SEASON FINALE! Glitch Apocalypse – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 26

[Hank] Previously
on Talking Tom and Friends. We want to be as good at the game
as Ginger is. [Ronnie] This is my special cheat code. Be careful, any changes to the code
could have serious consequences. -[Tom screaming]
-[Ben] How is this happening? All I did was change your code
so we got a thousand times more resources. Do you remember when we built the rocket
to shoot the bad guys out of the game? From there they’ve been chewing a path
out of the digital world entirely. [sinister chattering] [chattering, laughing] -What’s all that noise in there?
-[chattering] Ugh! -Aah! They just cubed the Landlord.
-Oh, no. -Let’s get out of here.
-[Ben] Wait. -Go, go, go!
-[pow, pow] Angela’s not answering her phone.
I need to warn her about this! -So what’s the plan?
-Well… I could create a Universe Unmixer to close the gap between our world
and the computer world. But I can’t do it here!
I need electricity and quiet! -[people screaming]
-So we need a place to work. Okay… I’ve got an idea,
but you are not going to like it. ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ Hmm. Ah! Take whatever you want! I’ll give you the names and addresses
of people who trusted me! -Um… we’re not Zappers.
-Huh? -Oh, it’s you. What do you want?
-Not your help, that’s for– -No, we want your help.
-[muffled] Ben has a plan to fight the Zappers
from here. He does?
Too bad, because I have my own plan! I was just bravely preparing
to save the world. -Liar!
-Look, we don’t have time for fighting! I know you’re in a bad place,
but a bad place is good place… -[phone ringing]
-…for a comeback! Am I right? -Why is Tom calling?
-Angela. If you wanted to see me you should have
stayed at my concert, Tom! Um, okay. That’s bad. But it’s just that something really huge
is happening! Lots of huge things are happening, Tom! For example, I just quit music forever. -What? Will–
-[Ben] Tom, No! Give me that! He’s going to break it! -Ha!
-Tommmm! Angela, right now we have
a huge crisis to deal with! -Come see me at the CEO’s office!
-No, Tom. I don’t want to see you. -But An–
-[crash, scream] I think this was the crisis
Tom was talking about! Those are SquareStack Zappers! I’m only here to get my stupid
Community Helper Badge! -[boing]
-[squeaking] -The electronic sound is stopping them.
-Go, guys. Get out of here. -I can distract them with music.
-[Zappers chattering] But Angela, you don’t do music anymore. [screams, plays riff] Hurry! Find Tom! Angela… Let’s go! The Universe Unmixer is finished!
It needs to charge its batteries. Which will take approximately…
one minute. [whirring, beeping] -[hammering]
-Hey, guys! Hey, Orangeie. You made it! But where’s Angela? Uh… she… She distracted a bunch of Zappers
so they’d get her while we got away. -What? I have to help her!
-Tom! You can’t go! They’ll cube you, too! -Let go!
-We can still save her, Tom. We just need 30 seconds. Then we’ll turn
on the Unmixer and kick digital butt. -[sinister chattering]
-Agh! Help! My office is being invaded! I still need 15 seconds!
Distract that thing! Great job, CEO! Very distracting. More Zappers! Turn on the machine! Almost there. Four seconds! -Aaagh!
-Three, two, one– Whoops. Noooo! That was the world’s last chance! Well, we tried. On to Plan B.
Enjoy your horrible fates, everybody else! [evil laugh] Oh, Goldie. Who cares
if the rest of the world gets cubed? -Things always work out for us in the end.
-[sinister chattering] [giggling] Maybe the CEO’s bathroom door
will stop them forever? -[banging]
-Nothing can stop them. Come on. You have to keep fighting! These are computer thingies, right?
Make a computer virus! For your idea to work,
I’d need some sort of massive infection– Wait. You’re a genius! Ha-ha-ha! I know where we can get help. We just need to find a way out of here. -Guys?
-Whoa. You can go down the CEO’s massive
oversized luxury toilet! Wow. The pipes on that must be huge! All right. Let’s escape this building
by going down this toilet – for Angela and for the whole world! -[Tom] Ginger, what are you doing?
-I can’t go with you. One of us needs to stay behind to flush. No! Get in the potty!
I’ll do the flushing! -[banging]
-You have to hold the door! And you, you have to save the world. Just promise me that when you do, you’ll tell people what I did was worth
a Scout Boys Community Helper Badge. It would be an honor. -[banging]
-How much longer do I have to hold the– Goodbye, Tom. [flushing] Whoa! [giggles] At least I got to flush people
down the toilet. No! [chattering] [panting] [Ben] Hm. Oh, no. Ben, you didn’t tell me
this was your idea! [beep, clank] Jeremy the germ. Tom the jerk. How’s it going?
I hope you’re in good health. -[cackles]
-Wow, this cell is so clean. You must love that. We don’t have time
to cleverly insult each other! Jeremy, computer viruses
have invaded the town. Oh, I see. And to fight the viruses,
you want the help of a germ. -Exactly. Can you do it?
-Oh, sure. I can infect anything. But it’s gonna cost ya. Ugh. Aw. This brings back memories. On the other side of this door
is the portal to the computer world. We have to toss you in there.
You infect it from the inside. Looking forward to it! It’s been so long
since I’ve made anyone sick. Let’s do this. Aagh! Ew! -No!
-Tom? -Aagh!
-Ben! Ugh! No! -Jeremy!
-Don’t forget about our deal, Tom. I won’t. Aaagh! He-he-he-he! Oh, boy! [chattering] Ha-ha-ha! We did it! Ha-ha-ha-ha! [both] All right! That was a royal flush! Woo-hoo! Geronimo! Can I get a little help here?
Ow. My body hurts. [sobs] It’s sure good to have everything
back to normal again! Did you have to make a stupid deal
to let Jeremy move in here? Quiet, roomies! I’m trying to watch a movie
about a doctor who gets in big trouble. Don’t blame me. Tom did that. Ben, step away from your computer. Xenon! She’s here! -[helicopter blades whirring]
-Boy, oh, boy, oh– Wow, Xenon!
You sure know how to make an entrance. I’m sorry, Ben.
I’m not here as your girlfriend. The Agency has decided
you’re too dangerous. Wh-what agency? The Agency, Ben-bear. The Agency. Angela, I’m sorry about everything
that happened at your concert and I promise I will make it up to you! I just had to– Angela? Angela! Angela, where are you? [echoing] Angela! [echoing] Tom? Anyone? Where am I? Agh!

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