School of Hospitality Management

School of Hospitality Management

File Name : School of Hospitality Management
Length : 0:02:25 Speakers : Andy Gold, Steve Zagor, Beverly
Washington, Tom Voss, Marco Hejazi, Jessie Craig, Brendan McDermott, Manuel Pastrana,
Jonathan Defren, Inez James, Carlo LaFranco, Gail Simmons
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[Audio Starts] Andy Gold: ICE teaches you how to get noticed
in an industry that is notorious for promoting good talent. We do so by teaching you the
art of good service. Steve Zagor: A good hotel school is designed
to teach the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. The Institute of Culinary Education’s
Hospitality Management diploma does just that. It’s hands on in a field that’s growing.
Beverly Washington: The program takes 10 to 13 months to complete. It’s a combined program
with lecture, presentation, field trip, hands-on training and project-based learning for an
experience like no other. Tom Voss: Our in-school curriculum begins
with introduction to hospitality, travel and tourism, finance and accounting, human resources,
rooms’ division management, housekeeping management, food and beverage management, sales and marketing,
then it rounds off with event planning and conference planning.
Marco Hejazi: Our instructors have been very successful in their disciplines. Students
come to ICE not to learn only theories and textbooks. They do learn real-life scenarios
which prep them for the real world out there. Jessie Craig: An ICE education includes an
externship that puts the learned classroom skills directly to use in the field. About
half of ICE’s externships lead to a job offer. Brendan McDermott: To get a quality education
in the heart of New York City, the hospitality capital of the world is ideal. We took several
field trips to New York City hotels. It’s an affordable tuition and done in half the
time as other schools. Manuel Pastrana: ICE and its alumni are recognized
around the world and I’m proud to be part of that success and I now work at DoubleTree
Times Square. Jonathan Defren: The programs at ICE covered
every department there is in a hotel which is great for setting me on my path to becoming
a general manager of a hotel someday. Inez James: The hospitality program in ICE
was really helpful to me because I was able to explore the different areas within the
hotels and we were able to go out into the field and actually participate.
Carlo LaFranco: After a lot of talking to a lot of people within the business, hotel
management was the way to go. I’m looking forward to the future.
Gail Simmons: ICE has launched more than 10,000 careers just like mine. You should be next. [0:02:25]
[Audio Ends]

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