1. I love a lot of food. Just a nice loaded plate with savory delicious meal. OMG.
    Pork belly with udon noodles. ?

  2. Were in Prague in January and instead of this exchange place is Starbucks. So well done and congrats???

  3. Yep. Around five years ago I fell for the ham scam in that exact area. Once I had purchased it, I realized "Oh shit. That cost around $25!" It was only intended to be a snack, but it more than qualified for a lunch by itself.

  4. Nobody from the Uk goes to Prague anymore mate, place is a shithole. Almost as big a shithole as the UK, and that's saying something. If we want to puke up in a graveyard, we've got plenty here in England. As for Prague, the whole freaking dump is one big graveyard!

  5. It sucks because some people who dont speak a lick of your language wouldn't even know they're getting scammed smh

  6. So I have been living in Prague for 10 years I love Prague and I learned a lot of things on how to avoid scams and why people clean up the locks which I feel like I want to help but I’m a child ?

  7. I had the opportunity to visit Prague and it’s town square and thanks to our tour guid we did not have any trouble with scammers. When I was there I didn’t realize the amount of scams there is until now that I’m watching these videos.

  8. Just came across this channel, love how you try to bring awareness to these scams and tourist traps. Keep up your work and god bless !

  9. Thanks Janek. I just come back from Prague and i would like to thank you for the tutorials! I have visited your fantastic city and followed yours news. Grazie mille

  10. I live in prague and go to school in prague we once went to a museum with out teacher it was all good and fun saw a lot of cars and vehicles cuz it was a vehicle museum mostly I think but we went to a place where they were selling food like ice cream, soda and it costed a fuck ton like 80CZK for fucking ice cream. I could fucking by a whole Italian pizza from a pizza store near where I live and its fucking delicious oh and there was only 2 flavors for the ice cream and the first one was kinda bland

  11. Why would your government allow this to go on? It has to be criminalized if it isn't because I'm canceling my plans that would of had the 8 of us spending 2 weeks in Prague

  12. comme to morocco

    tourists and even moroccans are fucked at the airport before going in
    many taxis will charge you like double if not more the normal price
    in prague it's worst I think
    you need to have a trusted local guide from the start.

  13. Hey you should send your mate to a sausage stand the one across from the blue 0% comission place in this video 2x sausage and med fries which I figured should be 2x [email protected] 80=160 +med fries @60 =220 with all the up selling which is usually standard in every other country, you want onion and cabbage a pickle, which we never asked for then apparently we end up ordering a meal.. ends up @ 560cz the most expensive sausages I have ever ordered. Look forward to the vid. Legend watch all your vids and still manage to get scammed

  14. Have you checked the tourist trap for Prague City Pass that is sold by Grayline desk at 38 Narodni st? They sell the city pass with a free 9bus tour, they ask what language you want the tour and when you arrive you have far too many people, language is not right, half of the people can't board, etc. Please do something about it! We love your videos and we thank you for all you do for tourists!

  15. Thanks for the videos,, me and the wife have been thinking of going to Prague a few times.
    But seeing how taxi drivers, restaurants and money changers on a daily basis trying to rip people off.
    And also after seeing your interview with that meaningless mayor of Prague.
    Not to mention the drink scams and the dirty police.
    Nope. wanted to go to Prague but last summer we went to Paris instead, and soon Barcelona.
    I hope to go to Prague in the future, but i guess, as lots people residing in Prague think its ok to steal
    money from tourist and dont think they doing anything wrong with it.
    NO PRAGUE for us (and yes, there are lots of creeps in Paris and Barcelona also, but not on this level of filth).

  16. hi i m going to Prauge on 5th of October{next month } i have seen the walk over videos but can u please suggest me which tours should i choose for a day or two, Thankyou.

  17. Just use REVOLUT card and you will not be scammed at exchanged office or on the street. I just recommedn from my own experience.

  18. I REALLY LIKE all of your video bro its not only happen in czech but in every country can happen and even worse than that. Thanks you that you really open my eyes that some shitty lazy people always out there

  19. Thank you for protecting your beautiful city from scammers, and tourists from being scammed!

    I wish there were people doing the same in Tunisia or Egypt or Morocco as well doing the same for their countries.

  20. I would say you need to advertise the good places, but that can always turn them into bad places, so yes you need to show people what to look out for to work out if thwey are being scammed or not without giving the scammers the edge in fooling tourists. We never get scammed abroad as we always have a budget and use our feet, though we can't say the same for food poisoning or as the person I travel with found out, in eastern europe a kebab on the underground can lead to explosive diarrhoea as they don't care about keeping meat refridgerated and are happy to leave it on a cart, uncovered out in the sun, for absolutely ages, outside the local train station. Yum. lol

  21. Dude, do you live in prague? If so, youd be the best person for a guide tour without getting ripped off!!
    You should start a business… a cheap fee guide tour plus free "scam aware program"??? I reckon youd be great… youve got all the proof you need to show tourists…

  22. After spending a few days in Prague, you guys should get Bolt as its such a cheap form of taxis in Prague and other European cities

  23. Sorry but the tourists that don't know that are dumb… And deserve to be scamed. Just because ure on vacation doesn't mean ur brain is useless

  24. Can you please move from Earth? To mars or maybe the moon? Why not Pluto? I can guarantee you won't meet any scamers there??✌️

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