SAS Campus Tour

SAS Campus Tour

SAS, which once stood for
“statistical analysis system”, began at North Carolina
State University in Raleigh as a project to analyze
agricultural research. The company was
officially founded in 1976 and has grown to help
all sorts of customers – from pharmaceutical
companies and banks to academic and
governmental entities. One of the largest privately
held software companies in the world with
14-thousand employees, SAS is the leader in
business analytics software and services. Every element of
the SAS culture is based on fostering
innovation and creativity. SAS holds an average US turnover
rate of around 4 percent, significantly lower than
the industry average of around 22 percent. This is a testament to
our company’s philosophy and culture. It’s estimated that SAS saves
approximately 100 million dollars each year by
retaining its employees. SAS opened its first building at
its Cary headquarters in 1980. The SAS Campus has
grown to 900 acres, of which 250 are developed. That means lots of
beautiful landscaping, natural space, and
walking trails. Today, more than
5-thousand employees work on the Cary campus. The SAS Art Collection also
plays an important role on campus and in the company’s
internationally recognized corporate culture. Since the 1980s,
the collection has grown to include thousands
of original creations, from monumental
sculptures and murals to a vast assortment of
paintings, glass, pottery, photography, and more. SAS has offices throughout the
United States and the world. International offices
are often located in historically
significant buildings. These offices consist primarily
of sales and marketing teams and research and
development operations. The first building in
Cary was located at what’s now The Umstead Hotel and Spa. The hotel is a separate entity
from SAS but many of our guests stay here when
visiting our campus. Adjacent to the SAS
campus, is Cary Academy. The school was
envisioned and developed by the Goodnight
and Sall families and is an independent,
co-educational, college preparatory day school
for grades 6-12. The children of SAS employees
make up approximately 15% of the student body. The SAS Solar Farms are
located on company property near the back
entrance to campus. Our systems use
directional arrays which track the path of the sun. SAS’ solar farms provide
clean renewable energy to the public energy grid. The Recreation
and Fitness Center helps employees face each work
day feeling healthy and ready to meet the challenges
of their jobs. The RFC is free to SAS
employees and family members and offers a variety of
exercise facilities, classes and sports leagues. The SAS Health Care
Center provides comprehensive
primary health care services that promote cost
effective and innovative treatment. The staff includes physicians,
nurse practitioners, nurses, dieticians, medical
technologists, therapists and a psychologist. The facility also includes
a full service pharmacy. The Health Care Center averages
more than three-thousand visits a month at no
charge to employees. As with most of the
employee benefits at SAS, the Health Care Center
also benefits the company through a healthier work
force, reduced abseentism and increased productivity. Employees can see a
provider and be back at their desk in
about 30 minutes compared to two hours for
a third party provider. Adjacent to the
Health Care Center is the Work/Life
Center who’s aim is to help employees balance
their personal and professional lives. The center is staffed
by master’s level social workers
and counselors who offer employees and
their family members educational and
support programs, one-on-one consultations,
and resources and referrals. SAS offers two
company-subsidized child care centers on campus. The Montessori-based
program serves hundreds of children age
six weeks to five-years-old. Parents are often seen on the
playground with their children or taking them to the caf?? for lunch. The largest building
on campus, Building R, houses SAS Research
and Development, the 24/7 Data Center, the
Library and the Atrium Caf??. More than 12-hundred
employees work here. And like the rest of
the buildings on campus, nearly every employee
here has a private office. Dr. Goodnight feels
that employees are most creative and productive
in spaces in which they can control their environment. Building C, which includes the
SAS Executive Briefing Center, consolidates much of the
campus customer meeting and presentation space. The complex has 700 offices, two
auditoriums and a full caf??. The building has received
the highest LEED rating of Platinum, recognizing
sustainable green building and development practices. Just across from
C is Building Q, another environmentally
friendly building. With a caf?? and 671 offices,
it is home to SAS Solutions OnDemand, Human Resources,
and Internal Communications. The LEED certified building
features rooftop solar panels, highly-efficient mechanical
systems, LED lighting and more. From Customer Stories
to product demos to live webcasts presented to
customers and employees alike, the projects generated
within Building V serve a wide variety of internal
and external communications needs. Two large video-recording
stages, video and audio editing suites, an auditorium
which hosts internal and external
conferences make up just part of this
multimedia complex. SAS continues to win accolades
as one of the best places to work both here at
our world headquarters and around the world. As we hope this
virtual tour has shown, SAS has built an environment
and corporate culture that fosters innovation
and creativity in our talented employees. And that enables us to help
our customers solve business challenges, captilize
on opportunities and grow their businesses. Learn more at

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    It's not a company. It is a country 🙂 with great government :-). Good job!

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