13 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Campers” presented by DUST

  1. Urgent, please somebody get a script for this "movie". Is this some kind of fashion nowadays to release films with no script? It is just a random sequence of images! Millennials do not talk anymore? They can not articulate thoughts in words anymore?

  2. Great short, she is like a snake that bites it's prey then eats it later. It's funny how he first came out of the woods then she goes into the bathroom and at the end she is the only one to come out of the woods.

  3. I have a theory.

    At 4:45 one of the girls mentions "Ardรจche doesn't suit you".

    I decided to look up the history of Ardรจche. Turns out, at the end of the 19th century, Ardรจche had a major phylloxera crisis. The grape phylloxera feeds on roots and leaves of grapevines. Over time this feeding method causes deformations and fungal infections to the vines. The phylloxera originated from America but the grapevines in America have evolved and developed a defense towards these aphids. But the French grapevines had no such defense.

    I believe that the girl is some kind of spiritual/mother/leader/hive mind of the phylloxera and the boy is essentially a target.
    It would make sense for this kind of being, (the girl), to go to a secluded but often busy area in France where the "people" have no evolutionary resistance to… Shall we say… Her abilities? I mean one of the girls did say she didn't "suit" being there. Perhaps another foreshadowing that she was not from there? The mere mention of the place they are located was a dead giveaway to search more. It did not suit the minimalistic narrative and I believe the director/writer planned for this clue.

    Perhaps the boy is being strategically attacked by these microscopic phylloxera unbeknownst to him?

    The entire bug/insect aspect was foreshadowed at least twice before the finale in a super obvious way and I believe the director/writer has hidden this amongst a seemingly bizarre and irational, but unique plot.


    Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

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