Seable Holiday, Accessible holidays for the disabled and blind people

Seable Holiday, Accessible holidays for the disabled and blind people

Seable specialises in accessible sport and leisure activity holidays for people with limited mobility and visual impairments seable gives
you the chance to conduct a tailor-made holiday that improves confidence and skills for
life, challenging perceptions of disability and blindness We work in association with accessible
providers of travel related products and services in
particular with the Sicilian charity life improvement for everyone this charity has developed a new number and accessible activities that have proved to enhance your holiday
experience while gaining new skills the activities include 4×4 driving in Europe’s highest active volcano mount
Etna fishing with local Sicilian fishermen using their traditional techiniques and making your own Mediterranean own mediterranean olive oil among these mind-blowing activities the
charity has a portfolio of achievments that includes 2 Guinness World Records in 2007 and 2009
in deep sea diving won by a paraplegic man reaching 59
meters underwater and one achieved by a blind girl
reaching 41 meters underwater respectively So if you are looking for an active and intamate holiday that improves your skills we are here
for you bear in mind that every single holiday
is custom-made and our emphasis is always on high-quality multi sensory experiences accessibility and activities that
challenge disabilities give us a call email us for
more information on our holidays Lines are open from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.
+44(0) 207 749 4866

18 thoughts on “Seable Holiday, Accessible holidays for the disabled and blind people

  1. Hi Lana, thanks for your comment.
    Locally in every region, charities are constantly fighting to improve accessibility and inclusion. This is often not advertised to the public therefore people/ tourists don't really know what's really accessible and what isn't.

  2. I have taken this challenge into my hands and this led to the creation of Seable. Working alongside with local charities, health centres and volunteer support will give an hedge to every tour operator wanting to offer the not-so-accessible destinations.
    It's a longer and harder process, probably less profitable but good things never come easy.

  3. I also had some difficulties finding accessible transport in Sicily but after hard work and research I have access to 3 or 4 accessible van per main city.
    Each miniVan can accommodate up to 2 or 3 wheelchairs and they can come from rental companies, local charities or private owners

    Next time you have a problem in Sicily you can count on US.

  4. Hi Todd,
    flight excluded. Everything in included in our packages:
    accessible transport, accommodation, meals, snacks, barbecues, rental equipment, activities, personal carers, activities and photographer if you want one 🙂
    We usually say that "you can leave your wallet at home"

  5. Catania and surroundings! Here you can find some more infos and pics in our website

    or call us for more infos +44 (0) 207 749 4866

  6. I have been with Damiano last summer and It's a life changing experience! I strongly recommend the Naturalistic Excursions!!!

  7. We have included a link to this video on our website so that disabled people can find it more easily. If you like the idea please spread the word and feel free to submit additional relevant links.

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