Schnebly Hill Road | Best Camping Spot In Sedona

Schnebly Hill Road | Best Camping Spot In Sedona

my shoes hey what’s up everyone how you doing I’m
here out and sit down again we’re at the top of schnebly Hill if you’ve heard of
that it’s probably one of the more scenic off-roading trails in Sedona
I would highly recommend it just yesterday we were up on this trail in
some rented UTV’s but it was such an amazing view that
tonight I really wanted to get some cool shots of this view with my truck and
with the Sun setting right now and maybe I’m gonna stay here a little later until
we get some stars and some whatnot but check this view out oh okay I just ran around like crazy as
the Sun was setting but it is Oh gorgeous up here so this is the top of
schnebly Hill and it’s a little more technical road to get to this camping
spot specifically but I would say anyone with four-wheel drive and not afraid to
hear a little clinks in the bottom of your car I can get up here but it’s like
it’s just breathtaking I mean like oh let me show you the edge right here is
where sweet little fires fire pit right here but right now there’s like a heavy
fire restriction in all of Flagstaff Arizona Sedona area check this out that’s nibbly road down there first pour
do anything I really have to this stick because I keep mistaking it for a snake
right here do you see that like that’s not the snake there’s like a freaking
stick no thank you all right it’s just about getting dark
but I didn’t realize there were some clouds coming in so I might be cutting
tonight a little short on the photography side but here’s a couple fun
tips for you in the Flagstaff Sedona area right now there is a huge fire ban
but trying to cool photos you always want a campfire right so so what I use I
have an LED rope that I use my goal zero yeti 404 and I run that thing and
Photoshop a little flames in there later but what that gives me is that gives me
that orange glow on everything else near the campsite that makes the the fire
seem real you know but I’m gonna wait a little bit longer because the moon might
pop out above these clouds here and light up
the Red Rocks and that’s what I really wanted to happen but these clouds are
coming in quick so we’ll see what happens but this is an amazing sight
nonetheless and that’s it for tonight again we’re up
on the top of schneebly Hill here in Sedona Arizona the moon came out just as
I was hoping I got some really cool photos if you want to check some of
those out go head over to my instagram at kepi but if you haven’t subscribed to
my youtube channel and sorry the moon just went behind a cloud yeah but so if
you haven’t subscribed to my channel I normally do camping adventure over
landing videos every week or so but starting to get it up there a little bit
more a few other videos that are fun to go check out is I just went to Overland
Expo had a great time with Overland bound coming down here but I’m gonna
start cleaning up and heading back down the hill and I’m gonna sleep in a larger
bed tonight but I’ll catch you in the next video peace

23 thoughts on “Schnebly Hill Road | Best Camping Spot In Sedona

  1. Great vlog…once again. And speaking of 'once again', YT just made me re-subscribe to your channel, like i've not been already – hmmm. Next time I'm in Sedona I'll def be visiting the Schnebly Hill trail…thanks for the review and suggestions.

    By the way…the tailgate down scenes had me on edge, but at least you were more aerodynamic 😉 me, on the other hand, drove off with the side door on the trailer swinging wide-open – good times and valuable learning opportunities is how I prefer to look at 'em.

  2. Love seeing the full size Chevy out there. We are few and far between. Keep up the great work loving the videos. Cheers, John

  3. Hey awesome video, I’d love to camp there sometime, anyway I hate to sound like spam or anything but I have a crane 2 that I’m selling right now and was wondering if you know anyone who could be interested. If not it’s all good, but hey it never hurts to ask haha. Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Hey Jordan! Michael from MakingItHappen sent me to you! Great views! Pretty wild – love it! We're going to Utah in 2 weeks. Are you from around? 🙂

  5. Great! Thanks for this vid; I was just thinking of exactly the same place, but was wondering whether I could make it to there on a rental 4wd Nissan Armada; now I am pretty sure it's doable. Thanks a lot.

  6. Been up there several times in a lifted Tacoma and now my 2018 JL Wrangler. But, Yes, easier to get to that camping spot from I-17…

  7. breh, wrap the led rope around you and do a funny shot of you on fire. love the vids and your skills. just bought a 2019 Ram Rebel and ive been catching up on your vids for the insight about full size trail running

  8. Great video man. Love your photography too. Def following you on ig. Quick Question: is this trail doable with AWD Rav4 Adventure?

  9. The damn utvs need to realize there are bikes, atcs hikers on road… Not their personal race track… Too many complaints and the will close it… Just like other overused garbage left campsites… Tired of diapers left by low lifes

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