Seasons in English – Vocabulary lesson – winter, spring, summer, autumn / fall

The seasons English vocabulary There are four seasons. The names of the seasons in English are: winter winter spring spring summer summer autumn autumn Autumn has another name… fall fall Fall is used in American English. Autumn is used in British English. The letter N at the end of autumn is not
pronounced. It is silent. autumn autumn What are the names of the seasons in
English again? winter spring summer autumn Sometimes autumn is called fall. Let’s look at some typical English vocabulary associated with each season. winter vocabulary cold days cold days snow snow rain rain umbrella umbrella gloves gloves scarf scarf skiing skiing hot drinks hot drinks spring vocabulary warm days warm days flowers flowers butterflies butterflies nest nest rainbow rainbow gardening gardening allergies allergies baby animals baby animals summer vocabulary hot days hot days beach beach vacation vacation camping camping ice cream ice cream sunglasses sunglasses sunscreen sunscreen swimming pool swimming pool autumn vocabulary or fall vocabulary cool days cool days leaves fall leaves fall wind wind harvest harvest rake rake acorns acorns clouds clouds pumpkins pumpkins We use the preposition IN before a season. The order is: IN + season Look at these example sentences. People go to the beach in summer. It rains a lot in winter. There are many flowers in spring. Leaves fall from the trees in autumn. So the seasons are: spring, summer ,autumn or fall, and winter. Answer these questions: What season is it now? You can respond It is (beep) in my country right now. For example: It is summer in New Zealand right now. Another question: What is your favorite season? Why? My favorite season is (beep) because… and your reason. For example: My favorite season is spring because it
is not too hot and not too cold. Write your answers in the comments section. I hope you found this English lesson about the seasons useful. If you did, click like and subscribe to our channel so you know when we create new videos to help you improve your English. Have an awesome day!

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