Santorini Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Santorini Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Officially known by its ancient name of Thera,
the striking volcanic islands of Santorini is one of the most visited Greek islands. Once a much larger, single island, Santorini
as it looks today is the result of a massive volcanic explosion known as the Minoan or
Theran explosion which took place around 3,600 years ago. The explosion left the steep sided
caldera on which the main settlements now perch as well as the deep lagoon that provides
the island with its safe harbours. Cruise ships travel to Santorini from all over the
Agean and the Mediterranean and sail across the flooded caldera. Santorini is a world famous destination that
features some of the most striking Mediterranean architecture. The distinctive white washed
houses are the visible portions of houses that include rooms built into cliff side caves. Blue domed churches are scattered through the towns and pathways and steps are traversed by keen eyed tourist on their way to the next stunning view or taverna. Away from the main towns that roost on the
cliff-tops, there is plenty to see. Numerous beaches at the base of the cliffs have warm
waters to swim in and unusually coloured sands. Elsewhere, small boat harbours with great
fish tavernas close by and some amazing roads are great options for when you get tired of
gazing at the horizon. Sunset is a special time here and thousands
come just to witness the sun sinking into the water from the numerous vantage points
around the towns. The views from a thousand feet above the water are simply stunning.

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  1. The only thing I didn't like in the video was the spoken English with such a hard accent to understand. That's a thing you should definitely improve.

  2. I would love to go but I see hotel prices expensive Santorini is my go to but I'll be up for different islands can some ppl recommend me hotels any ideas

  3. Hey guys, thinking about visiting Santorini, does anyone have any good hotel recommendations? The ones that look straight out to the sea (please do mention all 5 star hotels, regardless of the price, just want an idea even if it is expensive). Thanks! This channel is amazing, good job guys

  4. Warm water? That was't my experience. The water was cold in 3 beaches I went but the weather was quite warm, so it wasn't as bad.

  5. Maybe you know already. Have a look at those two videos, Santorini, Yuri palma, and 36 hours in Santorini, Sam Kolder. Incredibly, two among best worldwide filmmaker have been in Santorini in the same period.

  6. such a gorgeous place the video does it justice if you have the chance to go then do it I loved it took a day tour of the island as I was staying in crete at the time and I wanted to go to athens but I couldn't go as it was on the day I left so my family decided we should go to santorini

  7. what a horrible accent has the person speaking giving the description!!,,,, omg is so difficult to understand!

  8. Beautiful. Will go there one day

    Also love the music to this video, Expedia are masters at these videos

  9. I always wanted to go to Santorini they say that the houses are in luxe and beautiful with sea sight. Really I want to go there. ❤❤

  10. absolutely love this island! one of the most beautiful places on earth. I got engaged here in Aug of 2015 and returning in a week to get married here! can't wait

  11. Em agosto de 2016, eu e meu parceiro fomos para Santorini para uma semana. Hospedamos no Pegasus Suites Hotel *****stars. ilha é fascinante, é exótica, o branco e azul fazem detalhes exuberantes, nas residencias e hotelarias. A água do mar é tão azul que reflete a cor do mar com o branco e, dá vida a fotos e vídeos. Foi uma experiência maravilhosa.

  12. My dream is to save up enough money to go to Greece, Italy, France, Norway and Canada. Maybe USA or Hawaii along the way?

  13. I've traveled to many countries, and Greece is at the top. Santorini was stunning. Should be on everyone's list of must-see places!

  14. Santorini is not my favourite island στην Ελλαδα, but the view from Caldera is absolutely outstanding, marvelous, gorgeous and all the other great adjectives a place can deserve.

  15. The blue dome of the church have been in my head since I was young and I dreamed about it. I hope I will be able to see them

  16. It's so sad that such a beautiful place goes through so hard times. I'm proud of being a Greek but also ashamed. Ashamed because of how we treat minorities, ashamed of the people we choose to lead us. Ashamed of how we don't protect our land (I mean the environment and our sea).

  17. everything is vary beautifull and nice..especially sea and houses it's realy amazing… It is nice city with sea mountains and pretty houses))

  18. Santorini is most beautiful place❤ I'm Georgian and in our country is refugee habitat )) when I saw Santorini from far I was think that Santorini looks like Georgian this place? I liked this video and I have big want that visit in Santorini❤ I'm interesting traditions and cultures ❤

  19. Oh my goodness!!???
    I like not I love this city I want to see ??this city very very much I like ??here sea ??buildings ???and beach because it is very big and beautiful?????? I think that I must go⛵?✈? here and see everything but the most important fact is this that this city is in the Greece⛵????✈. I love????? Greece very much and I want to go here I love this city very very much??????

  20. Wow!!!!!!!! Perfect place for a GREAT honymoon.Fantastic and excellent.✨?????✨

  21. من أجمل الدول في الطبيعة ولقد سافر معنا آلاف العملاء وابدو
    ثناؤهم وشكرهم

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