Scary Night At Summer Sleepaway Camp

Scary Night At Summer Sleepaway Camp

Every summer, me and my best friend
Rebecca go to sleepaway camp. So basically the third day into camp, a girl
woke up in the middle of the night scream crying. Everyone woke up and asked
her what was wrong. She was white as paper and she had looked like she had
just seen a ghost. She said that she had just seen three creepy children sitting
in the middle of the floor holding hands. Everyone started screaming but I didn’t
believe it…until a girl chimed in and said, “wait you’ve been seeing that too I
thought it was just a dream.” Then everyone started going crazy and a camp
director even had to come in and check on us. So the next day in archery
we went up to a trusted counselor and we asked her if there were any camp legends
about creepy children showing up in the middle of the night. She told us that it
wasn’t a legend and it was true 50 years ago, when the camp was originated there
was a “crazy cook.” He chopped up the children apparently and baked them into
chicken pot pies! Our counselor told us that these creepy children were the
ghosts of the children that he put into the chicken pot pie. We all started
screaming because how would the girl know if she had never heard the story
before? We all knew that it was true and we were spreading the rumor around camp.
So that night when we all went to bed, we kept our flashlights on under the
blankets and we waited for our counselors to go to sleep. We looked over
the covers at 12 o’clock and in the middle of the floor there were three
children holding hands and chanting weird rituals. We all started freaking
out! We jumped off of our bunk beds most of us fell. And a counselor woke up and
she started screaming at us and apparently it was three boys from the
boys cabin that were pranking us because they had heard about the rumor. They were
suspended from camp for a week. I mean like that’s a pretty good punishment if
you ask me. So yeah that’s my crazy camp story.

100 thoughts on “Scary Night At Summer Sleepaway Camp

  1. Wait so I was the only one who actually saw three children when I was 6 in the backstage of the ballet practise I went to?

  2. They just heard about rumors?? How woulda they known the first time they did it??? Wait actually who was it the first time?????

  3. Omg this is so scary because i went to summer camp and it was really scary when I went to sleep and i litterly heard scratching from the door and it was a stalker woth a knife…so dont make me remember that time ahh i loudly scream and rushed to my friend and my canceler and she was like idc kid and i never want to go to that summer camp thingy again bye guys

  4. on Elises did u put you voice sucks have u heard yours ur oh and one more thing:
    ur teeth are so squee thant u have to speak in cursive
    don't judge me if I spelt some thing wrong Im a kid

  5. I think sleep away camp is the name of 1 of 3 movies asked on a killer girl named Angelina and she keeps going to different camps killing

  6. Wait the boys did it after they heard the rumor that didn’t explain who did it the first time

    Does anyone agree >>>

  7. At sleepaway camp we went to the Poconos and if you wanted to go to the bathroom at night you had to go outside with a flash flight and there was no other light it was kinda creepy, and I was on the top bunk and since all 5 bunk beds shared 2 ladders I had to climb down the side of the bed. Also on the first night at 3 am everyone woke up cuz 3 girls couldn't open the unlocked door after coming back from the bathroom and ended up accidentally breaking off the doorknob

  8. So weird camp story that’s kind a particular to this: so in the sixth grade, all the classes got to go to a camp and it was really cool it was like a little science camp and it was just like any ordinary camp. We would play games play in the snow because it was December and it was like really fun. So one night while we were eating dinner, my cabin mates and I overheard the boys saying stories like, “ oh like there’s this man that always knocks on cabin doors and is trying to get to the kids and like kill them and stuff. At first we were like OK that’s funny and stuff. But when we got to our cabins, One of my friends were like hey what if the boys story was true what if we actually get killed in the middle of the night. Of course I was like yeah right ha ha. But when it was like really dark probably when it was like 10, we started hearing like knocking. At first we just thought it was the generator generating our cabin. But it really sounded like someone was knocking on the door. So we checked outside and nobody was out there. We then heard it again. And we just kept hearing it over and over. We got tired of it and we asked our cabin leader if we could go outside to check it. She said no at first but then when we told her about the knocking on the door and stuff she kind a believed us and we went outside. We checked around the doors seeing if anybody was hiding. And we saw it it was just the generator it was bouncing out a lot and one of the icicles was just banging on it sounding like someone was knocking on the door. And I was like wow we got scared by a generator how funny. So moral of the story don’t get your imaginary self thinking that something is happening that isn’t possible.

  9. If I saw that 3 children I would throw anything at them my arrow that I stole my pillow and blanket (not mah phone or my teddy bear named chocolate)

  10. I was last summer on this 5-day trip with my class (im in 6th grade) and we had some party in my and 6 my friends' apartment. the party went normally, but right after, someone told us that from our class one boys phone went missing. then me and my friends were in panic because we saw that his phone was typing something. It never sent anything. then we decided to take something to protect us, because apparently someone was jumping and walking in front of the boys' door. we got even more scared and then our teacher came to our house and tried to calm us Down. It didn't work and there was just such a mess. everyone decided to sleep upstairs close to each other that night. next day the phone was found and it turned out that some girl from other school has had too much fun and then she went out. fun memories to have.

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