SAVED FROM A SCAMMER in India (Beggar Scam Exposed)

SAVED FROM A SCAMMER in India (Beggar Scam Exposed)

Mumbai is famous for the Gateway of India behind me but it’s also famous for a sympathy scam. People from the streets.. they come up to you and they ask you to buy them milk, rice and oil. So they can feed their family or feed their little kids they’re holding. But it’s all a sham because they just go and they resell that food straightaway. And it is quite expensive. It can cost you up to 1500 rupees to buy those three items for them. And basically it’s business for them. I’ve seen them operating. So let’s go and fish a few of them out so you can see how to avoid this when you’re in India. Scammer: Baby milk. Karl: What do you want? Baby milk? Scammer: Yeah. Karl: No no. Fan: I see your videos. Karl: What? Scammer: Buy milk for baby. Karl: You want what? Scammer: Food. Karl: Food, milk? Karl: For what? Karl: Eh? i don’t understand. Scammer: Buy milk for baby. Karl: Oh. Karl: Eh? Rice? Karl: Where? Driver: Sir, you want taxi? Karl: No, I’m okay. Thank you. Karl: You want rice? For eating? Woman: Yes, anything to eat. Karl: Oh so the baby can eat? Scammer: Yes. For my small children, buy food. I eat. Karl: So you can eat? Okay. Sure. How much is the rice? How much is the rice? Okay. And where are you from? Scammer: I’m from Gujarat. Karl: Eh. Scammer: Gujarat. Karl: Gujarat. Okay. Nice. Scammer: What’s your name? Karl: My name is Karl. Karl: Eh, you have these tattoos on your hands, right? Scammer: Yes, tattoo. Karl: It’s interesting. It’s nice. Okay. Scammer: See this one rice. Karl: Oh, this one’s rice. This one is rice. Okay. Big bag of rice there. There’s one, two and three. All three things? Scammer: Yes. Karl: Okay, I’ll get the rice. This is rice? Scammer: Yes, this is rice. Karl: Okay. Nun: These people cheat you all very badly. Yes. They cheat you very very badly. Nun: What’s she asking from you? Karl: Rice. Nun: Don’t give her that expensive rice. Karl: Okay. Nun: There is another rice. Karl: Yeah. Karl: Yeah, yeah. I know. Karl: It’s okay. Let it be. Let it be. Thank you. Nun: Yeah, but these people cheat you all huh? Be careful. Karl: I understand so… So I’m just going along with it right now. Nun: Why don’t you go to Prem Dan? Karl: Prem Dan? Nun: Prem Dan is a NGO which is run by the nuns. And her granddaughter, both the granddaughters, we are educating. One is in Holy Name and another child is in.. Both the grandchildren, we are educating. Karl: I understand. I understand. I know what’s gonna happen. She’s gonna resell. Nun: So what happens you know.. you must go through the proper channel. So these people just tell you do this, do this and then they take you for the round. Karl: I understand. Nun: Yes. Karl: Thank you so much. Thank you for your help. Nun: Yes. Nun is there Karl: Oh, lady is crazy, eh? Scammer: Yes. Crazy. Karl: Crazy lady. Scammer: Can you buy oil? Buy oil. Karl: Oil as well? Scammer: Yeah. Karl: Oh no. Just this. Come on. Let’s go. This is good. Scammer: Buy milk. Karl: This is good. Scammer: Milk? Karl: No. No milk. We’ve got rice. This is a big bag of rice to me. So much rice for you. Scammer: Also buy milk? Karl: No. No milk. We got enough rice. It’s like, how many kgs of rice? 5 kgs of rice. Scammer: 5 kgs. Also buy oil.. cooking oil. Oil in rice cooking. Karl: Oil, yeah. Scammer: You want to buy oil? Oil. Karl: Oh no. No. No oil. No oil. This is enough. Hi, how are you? Cashier: How are you? Karl: Hi. Scammer: You see this much milk. This much milk. Karl: Oh you want milk? No no no. We have rice so that’s it. Thank you. Scammer: So you going to Prem Dan? Karl: No, I’m not going to Prem Dan. What is Prem Dan? I don’t know. Scammer: So that lady is crazy. Karl: Crazy lady. Scammer: Crazy lady. Karl: Absolutely. Scammer: Crazy lady and also people crazy. Why.. telling why why. Karl: Mean lady. I don’t trust her. It’s okay. Scammer: Yes. Karl: Thank you. No. No maps for me, buddy. I know India. Been to nearly every single state. Cool, eh? Karl: Uh, no worry. No worry. Bye. Man: Nice kurta, brother. Don’t buy this. Karl: Thank you so much. Karl: Hi there. Manager: Yes? Karl: You speak English, eh? Manager: Yes, yes. Karl: There’s some people outside and they bringing foreigners in here. And they’re asking foreigners to buy rice, oil and milk. Manager: Yes. Karl: What is happening? What are they doing/ What’s the reason? What do they.. do they resell it afterwards? Manager: They resell it. Karl: Okay. So it’s a little bit of a discount and they resell it. Manager: Yes. Karl: Yeah. They better donate to charity, maybe. Not buying that 5 liter cans of oil. Karl: yeah. Manager: Very expensive. Karl: Yeah. So they just sell that and get the money. Where do they sell it? Do you know? Manager: Nearby shop. Local shop. Karl: Thank you sir. Bye! Bye! How was that? The entire family was operating the scam. The mum, the daughter.. their kids were being used to gain sympathy. And I found the husband. He was just watching over the entire operation. This is just a business for them. And they’re at it every single day here. And Mumbai, if you want to help these people, donate to a charity. That’s the best way to know that your money.. you know, that it’s going to help the right people. And my subscribers that I bumped into.. that was hilarious you guys. Six or seven people I met while I was filming this scam video. It’s getting really hard to do this now. And that sister, who tried to help.. tried to get me out of that scam.. That is “Guest is God”(athiti devo bhava). That is Indians butting in to help foreign guests. So thank you to her. But you know I was filming this scam video so… I just went. I pretended she’s crazy and just went along with the rest of the video shoot. And if you’re coming to India soon, I’ve got a quick start safety guide available in If you had read that already, you would have known about this scam. So go check it out.. Jai Hind!

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  1. Hmm… It's still a paradox. No matter what, people who scam do it, because they need money. If they trick you into buying rice and stuff for them, you'll think you helped them with food they couldn't afford. But instead they sell it… Who knows? Maybe to buy other food they can't afford? Regardless of what they do with the groceries you buy them, at least you have helped them in some way. I don't see exactly how this is a scam… Except that they lie about the purpose of the groceries… I mean, you pay, they benefit (from selling). It would have been the same if they were honest and actually ate the food… You'd still have paid for them to benefit from your purchase (by eating). So what's the scam exactly?

  2. Scammer: Oil?
    PewDiePie Dude: No, no oil.
    Scammer: Milk?
    PewDiePie Dude: No, you have enough rice.
    Woman gets frustrated and laughs it off.

  3. That trouble shooter chrisian lady is also a scammer. She works for a missionary, and converts poor in Christianity. Offering money, food and shelter. JFYI Mr. Karl. Expose more of them.

  4. Actually this type if video should be taken as correct input by govt of Maharastra to plug off the gaps in governance. Poverty mitigation should be of the real one and this kind of useless beneficiaries should be kicked out. Law should made to punish the kind of begging scam and steps need to be taken to free foreigners from this kind of scam.

    Good impression on India is more necessary at this time as INDIAN Tourism sector is growing at very faster rate. She and her family should ashamed for involving children in this type of scam.

    Again ,if Maharastra government fails to take any stringent action, Maharastra would slowly its tourism pride.

  5. Karl, if you ever want to the really enjoy the tourism in India , kindly visit Southern Indian States.

    Like Tamil Nadu , Kerala, Andra pradesh , Telungana , Karnataka..

    If you are happy to in and around New Delhi , Visit Uttarkhand , Punjab, Rajasthan region. Few places of Madhya pradesh and Uttar pradesh is also recommended. ?????

  6. She have a banglow in her village and she may be a respectful lady in her village no one knows what she does here in Delhi.

  7. Show ur the more positive sides of India, the things that made u fall in love ….always remember if it wasn't for colonial rule India would have been paradise as people described it 4-5 hundred years ago

  8. Karl is stupid and dumb ask him if Indian guy goes to New Zealand and make a video of newzealand people do they let Indian people to make their videos.absolutely not…but Indian people r innocent and respect foreigner people and shows them respect and don't care if guys like Karl make their bad videos and showing bad about them Indian respect guest it don't matter guest think bad or stupid like Karl make

  9. Sad situation.
    Alleged scammer is poor & malnourished.
    She is very skinny. So very poor.
    When your children are hungry, you will sell your body, clean someone's toilet etc.
    May be poor lady is cheating but please look at her body, you can tell she is extremely poor.
    Please help the Indian poor.
    Best wishes from Pakistan ??

  10. Hey Karl, really impressed with your video. Your Hindi is impeccable. Those scams are real, even we normally give fruits or eatables to eat right then and there. Cheers.

  11. I am an Indian and I had lived in Mumbai for 6 years, and I didn't know about this man. But now that I know, I am just a little shocked and not too much.

  12. So what if they resell it. It's nothing to an American to spend $20… I hope they resell it! It's sad that you are making videos "exposing" these poor people. It doesn't matter what they do with it! They are obviously eating whether it's the rice or something they bought w the rice money. Who cares. Ugh this makes u look like such a jackass! Fuck government charities! They just steal it!

  13. I was underestimating you, YouTube comment section… but holy shit my jaw dropped when I saw what he looked like ??

  14. Even in the charity there are no honest people
    They will use the things that are donated to them
    This is India ??
    Everywhere scams , corruption , etc

  15. Hello Karl Rock! I am very glad that you are showing the real truth about Indians. It's nothing you are exposing. There are a lots of sick shit happens in India. A lots of dirty and sick whores problems, stilling, killing and raping everywhere. And lets not forget there is NO JUSTICE FOR RAPE VICTIMS. Because the head of the bad guys are the "Police"(although not all police). If I have to explain bad things about Indians; it will take few hours to write. I went in India a few years ago. I was burglarized by police and some bad guys. My friend's sister was raped right on side of the street and his family could not do anything. 2 weeks later she died because of extreme raped by 4 guys…….. "you" have no idea how they treat foreigners. India is absolutely not safe for tourists at all.

  16. These beggar scammers are shame for our country " India ".They have also started learning english in order to deceit the innocient foreigners who come to our country as the guests .

  17. India is the last country I'd visit for sure. Filthy streets, people taking shits everywhere… What a shithole on earth.

  18. They should at least cook meals and sell plates instead so they eat and make a profit and donate some of their meals to the true needy

  19. I just don't understand why in india put some cooking oil in rice cooking, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, FRIED RICE??? Dudes!

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