi or hop on and off vintage buses and trolleys. Linger on café terraces to try Tex-Mex or
European food in between rides. A must-see is the Alamo, once a modest Franciscan mission and now a symbol of patriotism and defiance. In 1836 it became a fortress manned by a few
hundred volunteers who bravely tried to hold back an invading
army of thousands of Mexicans. They didn’t die in vain: The Texans won independence that same year,
shouting: “Remember the Alamo!” The nearby Institute Of Texan Cultures takes you even further back in time. See how America’s first peoples lived and learn why the state has attracted immigrants from all over the globe ever since. Step inside the simple dwellings to catch a glimpse of early life in the Southwest. Catch the river taxi to the former 19th-century
brewery that is now the San Antonio Museum of Art. This impressive building houses everything from the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, and other
ancient statues, to depictions of local history on canvas. Back in the city center, there is always something going on in bustling
Market Square. Listen to a heartfelt song, browse the stalls, or simply soak up the atmosphere. Take a short detour to the Botanical Gardens with plants flourishing
in the dry Texan desert. A far more lush experience is a stroll in
the nearby Japanese Tea Gardens, with its amazing stone structures and the
Jingu Tea House. This exotic attraction, just north of downtown
in Brackenridge Park, is an oasis in this otherwise arid corner
of the Southwest. In the same park is the Witte Museum. Let the children play before browsing the
paintings and relics of San Antonio’s past. Your passport to adventure is the nearby San
Antonio Zoo, good for some exciting wildlife encounters. Just a half-hour drive from here, the residents in the Natural Bridge Wildlife
Ranch have it made. The prairie and savannah animals here get
to roam free within the park’s boundaries. You can even feed some of the animals out
of your hand during a self-drive safari. On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing cooler than descending into
the Natural Bridge Caverns just down the road. Follow the guide to a subterranean landscape
of dripping stalactites and cathedral-like rock formations. Outside, the playground for kids AND adults
is something for the truly brave. Find your way back to the Riverwalk and explore
La Villita, visit the craft markets around the old fountain, or see a band in a riverside amphitheater. At the end of the day, ride the elevator to the top of the Tower
Of The Americas, for a view you’ll always remember. From the observation deck, San Antonio looks like a sparkling diamond
under the night’s sky…

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  1. If only all big cities from Texas like Austin,Houston and San Antonio moved too Dallas where the climate is better so it can be like a 2nd New York. Anyone? no?

  2. What happened to Fiesta Texas ( Six Flags) ..Sea World….cant believe these two places were not mentioned or Schlitterbahn another 30 minutes from San Antonio…these places bring tourist family's..more people more money! There is much more to this area than the Riverwalk (which is beautiful)…P.S. I left in 2005 for San Diego…mostly because of the fabulous weather!! Had to finally escape the heat and humidly…but left a lot of great times and friends!

  3. Born & Raised. Lived here for 25 years & still can't figure out why this place is such a great travel destination lol.. Also don't understand why anyone would want to move here, Other than settling down with a family.. Which isn't on my list of things to-do anytime soon. If you're young & ambitious, this isn't the city for you. Find a better paying job in another Texas city as I have.

  4. If interested I have several vacation rental homes in San Antonio several with in ground pools and hot tubs! If interested try Inside the description section is a list of my other homes website listings.

  5. as a san antonio native i can truly say that this city is an amazing one. perfect for anyone who wants a historic, modern, urban, suburban, or rural environment.

  6. Expedia called San Antonio arid….. you know arid means hot and dry right? New Mexico and Arizona are arid. San Antonio is humid subtropical climate. Warm moist air will make you sweat all day. Thick lush foliage and palm trees all over the city. The ocean isnt that far away. SA is humid not arid.

  7. Lots of footage from the Riverwalk. Don't get me wrong. I love S.A. Most of the city isn't surrounded by lush rivers though, and sometimes the river stinks especially during droughts. Good Mexican food and culture. People in S.A. are probably much nicer in general than people in the U.S. overall. San Antonio's a military and industrial city. Big military population which I've never found to be a bad thing. Traffic can be bad on I-10 towards La Cantera and the Rim which is a massive shopping area northwest of town. Also I-35 can be a nightmare. Get a margartia at La Fogata if you get a chance especially if the weather's nice. Austin is getting to be a horrible hipster filled cesspool. San Antonio is a bit more authentic.

  8. lol, I live here and it (You were expecting me to say it sucks, and I am a bit bored, I am a city admirer) is a good place

  9. I think a great place to add to this video would be a visit the DoSeum, our brand new children's museum with a focus on STEM activities for kids.

  10. as a resident born and raised it fuckin sucks here boring ass dirt town i cant wait to move lol shitty ass skyline

  11. Be sure to check out the Pearl Brewery Complex, lots of great cafes and restaurants, Hotel Emma is a beautiful hotel, and farmer's market every weekend! Many museums are free on Tuesdays too… if you head north of San Antonio, the La Cantera area has shopping, great spa resorts, Six Flags and Sea World is about 20 minutes drive in the NW side of the city. Hyatt and Hilton Resorts by Sea World are great options from downtown hotels.

  12. I live in SA in the new luxury homes by Emerald Homes and I didnt realize there is so much I have yet to see and experiance here! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm a vet so I've spent my fair share of time in San Antonio, i.e. Military City, USA. It's such an amazing city and they are so appreciative of the military. On one occasion, I remember going to a Mexican restaurant and they gave me a discount. I asked the waitress what's the discount for? She said they can tell I'm in the military. Military discounts are everywhere throughout the city. It's incredible. Love San Antonio.

  14. Taco Cabana isn't bad.  Pho Cong Ly is exceptional.  Seaworld is a regional favorite.  Yep, all I have found 'bout SA.  USCC is a small shack with Spanish graffiti all over it.

  15. I live in San Antonio it is a great place to live great for anyone and the weather is awesome it's always sunny and great schools

  16. S.A is a poor ugly city for me
    Malls ans theme parks can't be your top. Too american
    not my style when talking about travelling and tourism or urbanization

  17. Pretty lame for San Antonio. Not much to do. I can explore San Antonio in one day. No natural wonders to explore.

  18. Do not go to San Antonio. Ever since we went there we have been getting phone calls from various organizations for donations even from the State Police!

  19. Yeah most of this is down town, the tourist attractions. That's only a small part of San Antonio, unless you live in downtown or the dominion, this place isn't as great as it seems.

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  21. It's like US version of romantic Milan. Can you give me a free plane ticket for 5, Expedia? Thank you in advance. 😊

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