SAUDI ARABIA 🇸🇦| Travel Tips/Advice

SAUDI ARABIA 🇸🇦| Travel Tips/Advice

100 thoughts on “SAUDI ARABIA 🇸🇦| Travel Tips/Advice

  1. I feel sad because your journey is over. I was waiting for your videos every weekend. ❤️ Thank you Peter for what you reported from Saudi Arabia. I think the views are high, they like your content a lot.💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  2. Thank you brother for sharing your experience and impression on Saudi Arabia and the Saudis. Thanks for your objectivity and honesty.

  3. Well..if somebody got doubts about KSA , the best thing they can do is watch your videos…very serious and well done.. Kind regards..👍👍😀

  4. Thank you for your videos you send great and real massege about our culture and our lives to other part from west world,, because the madia in the west just shows dark side about us .. I hope visit us again specially in jeddah ,,take care ✋️❤️🇸🇦

  5. Ok we're now considering visiting Saudi, however my partner is still confused about what clothes to take, you started to talk about appropriate tourist womens attire then avoided a clear description ? Are dresses or skinny jeans ok for example, what should she include and avoid please ?

  6. All you said is right but you didnt talk about drivers in Saudi Arabia and most of JEDDAH streets, when you drive your car in Jeddah streets you will be upset because of bad drivers, and becarefull from the holes are on most of the small and main streets, im from Jeddah and born on it, I know it very well

  7. i am Saudi. i really thank you for your words but .I don't like the idea of ​​my people when they care about western people opnion. Actually, I think we live better than western countries that have a lot of social problems and crimes. Of course they are more sophisticated and advanced, but (excessive freedom) brought them a lot of problems and they do not want to admit this, but only find a solution to it.

  8. Your speech is really a thorough, deep and touching feedback experience
    I don’t not think anyone else can explain better than the way YOU did Peter!
    You should have been a Harvard teacher! Not just a vloger

  9. يا الحبيب نو سبيك انقلش ، لماذ لم تنزل الترجمة واااااي واااااي وااااي

  10. "its night country it took me time to figure out" just like when I visited Paris it shock me when every thing closed @5:00 PM 😂.In Saudi day is for work only.12 to 4pm its dead. people go out from 5 until 11 pm weekend extended to 2 AM. shops closed @12AM

  11. Welcome back to Saudi Arabia, we welcome you next time. Thank you for showing the world that Saudi Arabia is very beautiful ♥️♥️🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦.

  12. Thank you so much Mr. Peter. It's wonderful that you enjoyed your trip in your second country and we hope you visit us very soon.

  13. thanks brother peter . and i wanna tall you that you are welcome any time in ksa .because you are a good and honest man

  14. I'm thinking about going to Saudi Arabia for work and you helped me a lot.Your videos are great and informative.Great work 👍 Hope to see you in Bosnia.

  15. Thank you, and see you soon brother. You're most welcome in Saudi Arabia and the same to the people like who show the real of us. Thank you 🙂

  16. جاسوس وقاعد يمشط جميع المناطق بعد عام 2020 لا يغرقكم قناته هذا اليهودي
    شوفو المثلث اللي في قناته
    هذا شعار الماسونيه

  17. In which country is there good and bad in recent years, the media has become focused on everything that is negative in Saudi Arabia and has tarnished the image of the Saudi people and described it as terrorism, etc.

    If you want to see the real Saudi people, go to Saudi Arabia and see them with your own eyes this is all the story 👍🏻

  18. It's sad that you left. Thank you for sharing this good information with our friends around the world. I enjoyed your videos. You did a really good job traveling and exploring Saudi. You are always welcomed here in Saudi; please don't make it your last time.

    Thank you Peter,

  19. This is one of the way western people can understand what's Islam
    showing Saudi people kindness when people visit Saudi Arabia how they treated by Saudis and Arabs are not terrorists the dress code showing all are equal and many more that all happened because of the country run by great leader some of the western media they will not show the people all this they are keep waiting for terror news…
    thank you mr Peter♥️ from a Saudi living expatriate

  20. Thank you peter I really enjoy with your videos about our country 🇸🇦❤️,
    The Western people don’t know our culture and our country and they make false descriptions to us, but the truth is that we are an open and educated people, and we follow and know Western culture more than some Westerners 😂

  21. Thank you Peter, for sharing your unforgettable experiences in Saudi Arabia with us! 😊❤
    Where did you learn how to make your videos? I'm in the process of slowly making an independent documentary 🎥 but when it comes to putting it all together, I'm intimidated and overwhelmed. Any suggestions???

  22. Supporting the Wahabbists and Salafists who are spreading the hate.
    It's like paying to attend a Kay-K-Kay convention and listening to them tell you how safe it is in the banquet room with all 12 of them.

  23. As a Saudi, I believe Peter connected with the people and really showed the diversity and the complexity of the Saudi culture. It's so complex that's almost every region has their own identity and traditions.

    I believe you will enjoy this series. It's an eye opener to those who never heard about Saudi or only hear about the country from the news.

  24. ونحن شعب طيب ومحترم وايضا كرماء🌹🌹 ونتمنى الخير للجميع💜 ولا تصدق✋ مايقال من الكذب والافتراء عن وطني🇸🇦 السعودية بلد السلام ومنبع الاسلام💚

  25. Since you are an Italian, You might know the feelings of a life-long loyalty among the Italian or Mafia as an example.

    I wanna comment on ( 11:00) the political aspect. Saudi nation is one of the most nation who has high trust in their politicians/leaders, according to Pew Research center regarding "Public Trust" or "Trust in Government" Ranking. Some travelers or visitors usually end up in awkward situations when they tried to express their opinion regarding Saudi foreign politics. UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain or GCC people are the real Arabian (not only Arab, but they are Arabian who descend to tribes & noble families ) who also are known for their unbelievable loyalty & support toward their tribes/family or their leaders for centuries.

  26. If i am a wealthy saudi, i will always invite Peter to come back with free ticket not because of another vlog. It's simply because he is such a good man. By the way, if you just had the opportunity to visit madina, im sure you will cry. Its the most nice place.
    Thank you so much Peter. May Allah bless you always. We love you! Muslims from Philippines. ❤️

  27. Great advise and narrative about travelling to Saudi. Once again you are the trusted voice of reason. This has huge cache. Guard this at all cost. Thanks Peter.

  28. Peter,
    You are doing such a great job man. Your videos are awesome and did like the way that when you visit the southern and western part of KSA because it’s not covered by media at all. one more thing you should know about KSA is that it is the country that is very rich by historical places such as Aloul, Taif and a lot of other places in the north. If you would like to go back to KSA I can help you in this just contact me any time.
    Salman from Chicago

  29. Thank you Peter, I really enjoyed the 11 episodes documentary on Saudi. So refreshing to see the truth vs what the assumption of bad media has to report. Stay blessed 🙏 and ooking forward to many more of your videos. 🤗 🇲🇽🇺🇸💙's🇸🇦

  30. that's so kind of you to share your experience about our country and we are so happy to see you here in Saudi Arabia …

  31. Thank you Peter, few people know about Saudi Arabia and you are one of the people who showed a picture of it correctly 🙏🏻♥️♥️

  32. Peter Santenello … One last experience you might get from visiting Saudi Arabia is to dress up like Saudi there in USA or any western country and see how people react to you with these different cloths and you surprise them by your American english accent and hope to see this in next video soon please !!….

  33. ‏I would like to add to the diversity in Saudi Arabia what many do not know that there is snow in the north, such as the city of Tabuk, Al-Jouf and others

  34. To those who have been part of this journey, thank you so much! My goal was to document everything I saw in Saudi to the best of my ability, to show you what it was like on the ground with limited plans and organization. To show you natural interactions with locals and how I was treated by them. To present a truth that I have not found presented to me living in the West. I definitely misunderstood some things and got some right, but I can look back now on how little I knew about Saudi and now realize how much more I need to learn about this very complex and beautiful culture. لمشاهدة الرسالة العربية اضغط "اقرأ المزيد"

    It's now almost unbelievable that I was a bit nervous flying in from Istanbul to Riyadh, wondering if I'd be received with suspicion and hostility. But instead, I've left with new friends and an understanding of true hospitality, a gift that only a few countries in the world have at this level.

    Thank you so much for those who supported me along the way and made this 11-part video series special And thank you Saudis who guided me through your country with open arms and heart. It was an eye-opening adventure that I'll never forget 🙂 I look forward to returning to the Kingdom in the future En Shala! I have to say I'm a bit sad that this series is over but the story will continue, just in other countries. And I'd love for you to continue on this journey with me.

    THANK YOU again for everything… this Saudi series meant a lot to me and you made it happen!


    مرحباً بالجميع! أريد أن أخبركم أن شخصًا ما في مجتمعنا هنا عرض إجراء الترجمة وهو الآن في الفيديو. اسمه AJ @ajwadsabano. لقد صنعت هذا الفيديو للأشخاص المسافرين إلى السعودية ، لذلك لم أكن أعتقد أنك تريد مشاهدته إذا كنت تعيش بالفعل هناك. ثم أدركت أننا في رحلة معًا وهذا هو الفيديو الأخير لذا يجب أن أحصل عليه باللغة العربية أيضًا.

    إلى أولئك الذين شاركوا في هذه الرحلة ، شكراً جزيلاً لكم! كان هدفي هو توثيق كل ما رأيته في السعودية بأفضل ما لدي ، لأريكم كيف كان الحال على أرض الواقع بخطط وتنظيمات محدودة. لتظهر لك التفاعلات الطبيعية مع السكان المحليين وكيف تم علاجهم من قبلهم. لتقديم الحقيقة التي لم أجدها قدمت لي يعيش في الغرب. من المؤكد أنني أسيء فهم بعض الأشياء وحصلت على بعض الأمور بشكل صحيح ، لكن يمكنني أن أعود الآن إلى الوراء لمعرفة مدى قلة معرفتي بالسعودية وأدرك الآن مدى احتياجي إلى معرفة المزيد عن هذه الثقافة المعقدة والجميلة.

    أصبح من غير المعقول تقريبًا أنني كنت متوترة قليلاً من إسطنبول إلى الرياض ، أتساءل عما إذا كنت سأستقبلني بشك وعداء. لكن بدلاً من ذلك ، غادرت مع أصدقاء جدد وفهمًا للضيافة الحقيقية ، وهي هدية ليس لديها سوى عدد قليل من البلدان في العالم على هذا المستوى.

    شكرًا جزيلاً على أولئك الذين ساندوني على طول الطريق وجعلوا سلسلة مقاطع الفيديو المكونة من 11 جزءًا خاصة؟list=PLEyPgwIPkHo5N7q3HMQYIoVTgl8JY-I8X. وشكراً للسعوديين الذين قادوني خلال بلدكم بأذرع مفتوحة وقلب. لقد كانت مغامرة جذابة لن أنسها أبدًا 🙂 أتطلع إلى العودة إلى المملكة في المستقبل En Shala! يجب أن أقول أنني حزين بعض الشيء لأن هذه السلسلة قد انتهت ولكن القصة ستستمر ، فقط في بلدان أخرى. وأنا أحب لك أن تستمر في هذه الرحلة معي.

    شكراً لكم مجدداً على كل شيء … هذه السلسلة السعودية تعني الكثير بالنسبة لي وجعلتها تحدث!


  35. الفاتحة : تمنع غضب الله
    الواقعة : تمنع الفقر
    الدخان : تمنع أهوال يوم القيامة
    الملك : تمنع عذاب القبر
    انشرها ولك اجر المذكّرين و القارئين .❤️

  36. شكرا السيد بيتر على قيامك بنقل صورة مشرفة عن بلادنا ونحن نرحب بأي زائر يمكنه القدوم للسعودية ومن أي بلد نحن لسنا على خلاف مع الأشخاص بغض النظر عن الخلافات السياسية فنحن نستقبل الزوار الإيرانيين وغيرهم الكثير من جميع أنحاء العالم …. لا يسعني الآن إلا أن أقول مرحبا بكم في المملكة العربية السعودية

  37. Of course we will miss you and We will miss your coverage to show everything beautiful about any place you go and I can say that Saudi Arabia has become dark after your departure
    God bless you

  38. محمد بن سلمان قائد شاب حتماً سيكتب التاريخ انجازاته وطموحاته، ومواجهته للتحديات والصعوبات التي كان يواجهها بلده ، واستطاع التغلب عليها بتوفيق الله اولاً ثم بدهائه الذي عرف عنه كما لقب من شعبه ومحبينه بالقاب كثيره
    زعيم الشرق 💚🇸🇦💚

  39. really am sad that you left Saudi i was super enjoining your experience, and i couldn’t be more thankful for you and your honest words that absolutely camed out from a very nice person , your something else and you will always always be welcome to Saudi
    Also my grandma watches your videos and want me to tell you that you’re a great man
    I wish you all the best
    with love ,

  40. Hello Peter, thank you for visiting Saudi Arabia. You have all the love and respect for presenting the real, realistic picture of the Saudi people. I do not have many words to express the amount of my thanks to you, but I know that you provided a beautiful picture about us, very happy to visit you🇸🇦♥️😊
    أتمنى الترجمة صح

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